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Married 30 years, have 3 sons, 2 step daughters, 1 grandson and 1 grand daughter.
Left home at age fifteen and began working full time, paying room and board. Bought my first motor cycle at 15, a 1947 Indian Chief 1200cc.
Only went to the 8th. grade and in one 18 mo. period of my life I had as many as 43 different jobs, everything from washing dishes, working in machine shops,electronic factories, gardening, tree trimming, hot mop roofing to digging graves,driving taxi cabs, school bus.
Some jobs lasted as long as a week, while others only until the first break period, I even sold vacuum cleaners,magazines and Bibles.
I drove tow trucks, school and charter buses, drove tour trams and chauffeured for Universal Studios.
Moved from the San Fernando valley Los Angeles Area in 1970 to the central coast of California
Because I lacked a formal education the only jobs I was able to obtain were those of minimum wage.
I bought myself a used 35mm. camera and stared teaching myself the rudiments of photography. There was a allot of trial and error and asking endless questions of those in the know,
I started free lancing and selling 8X10 B/W spot news photos to the different news papers in the county for $5.00 a print.
I finally landed a job at a local daily, the Daily Press in Paso Robles.
It was there that I got my education in the trade of becoming a news photographer.
I obtained my G.E.D. and took some Jr. Collage courses and then went to work for a twice daily and became Chief news photographer, Picture Editor.
Worked in Encino as chief photographer/editor for Associated valley publications, and spent time with Mayor Bradly.
He really impressed me as a kind and caring person.
Left there and went to work for a television station and was a news cameraman/editor.
I was a stringer for United Press International and a cameraman for the televison show Bounty Hunters.
While stringing for UPI I was covering the Nuclear Power Plant protest in San Luis Obispo County. We had seven shooters on that event, which lasted two weeks, out of the seven photographers we put out 72 pictures over the wire, and out of that, 34 of them were mine.
I had an exclusive jail house interview with Lawrence Singleton at CMC California Mens Colony) mens prison just prior to his release.
You may recall he was the person who after raping a girl, cut her arms off.I spent three days with Wayne Newton while he was filming his television special out on the beach in Oceano, and Pat and Debbie Boone, and a host of other.Go to
There have been to many experiences to mention here, but I can assure you they have been some that would make for a good book, that's for sure.
Allow me to relate just one when I was 15 while ridding a friend on the back of my motorcycle if I may.
I was clowning around by the park and before I could shut my bike down, I had a camel jockey point me to the curb, as I pulled over, my friend climbed off went and sat on the lawn. This motor cycle officer walked over, looked at me, then my bike and asked if I knew everything there was to know about this machine. I paused for a moment, looked up at this giant of a cop and replied, Yea!With that he snapped back, saying "let me tell you something punk,I've been ridding for sixteen years, and I don't know everything" I said, "well, it takes awhile for some people to catch on"
My friend started laughing and rolling around on the lawn when this officer kicked my bike over.
Guess I didn't say the right thing, I mean, everything was fine and we were getting along OK, that is until he called me a punk.
Then there was the time that I spent the whole semester while in the fifth grade in the clothes closet with my own desk.
Or the first time I ever drove, was my grand fathers 55 Ford Pick Up Truck at the age of thirteen.
Out of room, so this is the end

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