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Bush the Pimp, and his Whores. Yo, George W. Bush and your sleazy, divisive, prostitute mouthpieces and strategists... you want to talk about character and integrity, about values... We're ready. Bring it on!

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Bush the Pimp, and his Whores. Yo, George W. Bush and your sleazy, divisive, prostitute mouthpieces and strategists... you want to talk about character and integrity, about values... We're ready. Bring it on!

By Rob Kall

Ever since the Supreme court appointed  dubya president, I've, in my head, called them the supreme whores. Over time I've realized that Bush is like a pimp, turning people who used to be respected into no-longer respected whores. He did it to Colin Powell, and he's trying to do it to John McCain... in those cases, it's a sad loss to the nation. On the other hand, maybe he's doing us a favor. This week, a democratic contributor is being accused of trying to seduce two people into having sex with a prostitute (SEX GAL NOW HELPING FEDS), so he could sneak pictures of them and then blackmail them to not testify regarding his tax fraud. Only one of his two targets succumbed to the prostitute's advances. This was a test that outed the corruptible person.

Bush has done this over and over again, perhaps thousands of times. In a perverse way, it is a service to the nation. Where there are weaknesses in the system, he has systematically corrupted them. Where there are people who "we, the people" might have trusted, he has appointed them, and used them to rape the nation or lie to us. We know where the failures are in our nation. Look at the mainstream media, at Clear Channel's control of radio stations and billboards and even arenas.

It is likely that history will look back upon an appointment by George W. Bush, or a close association with Bush as a mark of Cain-- a mark of dishonesty, of corruption, of selling out to business over nation, over humanity.

It has not just been about individuals or government agencies. The effect of Bush and his toxic form of extreme right wing politics (or maybe it's the other way around, since Bush is too dumb to come up with such powerful strategies) on religion in America has been frightening and disgusting. I think part of the reason this has been possible is that nowadays, televangelism has enabled a handful of leaders, like James Robson, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell, to name a few, to reach tens of millions of people who are ready to let their brains turn to mush. Bush and his extreme right wing team, which probably includes at least some of the above-named, have been able to turn too many  televangelism ministries into whorehouses that regularly service the needs for hate, homophobia, xenophobia, racism and partisanism that feed the masses who chose to listen to these prostitute-ministers of hate and division instead of thinking. it is tragic, because the people these prostitute-ministers corrupt are needy souls who innocently seek out Godly guidance. It's like an innocent child walking into a churchfront that's really a whorehouse where they're serving STDs and heroin, or perhaps, given Dubya's history, cocaine.

The problem with whores is they don't just get sexually transmitted diseases and die. They pass them on and infect others. Bush has infected so much of the nation with deregulation of ecological protections, business restraints, protections of the commons. It will take a huge amount of effort to put those protections back in place, to heal the nation. Every step of the way, the right wing whores in congress will be whining and moaning, complaining about taxes and government getting into people's business. The problem is, these whores and their friends in big business, like Tyco, Enron, MCI, etc. proved that we could NOT trust business to self regulate. These whores have forced us to put regulations back in place. We need a collection of positive phrases to counteract the buzzwords that will spew from the right wing think tanks. We need left wing think tanks-- policy promotion think tanks-- that will support progressive, nation-oriented, human-oriented policy rather than mega-corporation and wealthy few oriented policy.

It doesn't take more than one good leader-- a strong mayor or city council person--  to shut down the whorehouses and strip joints in a town. John Kerry has begun calling a spade a spade. The republican leadership has been writhing with fury, when Kerry approves of artists and entertainers who call Bush a liar and crook, when Whoopi Goldberg uses sexual terms to denigrate Bush. They demand apologies. They organize phone in campaigns to get Whoopi fired by Slimfast (you know slimfast has competitors that have not fired vocal liberals... wink wink) Kerry and the democratic leadership should instead take the example of these artists as a lesson in leadership. They should go to the next level and talk about throwing the whores out, of cleaning up the nation.

The right wingers wasted three days of congress' time reveling in homophobia. The majority leader of the house of representatives, Tom DeLay, is under charges of corruption, and new proof seems to emerge on a regular basis. We need to talk about real issues of values, of character, of integrity. John Kerry is attacked for how he got his medals by people supporting a draft evader who refuses to release his military records. The right wing attacks John Edwards for acting as a lawyer to protect and procure the rights of the poor, the sick and injured. The right wing has spun the fools who support them dizzy, hypnotized them into complacent, self righteousness. It is time to take a stand, to be proud of what the left stands for, and to face the whores head on.

Yo, George W. Bush and your sleazy, divisive, prostitute mouthpieces and strategizers and surrogates... you want to talk about character and integrity, about values... We're ready. Bring it on!

Rob Kall rob@opednews.com  is publisher of progressive news and opinion website www.opednews.com and organizer of cutting edge meetings that bring together world leaders, such as the Winter Brain Meeting and the StoryCon Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story This article is copyright Rob Kall and originally published by opednews.com but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog or web media so long as this credit paragraph is attached.  Over 100 other articles by Rob Kall

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