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Josef Hannum

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Moved from England to Germany 1966. Socialist.


Industrialization = corporate usurpation of production and destruction of the independent craftsman.

Economic development = replacement of small businesses and self-sufficient local economies with the corporate global economy.

Globalization = the destruction of all cultures.

Job creation = 1. (Global South) sweatshops, plantations, child labor. 2. (Global North) paper-shufflers with diminishing incomes and benefits.

Economic freedom = working for the corporations and buying from the corporations.

Economic growth = ever-increasing profits for Wall Street manipulators and big corporate and banking executives.

Global labor competition = economic growth by giving your job to a sweatshop worker in another continent.

Global labor market = elimination of environmental, worker safety, minimum wage, benefits, & child labor laws.

Mobility of capital and ideas = rootlessness, unaccountability.

Outplacement interview = You're fired.

Competitive production costs = revocation of centuries-old protective tariffs (trade barriers), enabling production to be moved to off shore sweatshops.

Free trade = massive oil-burning transportation system that centralizes economic power in the corporations.

Privatization = corporate appropriation of public lands and resources creating favored monopolies.

Stabilization = subjugation.

Shift to export economy = corporate agribusiness theft of peasants' land forcing migration into big city slums, sweatshops, and massive mono-crop plantations.

Business-friendly environment = corporate puppet regime installed by U.S. military, CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc., and controlled by detailed and conditional World Bank loans.
European Union = elimination of democracy and homogenization of Europe's diverse cultures.

Costs outsourcing = subsidies, bailouts, and tax breaks given to corporations in exchange for campaign contributions and cash payments.

Media = propaganda machine owned by corporations and funded by corporate advertising.

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