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Prostituting Religious Beliefs for Commercial and Political Purposes

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Rob Kall, editor, opednews.com

Want to understand one of the reasons George W. is getting new and stronger support from the religious right? Then you want to know about the LEFT BEHIND series, and the concept of the rapture.

 This ad, to the right,  hyping fears of SARS and the global economy,  came, unsolicited,  into my mailbox. It 's a pitch to join a mailing list associated with the Left Behind Series --a book series based on the "rapture " the biblically predicted time when Jesus returns to find the Middle East in Turmoil, the Antichrist hanging out there (or was that in between Texas, and DC <G>.)

Over 50 million copies have been sold. This idea is part of what fuels the far right fundamentalist religious camp 's support for Israel. They 're enjoying watching the conflict, praying that it is part of this process of the return of the messiah. Ultimately, it means that millions of Jews will die, billions of other non-Christians will die and that under 200,000  Jews in Israel will convert to Christianity, and with the other faithful Christians ascend to heaven with all the other faithful dead Christians whose souls will arise

 Amazon.com 's review describes the series, "Set against the backdrop of the Rapture, in which Jesus has returned as promised to gather his followers and remove them from this world. "  The first book starts off with very faithful people disappearing, and the rest of the people on the planet having seven years to get faithful and be ready, while the antichrist has returned, attempting to use the UN to form the world into one nation.

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