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Frederik Van Lierde

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I was born in 1974 so I consider myself still as a young entrepreneur. I started to sell at the age of 12, when my father had Open-Door days. I was selling the garden furniture stock.

My grandfather Eduard Van Lierde always told me that if you work hard you can reach everything you want. Ever since, his thought is with me.

One day my father came home with an IBM PS2 computer. I remember the argue between my parents as in that time those home computers where very expensive. From that moment on the IT virus hit me.
When my father sold the company, I decided to move my studies to IT.

After graduating, I started as an employee for an international company but very soon I found out that being an "?employee' was not my future or goal.
Thanks to a very good friend, I received my first position as IT manager at the age of 24.
Meanwhile I created a Point-of-Sales system and sold it all over Europe.

Many business challenges came, some stayed and some are gone. Every adventure was a success, not always money wise but I learned from every situation and used the experience in the next one.

I am very proud of the partners I can work with. It is not always easy to find the right people, but I guess I am a lucky man. (Even from the "?bad' partners I learned something: "?how not to do it')
You can only reach your goals when you have the right people to help you!

The journey isn't finished, many ideas and challenges will come and I will post regularly about it on Twitter, this blog and in many other ways.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009      Add this Page to Facebook!   Submit to Twitter   Submit to Reddit   Submit to Stumble Upon   Pin It!   Fark It!   Tell A Friend
Interview with Thomas Mylonas, Winner of Europe’s Young Entrepreneurs 2007 and CEO of 3 companies
(1 comments) Thomas Mylonas is one of the most influential designers and entrepreneurs of his generation. At 27, he has already influenced and inspired others through a wide range of disciplines & media; creating everything from chairs, household objects, advanced footwear concepts, consumer electronics, Hotels and Bar-Restaurants. Check out how he handles the crisis, his motivators to go on and much more.