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Bostjan Avsec  ((# of views))


Volunteer a little time and make a big difference

Exactly what title states, this are series of videos created and published by myself in order to defend my basic human rights which were entirely denied to me by government of United Stets of America, European Union States, and Human rights organizations(UN & Amnesty) after I was forced to immigrate from more and more Slavic pro Yugoslav communist Slovenia in 1995 in order to save my life.

Not only have severe tortures taken place against me like eight years of forceful unemployment during last 15 years of life for instance, but severe other violations have taken place against me, such as physical and mental tortures....denial of rights to work in own professions as educated for or level according to level of my education.

Had only year and half of insurance during 15 years stay in USA and despite US citizenship or no crime record at all...perfect credit score...exemplary citizen, yet so unwelcome and hated ! My highest paid wage was at $8/hour and I have worked even over 140 hours per week at times...severe physical tortures and mental abuse performed by ex US military personnel, assassination attempts, abduction etc...just as seen on videos...again, against someone who is citizen of USA and European Union Membership State.

Watching this videos you will learn everything about why 911 took place(per whom, why, how), spree shootings in schools, mass rampage shootings, church scandals, mass emigration, unemployment, economic crises, why our people are dyeing in wars for those who have created will learn where you live today or world of anarchy which was created to wipe us out ! Like general Patton stated once, ""No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." , they too have taken our white nations for a ride....because only brainwashed and confused will follow like a blind sheep across the cliff and into precipice.

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