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Creating a Set of Laws for All Religions, Like Asimov's Laws of Robotics

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Creating a Set of Laws for All Religions, Like Asimov's Laws of Robotics

by Rob Kall


I believe that a short collection of basic laws or rules need to be developed that civilized, mature, evolved religions all subscribe to. These rules should aim toward supporting humanity, earth and life with respect for differences.

Here's my first pass at putting some of these laws together.

1) Any religion must respect other religions which follow this rule.
In other words, if your religion respects other religions then it deserves the respect of other religions. Religions which do NOT respect other religions do not deserve respect.

2-No religion is better than any other religion which follows rule one. Certain religions may be better for an individual, family, tribe or community, but this does not apply to all people, not in a neighborhood, town, city, state or nation.

3-No religion has the right to force or insist that its values and rules of culture and behavior be required of people who do not sign on, buy into or agree with that religion-- whether the person is a member of the relgion or not. On the other hand, a specific church, synagogue, temple, mosque, etc. has the right to set requirements for its members.

These three seem to be the most basic to me. I realize that some of the sects in some of the biggest religions might reject some of these rules.

Here are some additional rules I think worth considering.

4) assuming rule number 2, no religion should set rules that aim to maximally expand their numbers.

5) Evangelism that aims at destroying other cultures is unacceptable. Evangelism that does not take precautions for communication of diseases is unacceptable.

My own background: Born Jewish, now practicing as a Jew, but my prayers are simple, to drop my barriers that keep me from being connected to the universal consciousness. God is universal. It is our own consciousness that separates us from God. When I can do that, I can have conversations with God. I've posted some of them at www.talkingtogod.com   I believe that people have the god-given capacity to discover different paths to God and they should all be respected, based on the rules described above.

I'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, criticisms.

Rob Kall rob@opednews.com is editor of www.OpEdNews.com You can read more of his articles at Rob Kall Archive  He is also president of Futurehealth, Inc



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