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William Nashert

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I am working on a Master's Degree in Psychology at the University of Texas. I saw first hand the abuses of corporate greed over the true welfare of people while serving as a former nurse practioner in a geriatrics unit while living in Dallas. Quite frankly, I already have a facebook account so now Big Brother knows more about me than I can possibly imagine and it really isn't that interesting to begin with. I love politcal intrigue and hope to write a book someday on how the medical community cover their horrendous mistakes. Since seeing the adverse effects that pharmaceuticals had on my former patients: I can only tell you that what the doctor's and nurses take (albeit legal)are more frightening than you can imagine. I hope someday our profession will have scanners to detect drug abuse. Stay as healthy as possible! Progress is possible but probably not likely. I hope this website will change my far my psychology classes...seem to point out that unless mankind has a major shift in their ability to sniff out the pathological phonies in Congress who are merely corporate shills...the boat is going to sink. Wait, a minute, it has sunk. I stick to humor to see me through these contentious times.

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