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Dave At Olympic Softworks

Volunteer a little time and make a big difference

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I am a Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) advocate.

I and several other advocates are starting a non-profit corp. in Washington state to allow us to do both professional and charity work to accelerate the adoption of FOSS, mainly of course GNU/Linux.

We feel that the FOSS model is an almost perfect democratic system in which good ideas by nature percolate to the top and prosper while bad ones become unused and eventually vanish. We also feel that due to the nature of Free(as in freedom) Software also for the most part being Free of charge it is a great way for those that are not doing well financially to be able to afford the software needed to run a computer and then participate in the community.

To further those ends we take donations of computers that people would normally throw away once they upgrade to a better machine. We sanitize the hard drives and install GNU/Linux onto them, then give them away to those that cannot afford them. This is a huge demographic these days, including but not limited to single parent families, orphan children in foster care, much of the elderly population, etc.

We provide free weekly meetings for those who have received computes from us. These meetings are open to the public however and we welcome anyone that wants to know more about GNU/Linux and how FOSS can help them at home or in their business.

FOSS is not just better software developed by the community, it's existence is a tremendous asset for the community.

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