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Mike Elzey

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Banality As a Way of Life
I always wanted to be a writer. Had anything interesting ever happened to me, I might have become a writer.

The next thing I thought of writing about was other people. That doesn't seem like very much fun. Observations about American economic and foreign policy would be pretty boring. Anything that invites such obvious criticism would bore everyone.

There is more downside. Everybody is a political pundit. We need more political pundits about as much as we need more unemployed people. We are about as short on political rhetoric as we are on spam promising penis enlargement.

I thought maybe writing something insanely fanatical would entertain me. I really cannot stand Rush Limbaugh. If I could duplicate that silliness I would really think I was clever. Unfortunately, that commentary is so absurd that there is no way to go over the top with satire.

I thought talk radio would start being interesting when Air America fired up the transmitters. Even a near worthless AM station jumped on the bandwagon and pulled in some ratings. The first station to join up is right here in the capitol of the most corrupt, boring, 'Red State' state in the nation. You guessed it, Columbus, Ohio is becoming a beacon of political truth.

Well, that inspiration did not last very long. While I love Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes, they have let me down. Even though the message stirs my passion for justice, the redundancy pretty much sounds like Rush Limbaugh.

So with no talent or inspiration, here are some random thoughts and opinions. I will blog here in obscurity for a while. Maybe I can come up with an analogy that does not involve Hitler, Vietnam, Watergate or Monica Lewinsky.

Keep the faith and do not panic. Life isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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