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War Is Not Viagra

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War Is Not Viagra

Rob Kall  OpEdNews.com

Every day, I get an annoying number of e-mail spam ads for Viagra, herbal Viagra equivalent, Growth hormone, anti-aging supplements, youth salves and pills.

But it seems that the hottest male virility these days is no pharmaceutical product, it 's a dose of George W 's war fever, guaranteed to give a man a hard-on. The problem is there are no women involved, and it 's hard to imagine that a woman would find this kind of male arousal to be a turn-on.

Yet, if you listen to the radio or watch right wingers on TV, you can hear or see them just filling up with .... vicarious machismo, honor, pride... in being a part of, by advocating for and deriding against protesters of their noble "Bush war."

And it 's this ego as well as other inflation that seems to be at the heart of George W. Bush 's success at maintaining his purported percentages of support.

These primarily white guys and the handful of Clarence Thomas look-alike people of minorities are doing a sports thing with the war. They 're rooting for their team, putting their hearts and passion in the game, the potential victory they can almost taste.

A few months ago, Philly football fans went wild when they saw the Eagles had a shot at the Super Bowl. You know how sports fans get when their team is close to winning a game or a playoff. It can be very passionate, very emotional and intense. Look at how soccer fans go wild, with riots leading to death.

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Now we have a cheerleader president (GW led his Andover cheer-leading group in high school) and he 's figured out how to evoke the rah rah, testosterone amplified passions of major league sports. But he 's transplanted these powerful emotions to right wing radio and TV and the war fever blood lust they 've been drumming and pandering to.

Now that GW has come out of the closet with his colonialist goals to take over Iraq as a first step towards transforming the middle east, we are going to see even stronger resistance from Arab countries who have long seen through his shallow "evil Saddam has weapons of mass destruction" excuses for going to war. Our "old Europe" allies are far wiser than the US when it comes to colonialism in the Middle East. They got themselves into that quagmire long ago and were smart enough, or suffered enough to get out.

But the new "war as Viagra" junkies are discovering the idea of colonialism as a new, stronger high. If these guys get a hard-on thinking about bombing the life out of tens of thousands of helpless women, children and seniors (in the "shock and awe" opening act of Bush 's Iraq War Gala extraavaganza) then imagine what extended pleasure they 'll get out of empathizing with and feeling a part of the "team" that takes over Iraq and Democratizes it. While we 're at it, we might as well theocratize it too, since Bush takes such pleasure in his fundamentalist simple minded good and evil thinking.

Deep inside, these "boys" who need "war as Viagra" aid to feel like real men are most certainly rather needy and / or angry. And you have to wonder what kind of relationship they have with their women, if they need such a perverse means to feel manly.

Yes. Perverse! There is no doubt about it that these little men, who get off on the idea of this war, who can 't wait for it to start, are sick puppies. Now there are people who have swallowed the Bush Lie Team 's fear diet and they 're afraid that Saddam will use his awesome powers to hurt them. They 're more along the lines of the Stupid White Men Michael Moore describes in his book of the same name. But the people who are drooling for war, who can 't wait for the multi billion dollar first salvo of bombs to drop on homes in Baghdad, who would rather see the bombing start than a peaceful solution--- they scare me. If they can be so psyched about a battle plan that will surely kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians, they would probably be really happy if, as some prominent right wing commentators suggest, liberals who spoke against the war were arrested and interned in camps as was perpetrated upon the Japanese during World War Two.

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And if they 're willing to lock up people with dissenting voices, as well as killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians, they might even support killing some of them-- to set an example and teach a lesson. And they might support going from Iraq to Iran to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Lybia "American democratizing" those nations too, even if it means the breakup of the UN and NATO.

There may be a solution. Viagra, or other sexual enhancers work if there 's a partner worth getting excited about. They wouldn 't work as well if they came in disgusting packaging. These guys need to have their women tell them how unattractive it is to get an erection, to get a feeling of being manly by fantasizing the murder of women and children.

Then there 's the Lysistrata Project, which was performed all over the world  in over 900 locations in 56 countries-- the performance of a play by Aristophanes that recaps what happened thousands of years ago, when women withheld sex to get their men to stop making war.

Next time you hear a guy puffing up his chest when he talks about war, how proud he is of George W., how ready he is for our soldiers to be in battle, look a little lower. Tell him he really doesn 't need to talk war to feel manly.

Rob Kall rob@opednews.com  is publisher of progressive news and opinion website www.opednews.com and organizer of cutting edge meetings that bring together world leaders, such as the Winter Brain Meeting and the StoryCon Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story This article is copyright by Rob Kall, but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media so long as this credit is attached.

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