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Volunteer a little time and make a big difference

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I've moved from academia, as an environmentalist, into the Irish Peace Process as an electoral planner and onto blogging across the anti-corruption, pro-life, anti-war and environmental agendas. I find the idea of positive disengagement appealing for free thinkers for whom the social media is fertile ground. To an extent conversation is thinking out loud but text based conversations elevate that to structured thought and debate ideal for lobbying and informing the political process and social discourse.

It's not so much about making a difference as about being part of the process by which the difference is made, engaging with constituencies of free thinkers prepared to drive the processes that bring change about. It's more about denying territory to the bullshit than representing or winning anything. The real win is we all get to live on in a socially just and sustainable world. The fact is this is a world within which we are transient expressions of a greater divine plan; a cosmic drama we must imprint ourselves upon as self-authenticated and self-enobled characters. In doing some good, reciprocating kind for kind, learning to initiate the giving, accepting the emptying and revelations of regret which generosity implies, we learn that: 'It is in giving we receive'. Cultures of conflict, greed, delusion and distraction can no longer be sustained. AA talks of 'Moments of Clarity': Sufficiency and abstinence beget clarity while satiation creates delusion and confusion. We've gone past the point where ignorance is bliss. It is not only 'good to talk', but imperative we discuss and debate our way though problems rather than waging war and competing to consume Earth's finite resources unsustainably.

Nothing is more unsustainable than war. Peace has become the prerequisite to our survival. Peace is the new global imperative which is why I've dubbed my own Rebelmouse domain: Global War on Bullshit: The anti-dote to the GWOT. Content from my Facebook pages (/GWOBS; /TransitionRegions; /OccupyZion) and Twitter account (/paulvcassidy) stream onto GWOBS directly, including Quicklinks. The Disqus tab will capture my responses to discussions in the Irish & UK print media - a new discipline. A Wikileaks tabs remains and objective. I'll add content about my Lotuscross devotional yoga praxis for reciting traditional Christian prayer in time.

I also promote my Ebay, Amazon and Godaddy accounts on GWOBS in the hope of making sales. It's my sole source of income.


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