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Michael Cerulli Billingsley

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Michael Cerulli Billingsley has returned to journalism and science/social research following nearly three decades as a college arts teacher, media centre administrator and funded media artist. Writing two decades for publication immediately after his college studies in Journalism, and co-publisher of several arts and activist tabloids, he has been particularly focussed upon the physical sciences, world culture, global security planning and implementation, the nuclear industry, and hazards predictiona and mitigation... as well as writing on the media arts and business (ie. sound recording). " -" -" -" -" -" .

Having a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and with strong training in astronomy and geology, he presently research and writes about geologic and tectonic trends, paleo-climate cycles and climate forcing, solar weather, and the cultural outcomes of catastrophe. He is a member of the American Geophysical Union, the International Permafrost Association, the Audio Engineering Society, the Permafrost Young Researchers Network... and is affiliated with professional organisations for cultural and archaeological research. -" -" -" -" -" -" .

Present projects include evaluating Homeland Security and international planning for a high-likelihood solar CME event (with long-term damage to the energy distribution infrastructure); field investigation of Bronze Age cultures in Ireland and Scandinavia for clues about little known volcanic and tsunami events... perhaps predictive of our future; assessing the likely real outcomes of any attempted attack upon Iranian nuclear assets by Israel; and historical writing about little-known pivotal events and people in early western Canada and Ireland. -" -" -" -" -" -" .

Billingsley has demonstrated a lifelong dedication to: self-determination for all peoples; access to the best tools of media by low income and other often-marginalised populations; greater press freedom; and compassionate relations between all peoples in a time of dwindling resources. He believes strongly in and devotes effort on behalf of a strong and authentic cultural identity amongst First Nations and other indigenous peoples... getting their due.

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