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Peter Marlow

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I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while in college in Pennsylvania. One day, I had just quietly given up the atheism I was taught as a child and started believing in God. After having made a commitment to always keep His commandments and do His will, holding nothing back, God then personally taught me about Jesus Christ. Nothing will ever compare to the joy He gave me on that day when He took away the guilt of all my sins. Only the next day did I start reading the Bible for the first time.

Two weeks later, in fulfillment of a promise God made to me, a couple of missionaries came knocking on my door - their first day in my town. I had never seen missionaries before. I had never even heard of their church. But I right away recognized that same loving Spirit of God I had been feeling as I learned about Jesus from prayer and while reading the Bible. That same love, His love, permeated their actions and their message.

I read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if it is true. And just as promised by the missionaries, I did get an answer. How do I know the answer came from God? I chose to believe that God loves me and wants me to succeed. He wants me to have eternal life. And naturally, to make that possible and because truth is important, He wants me to know the truth. And I chose to believe that He has the power to make truth known in a very personal way that cannot be mistaken or confused as anything else. He is God, after all. He can do that. When He reveals truth, He does it with His divine assurance. We close the door to God when we choose to believe otherwise.

And finally and perhaps most importantly, when I prayed to know the truth, I did it with a heart humbly and sincerely determined to follow God and do His will, with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. His answer to me was unmistakably clear: the Book of Mormon is true, as is the Bible, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is His church. Jesus organized it through His servant, the Prophet Joseph Smith, and continues to lead it today through prophets and apostles He has called.

God then proceeded to teach me by His Spirit many beautiful things about His love. That teaching continues to this day. This continually expanding knowledge of His truth and His love has brought me unspeakable joys, wonderful experiences and a deeply fulfilling peace and happiness for more than 35 years now. Though my parents had divorced when I was young and I saw a lot of hardship and suffering as a child, God has allowed me to experience almost 32 years now of successful marriage and fatherhood. I have lived every day of my life since my conversion with a profound gratitude to God for the love and the truths He brings into my life. He is wonderful.

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