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After the Shock, Anger and Depression: Taking on America's "Red" Disease; How do you feel when you see reds in your neighborhood, in stores, schools, cars?

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After the Shock, Anger and Depression: Taking on America's "Red" Disease; How do you feel when you see reds in your neighborhood, in stores, schools, cars?



It's been about six weeks since I've blogged regularly. Part of the explanation is I set up a new way to blog on my website, using a comment function that I just haven't gotten used to.  The other factor that I must face is that I've been angry and more, depressed, since the election, since Kerry's much too quick acceptance of defeat. Since then, I've watched the Ohio vote count with hope and fear. I know that the bleak chances that the republican theft of this election will be stopped and corrected are getting even worse. Frankly, I don't believe that the congressional and senatorial elections were any more trustworthy-- that the whole grab of additional senate and congressional seats was with the help of electronic vote shenanigans, voter roll scams, and other republican strategies to prevent blacks and liberal precincts from voting. I find myself feeling that democracy in America is no longer a reality. It is a nostalgic memory. The corporations and the wealthy tax-avoiding leeches have won.
I go to the local supermarket in my town that is more red than purple, with two republicans for every democrat, and I don't feel very good about my neighbor townsfolk. As I push a shopping cart through the local supermarket aisles,  I imagine that the blonde in her sixties who reeks of perfume is very much like the people in 1930's Germany who voted for Hitler. I see her as the kind of German who looked the other way on Krystalnacht-- the night the Jews were attacked en masse, throughout Germany.
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I see the blonde, and the bulk of the people in the supermarket as people who have contributed to the death of democracy and the rising of the ugly face of fascism in this country. It's difficult sometimes, to hold back a sneer of contempt for these redneck, right wing, RED fools who have ruined my country. I don't want to be kind or considerate or polite to them. I don't want to make their lives easier or to do them any favors, even if it's to get out of the way in the aisle we're both in.
But then there's this other part of me, the one who wants to be a bodhisattva, or Christ-like, tolerating and loving everyone, forgiving them, seeing them as confused or misguided. And like an alternating current, I fluctuate between feeling compassion and feeling like telling these "Reds" to go "F" themselves.
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Before the election, I thought about going to Canada. Now, I still think about it. I think about going to Canada, or to one of the countries with leftist governments in South America. There are a lot of countries where democracy is still alive-- countries that have elections which would pass international standards-- unlike the USA. I think about how I could develop a business or income that I can generate outside the US.  And I have these thoughts with a lot of sadness. I wonder if the millions of Jews and Poles who, in the late 1930's, survived the holocaust by getting up and leaving their homes, their jobs, their friends and extended families felt, in the months, even years before they departed, like I do now.
I wonder if my grandfather, who left Russia around the turn of the 19th century, because of the abusive pogroms the Czar's troops were perpetrating against his village and villages throughout Russia, felt like I do now. I wonder if he thought about leaving for a few months or a few years before he actually got up and took a boat to the USA, the land of the free and the brave.
My grandfather Sam Kall was a very religious man. He would do work for the synagogue rather than work at his job as a carpenter-- that would provide him money to feed his family-- and he had nine children. He would take blankets from his kids and give them to new immigrants who had sought aid at his temple. And he loved his new country so much, that when war was declared between the US and Hitler's Germany, he volunteered, at the age of 55, to enlist. They turned him down, but ran a newspaper story about him, with a photo of a general shaking his hand and thanking him.  I wonder how he'd feel about his beloved adopted country now. He's been dead since the late fifties, but my stepfather, Max, who just passed away in May, after reaching the ripe, old age of 97, was quite clear. A lifelong republican-- a successful businessman, a veteran of WWII-- saw Bush for the lying fraud and incompetent he was even in 2000, and he voted against him. 
Now we're almost helplessly watching as the Bush administration and its republican whores for corporations are in the process of handing over social security to the financial and investment institutions that were the biggest contributors to their campaigns-- a multi trillion dollar payback. We are just discovering that Medicare is in extreme danger (GAO: Medicare becoming bankrupt ,) thanks to the profligate irresponsibility of the bush/republican mob.
Anthropologists have shown that in times of plenty, indigenous tribes get along fine. But if they use up their natural resources, they resort to cannibalism and intertribal violence. The right wing moral philosophy-- that as an adult, you are on your own-- deal with it if you can't afford health care, food, education, safety-- seems to fit with this rape the nation then screw the weak approach that republicans and cannibals share.
So now, when I walk in the shopping mall and I see the people who look like Reds, and I see them as personally responsible for trashing democracy, for taking down the American archetype of freedom and justice that used to inspire the rest of the world, the rest of humanity.  Now, instead of people coming to the US, like my grandfather, we can expect to see a brain drain, a freedom and democracy drain, and a courage drain, as more and more native-born Americans (not just our indigenous American Indians but native born children of immigrants) actually do get up and leave, as less and less freedom seeking people of courage chose the US as their new home.
A close friend does volunteer work, helping women who have protested for democracy in their homelands-- Nigeria, Uganda, Haiti, Tibet, Uzbekistan, China-- who are seeking asylum here in the USA. These women are brave, heroic leaders, incredible assets to the US and to democracy. I expect that less of this kind of person of courage who fights for freedom, risking his or her life for democracy, will come to the USA. They will go to other nations where they walk the talk of democracy.
And so I look at these local REDS-- these people who make the old "reds" of the McCarthy era seem even more benign than we now know they were-- these Reds who are guilty of toppling the nobility and democratic character of the USA-- and I see them as traitors to the vision of the nation's founders, traitors to democracy-- supporters of an emerging fascism that threatens to cast a pall of darkness upon the world. I don't want to give them business. I don't want to allow them to leech off my nation's resources by avoiding taxes. If I could, I'd tax their damned churches that are trying to violate the constitutional laws regarding separation of church and state. Aagh. I could rant on. Bottom line is I know there are tens of millions of people who feel like I do. It seems that we are almost leaderless. We need a tough leader who isn't trying to get votes from these red traitors. We need a tough leader who will get tough with the DNC and make war on the sell-out DLC that has tried to push the democratic party toward the republican-defined center. We need to take the passion and energy we put into the Kerry (let's be honest-- the Anti-Bush) campaign and build a powerful progressive coalition with local, state and national levels-- not just a political organization but a community that invests in and supports its own media, that supports the businesses that support it and that boycotts or pressures republican/RED corporations to also support us and our media. We need to create new businesses, perhaps even new business models that take our raw power and channel it into effective strategies and actions.
We need to start from scratch and write a new story, a new future history of America, a new vision that takes back America. We can do it. It will take incredible focus, strong leadership and a maintenance of the energy and passion we've already shown we can evoke. We can do it. It will happen. Ask yourself what you can and will do today, this week and next month. Make a commitment. You will make it happen.

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