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D. Walter Biggs III

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I am a traveler of the road not taken. Generally the road not taken is one which we are warned against taking, being told that it is dangerous, pointless, and otherwise less appropriate than one or more alternate routes which almost everyone does take. I regard many of these roads as ones which _someone_ must take, so that we may reap the knowledge that is to be found along its journey. There will be costs, perhaps much in excess compared with the costs of the preferred roads, but I have the courage to meet those costs, and pay them out of my stock, that is my wealth, my standing in society, my freedom, my body, and my mind.

I have studied many areas, specializing in a few over the years. I have worked in science and engineering, informatics, education, health, sports, government, and business. I write essays and poetry, programs and schematics. I think that to work effectively on solving truly big problems, one has to have at hand (in mind, that is) the fruits of very wide-ranging studies. Perhaps I would best now be thought of as a futurist and philosopher.

If I write in this forum, it will be to provoke people to discussion and to action.

I hope that this place will change to be more inclusive, that is, become a place where self-identified conservatives will feel welcome and participate. There is always a dissonance between those wishing to spring forward into a new and different day and those wishing to preserve the tried and safe ways of the past. Society must appreciate the benefits that both philosophies offer and seek to harmonize those offerings to best guarantee its bountiful future.

Today's knowledge will be seen as tomorrow's misbelief. Today's spell-checker would be better with "misbelief".

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Friday, February 14, 2014      Add this Page to Facebook!   Submit to Twitter   Submit to Reddit   Submit to Stumble Upon   Pin It!   Fark It!   Tell A Friend
Poem - Not Killing The Vile
(1 comments) A poem in praise... OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) February 11, 2014, 8:04 PM— Gov. Jay Inslee said Tuesday he was suspending the use of the death penalty in Washington state for as long as he's in office, announcing a move that he hopes will enable officials to "join a growing national conversation about capital punishment." ... (read more on or other AP distributors)