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Ygraine is a member of the Church of Satan's Clergy as a Magistra. Today she has 28 years of experience in the Occult field as a teacher, lecturer, bookstore owner, and official expert as per law enforcement. Additionally she has worked as a singer, speaker, writer, cosmetic artist and most of all, parent.
Ygraine was only 17 in 1980 when she discovered the world of the Occult and alternative religion. By 22 she was running multiple witches covens and had amassed initiations in over 8 traditions of modern witchcraft ("Wicca.) Over the years she has owned 3 Occult bookstores including the infamous Dragon's Lair in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, made notable by the national coverage garnered when a protester drove a car through it! Ygraine's work in civil rights for neo-Pagans and occultists won her acclaim from such organizations as The Witches League for Public Awareness and Circle Sanctuary.

In the early 1990's, however, Ygraine began noticing a distressing trend in the witchcraft community. It seemed that no longer were the gods and goddesses of myth and legend merely metaphorical archetypes to embrace and assist in self-empowerment, but instead many Wiccans and Pagans were viewing these characters as literal deities to be prayed to and to be worshiped. When Ygraine published "Jesus With t*ts," she found herself on the receiving end of a dismissal from the very community she had helped establish

Luckily, at about the same time, Ygraine went to California and had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey and his remarkable companion, Blanche Barton. The story of that meeting can be viewed on A & E's The Unexplained: 666: The Sign of Evil

Since that time Ygraine has been named an expert in the Occult by the Attorney General of the state of Florida, lectured and taught at both universities and police academies, been named in The Encyclopedia of American Religion, and interviewed hundreds of times in the news and on television.

As a proud Satanic Witch, Ygraine is a loyal representative for The Church of Satan. Her writings and appearances continue to enlighten those capable of understanding the truth about Satanism, and her individualized approach to practical magic.

Ygraine is now writing for as the Alternative Religions examiner. In the mundane world she is the mother of five, as well as a grandmother, who lives in Florida with Church of Satan Magister and professional wrestling manager, James "Sinister Minister" Mitchell

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