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I have worked with computers and instrumentation all my life and a computer engineer for 11 years in my last job at School District of Lee County FL.

I have undergraduate degrees in Biology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer Science. Since 2010, I have been a Targeted Individual, enrolled in a slow kill program.

The Justice Department reports there are an estimated 500,000 cases of gang stalking and terrorizing of individuals, reported to the Justice Dept. These are also targeted individuals, something DOJ won't say. The number of unreported cases can easily be well over a million because of reluctance to report due to a variety of causes not the least of which is the TIN FOIL HAT FACTOR. They go unreported because torturing Americans with directed energy weapons (DEW) is classified and therefore secret. We are ignoring and neglecting law that says illegal acts can't be covered up with classified secrecy. This egregious violation of the letter and spirit of the law covering crimes with secrecy has got to stop.

Priorities are backwards. President Obama says "WE DON'T TORTURE". So the torture program is classified into secrecy, but we do in fact torture violently and sadistically and for the worst reason. We torture to silence people from expressing their right to freedom of speech. This would never happen in a free and functioning democratic society. Innocent People are being tortured, innocent people are being injured and innocent people are being murdered and this is going on right now.

Calling this testing is a misnomer, it is TORTURE TOLERANCE TESTING to improve kill ratios of their own program. Only a Psychopath would consider that a valid test and in fact psychopaths invented this program and psychopaths are operating it now under a veil of secrecy.

President Clinton apologized for the crimes committed during the 50's through the early 70's under the secret MKULTRA trauma based "Mind Control" experiments. The senate formed a committee to investigate MKULTRA abuses called the Church committee after Senator Church. The research went underground and has now resurfaced in its current form. Remember that psychopaths never give up and always find a way to satisfy their needs.

The genocide and menticide that makes up this program are war crimes against humanity and must be treated with all the seriousness and sense of urgency they deserve.

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