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Volunteer a little time and make a big difference

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I am an American who left the US after 3 years at MIT, where I was active on campus protesting the Vietnam War. After two years living in Africa, I pursued a music career in the UK as a composer, creating the music for a couple of number one UK films (which also did well in the US), prominent UK TV series, performing Indian sitar for the Dalai Lama and Prince Charles, and pioneering vibrational music involving Sanskrit chanting and Indian classical music techniques. I compose in almost any genre of music known to mankind! Although based in the UK, I have kept my affectionate ties with my US family and friends.

In the 70s I studied everything I could get my hands on about the two Kennedy assassinations. Living and breathing in the English landscape really helped my perspective. I also became a yoga teacher and meditation practitioner, one of the UK's early Art of Living teachers. I was so busy with my music career in the 80s and 90s that my political activism slightly took a back seat. That is, until Sept 11th, 2001. My MIT physics training immediately told me that the only way steel frame buildings could collapse at free fall was if the process was aided by a high energy weapon (perhaps using the Hutchison Effect) turning steel beams to dust and removing the weight bearing structure beneath as it fell.

Since that revelation, many other aspects of my evolving understanding now gel with my original intuition. British collusion has been a source of disgust and concern for me, with the BBC-TV recently supporting the US government's 9-11 story with blatant and clever propaganda: prime time TV programs of supposedly "unbiased reports", ultimately concluding and portraying what the British and US governments want people to believe happened on that fateful day.

In general, I am very clear about the responsibility and role of an effective and modern "activist": it really helps to be well grounded, enthusiastic about one's career/talents, healthy of body and mind, not prone to anger or depression, knowledgeable of history, and possessing a good network of like-minded livewires. ONE CAN BE A CONDUIT FOR "ACTIVIST" (ie., SOMETIMES DISTURBING) INFORMATION, BUT NOT GET BURNED BY THE CONTENTS OF THAT INFORMATION. In other words, if you go into a rage or depression about information or events that have come to your attention, then better to give it a rest and take up gardening or cycling or hiking or painting or whatever.

Like music, timing is everything. Just a few words, seeds planted in another's awareness, you CAN help in waking people up to broader realities. With humor/gentleness, it IS possible to keep folks with you. There are myriad activists, unfortunately, who have done considerable damage to many Truth Movements through harshness, blinkered fanaticism or outright abusive behaviour. Even well-meaning individuals, lacking sensitivity or awareness in their speech, can undo potential receptivity in one instant.

I am active in the arts, in films and especially music to help create the most potent vibrations for belongingness, harmony, conflict resolution and rehabilitation. I also work as a volunteer teacher for one of the most effective non-profit educational service organisations (one of the fastest growing NGOs) in the world - the Art of Living Foundation.

For folks that are seriously bummed out by the bad stuff that's going down in our world, I highly recommend: "Political Ponerology - The Scientific Study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes" by Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski. We all know that the deepest essential nature of man is to be good, caring and loving - so WHY DOES ALL THAT BAD STUFF KEEP HAPPENING IN OUR WORLD? Check this book out for some surprising and revealing pieces of the puzzle.

Thanks for reading about my life.

Here's one of my favourite quotes:

"Don't ask yourself
what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive,
and go do that,
because what the world needs
is people who have come alive."
- John Eldridge

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