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Author Kazuhiro Yoshinori was born and raised in the United States. He began his Martial arts Journey in his pre-teen years, in the 1970s, in Japanese karate and persisted in various Gung Fu (Kung Fu) systems since that time. He continues to instruct the essence of the Martial arts with conscience and integrity.

Other then teaching the Martial arts, he enjoys hiking, fishing, antique collecting, philosophy, studying ancient cultures, meditation and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Over three decades ago the author took his first step and began his study of the Martial arts. He continues this life-long journey with an unwavering vision of truth and peace.

Since early childhood, he has witnessed much negativity in the Martial sports realm. The propagandic, false marketing of the words "Martial arts', while teaching sport, has created a stigma on the Martial arts and the Fallacy that Martial sports is Martial arts.

Federal regulation of the words "Martial arts' in commercialism is the avenue the author is seeking. Feeling it is as simple as: If one competes in tournaments or cage fighting, the words "Martial arts' cannot be used to promote in marketing and must say what it actually is, which is "Martial sports'.

Another vision the author has, which holds more importance, is the banning of "cage fighting/MMA sports' in the USA. The author has written the book "Martial Arts Essence: Martial arts or Martial Sports?' to assist the public in clearly seeing the dangers and future of the United States if the blood sport continues to be permitted. The book also addresses the differences in Martial arts and Martial sports while examining the inner mindset of the practitioners of both.

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