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Roger Kotila  ((# of views))


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ROGER KOTILA, Ph.D. Editor: Earth Federation News & Views at

Board Chair, Democratic World Federalists, San Francisco.
USA Vice President, World Constitution & Parliament Association

Psychologist, now retired and a full-time peace, human rights, and environmental activist for the Earth Federation Movement (EFM) under the Earth Constitution.

The Earth Constitution, drafted by the World Constitution & Parliament Association over a 30 year period, is designed to establish a democratic world federation. The United Nations has not been able to bring peace, justice, or end poverty due to the obsolete and undemocratic UN Charter which has proved to be an insurmountable barrier to progressive change.

I consider myself to be an "advanced progressive" having joined the EFM, and having had a childhood background which included exposure to economic cooperatives in a small rural town in South Dakota.

The early Finn's in South Dakota first built a community center, then established Co-op's where my family bought groceries or got the car fixed. The farmers set up a grain elevator cooperative. I'm a advocate of J.W. Smith's "Economic Democracy" and "Cooperative Capitalism." Socialism means sharing (like Jesus did!), and that must be part of the New Economics required by the world public interest. There is also a place in the Earth Federation for capitalism and private property, but Godless capitalism which bows to profit over people, is unacceptable. Both socialism and capitalism must serve humanity first in order to maintain a proper moral and spirital basis.

The emergence of the Earth Federation Movement marks the start of a worldwide, peaceful political and economic revolution to replace the ruling undemocratic oligarchy (i.e., shadow world government) with a legitimate "we, the people" democratic government. We anticipate the establishment of a new world body to replace the inadequate and undermocratic United Nations global system. The idea is to return power to "we, the people" with a new political structure for authentic, instead of sham democracy. For the first time, we could have a true opportunity to end war, eliminate nuclear weapons, protect Mother Earth, and insure individual human rights and justice.

The goals stated above will require progressives and conservatives alike to federate, and to unite under the Earth Constitution.

Professional background includes a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Washington State University in 1969 with a public health supported internship at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital in conjunction with Stanford University's Dept. of Psychiatry. Worked in both the public and private sector in California: Community mental health services, state hospital, California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation; private practice in Marin County. Part-time teaching at various colleges and universities.

Grass roots activism includes Abalone Alliance (antinuclear); People United Against Rancho Seco; Bohemian Grove protests; organizing and living with the homeless.

Co-producer of Earthstar Radio which broadcast out of San Francisco from 1981-84. Programs featured news and issues relating to peace, human rights and the environment. Very strong grassroots reporting. Use of original (political) music and radio theatre (mysterious Dr. Alitok, Crud Radon) along with hard news, live interviewing, and opinion commentaries.

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