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I'm retired.

I live on a boat.

It's been nearly 35 years, but would consider peyote for a spiritual tune-up.

Am potentially repairable, according to my therapist.

The older I get the better I was.

I wear my heart on my sleeve,
and my foot in my mouth.

I have a son, he made me a man.

I have a 40 lb dog, he is family
We have a symbiotic relationship, he sheds/I vacuum
He sleeps on the bed unless there's...turbulence.

I drive a BLUE pickup truck...
I ride a shiny BLUE Harley (UPDATE: motorcycle has been sold)...
My dog's collar and leash are BLUE...
I have many BLUE tattoos on my arms,
well hidden beneath the sleeves of my BLUE parka favorite color is forest green.

I find it difficult to dance...impossible to bowl...sober.

I have a marginal minority of aftermarket teeth

Shiver me Timbers...
the bountiful, curly locks once gracing me noggin...have mightedly.....
disembarked and trekked to me gunwales and astern.

I'm really good in bed...that is, I fall asleep soon after attaining a horizontal position.

I'm finding most women only want me for sex or laughs.
Inevitably concurrently.

I shoot a pretty good game of pool, but will let you win....nah...I'll kick your ass

Favorite foods are anything spicy...or has grill marks.

Favorite authors are Farley Mowatt, Joseph Campbell, Howard Zinn, Sheldon Wolin, Naomi Klein, Chris Hedges, Matt Taibbi, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Ken Wilber, E.O.Wilson.

Politically...Hard to Port (far far far Left) (much further than Obama) (he's not even close!) and you should be too.

No tobacco, no drunkenness, no violence, no screaming, no religious hypocrisy ....
no sh*t.

Have no criminal record (ain't been caught) and strive to be honest and forthright.

I am kind to kind people, good to good dogs, sweet to sweet children, handsome to those with poor vision.

I'm not asking for much...just be...smiling, happy, friendly, bright, witty, kind, spontaneous, passionate, adventurous, confident, soft-spoken, assertive, sexy, 55-64, slim/average/athletic build. A French farm-girl that moonlights blowing up bridges for La RĂ©sistance...could easily hang her beret on my erection.

Wear a skirt and I'll follow you anywhere.

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