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Joan Mootry

Volunteer a little time and make a big difference
I am a retired artist who is passionate about learning and sharing the truth about corporate/government control of U.S. citizens, with an aim to protecting health, freedom, human rights, and the environment. I support a truly independent audit of the federal reserve and its expulsion from the U.S. monetary system; an independent scientific investigation of 9/11; the dismantling of the existing media monopoly (now owned by 5 corporations) and its replacement with equitable representation of all people; the elimination of corporate influence on government regulatory agencies; the banning of GMO foods; the cessation of corporate financing of politicians; election reform; the overturning of the rule recognizing corporations as individuals; an independent investigation of the vaccine industry with full disclosure of government and pharmaceutical industry influences; transparency in government including the exposure of the military-industrial-complex's excesses; the criminal prosecution of authorities who initiate illegal military invasions based on falsehoods; the cessation of wars instigated and driven by corporate greed; the criminal prosecution of authorities who authorize kidnapping, torture and assassinations; the elimination of the Homeland Security Act and the return of habeas corpus; a denial of the claim by the U.S. president of the right to assassinate U.S. citizens; the immediate cessation of aerosol spraying of our skies (chemtrails/geoengineering); an independent investigation of the health effects of HAARP on space, on the world's ecosystems and living organisms; the reversal of NAFTA; the right of citizens to be free of government/corporate spying and medical/psychological experimentation; the right to bear arms; the cessation of private contractors in war zones including the use of private military forces on U.S. or foreign soil; freedom of and from religion; no cap and trade; a serious investment in renewable energy; elimination of nuclear power plants; a health care system that includes alternative practitioners and is not beholden to insurance companies and other corporate interests...and all other just efforts to bring about a healthy and peaceful world.

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