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Volunteer a little time and make a big difference

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I am a disillusioned conservative turned "progressive" because of the nefarious tactics employed by the ultra-right wing faction of the GOP and their cohorts - the rich and the super-rich - the deplorable behavior by the newly inaugurated, conspiritorial Republican Governors who's only desire is to take away the rights of public workers through "union busting." The so-called "independents" were sucked in by the outright lies and despicable tactics used by the candidates running for Congress and gubinatorial office. Now that the independents have seen just how insidious these individuals can be, maybe they've seen the light and will right those wrongs in the next election. They might even be smart enough to join those who have mounted "recall" actions against those who have joined in taking away the hard earned rights of public employees.

I will do my utmost to thwart the viscious and perverse wrongs perpetrated by those who believe it is their duty to eliminate the "middle class" and thrust us back to the "dark-ages" where the "elite" ruled those whom they considered the "rabble."

I shall sign petitions, walk picket lines, make phone calls, pass out pamphlets to keep the power hungry, Big Business and the rich and super-rich from taking away any more of the few rights we have left. I will boycott those Big Businesses which have sent jobs overseas, depriving American citizens of the "American Dream." I will tell all who will listen to me the ones who despoil our potable water supplies and the air we breathe. In short, I shall do my small part to take back America from those who wish to drive it into oblivion.

O.K., I've said my piece. I'll now get to work.

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