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A New Green
Dear Fellow,
Ecologists, Conservationists, Naturalists and Nature Lovers
I am part the new emerging and inevitable mainstream environmental movement. New Greens are getting ahead of the curve so please read on and give it a fair consideration. The New Green is built on preserving, protecting and respecting Nature and facing the future of energy and over population with a courageous resolve, in a progressive and civilized society. Something is wrong with us as environmentalists when we are so easily willing to tell our children the planet is dying for them and their kids. We seem to wish and pray for this misery and we should be embarrassed about the fact that we bow to a fat politician promising to lower the seas with taxes. And worst of all, we should all admit that we are using term "science" as "morality". If anything, none of us can deny the fact that public support for CO2 taxes and sacrifice will not be approved. The reality is that consensus counts ultimately at the voting booths and if none of you can admit right now that public voting support is gone, you are the new denier.
Climate Change as a movement is itself unsustainable and if we persist with this losing battle, it will do to environmentalism what Bush did to the neocons. This is our Iraq, our WMD Scam and our CO2 mistake.
So as a way out gracefully, I suggest we admit that climate science and climate change from humans while not pollution defined, are in need of much more research and study. Fellow humans all want the same thing and turning love for the planet into a constant war against other fellow humans is not good for anybody. Lets work on environmental issues with real and workable tools and face the future of progress with optimism instead of fearing the unknown. We can do better to get everyone on board without the battles. It's called peaceful compromise.

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