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David Gruder

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Dr. David Gruder is a seasoned psychologist, eight-award-winning author, and integrity educator whom the media have dubbed the "Integrity Warrior."

His latest book, "The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World," is a groundbreaking how-to manual that equips readers with dynamic levels of personal, relationship, business, societal, and leadership integrity. Since its release in Feburary 2008, it has won six diverse book awards: Current Events in Politics & Society, Social Change, Conscious Business & Leadership, Health & Wellness, Self-Help and Transformational Psychology. Rarely does a book win awards in both personal development and social change categories.

"The New IQ" exposes the lies about personal fulfillment causing the massive integrity problems that are so rampant in today's world and then provides a road-tested blueprint that anyone - from everyday people to world leaders - can use to attain integrity-centered personal, relationship, career and service fulfillment – even during difficult times.

Its companion, "The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook," provides 10 step-by-step modules for developing the key habits that natural developers intuitively use to attain integrity-centered life fulfillment.

Dr. Gruder's "PhD" is in clinical psychology, with a secondary emphasis in organizational development. In addition to having maintained a waiting-list private psychotherapy practice from 1980 until 2000, he has provided organizational analyses, staff training, team development and executive mentoring, for executives, administrators, leaders, businesses and academic institutions for almost three decades.

He has given keynotes and training programs throughout the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, England, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore. While his topics have been many and varied, all have focused on building the skills required for personal, relationship, societal and leadership integrity. He has provided integrity training to the general public, helping professionals, businesses, politicians and ambassadors to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Dr. Gruder has authored or co-authored five print books and four e-books and recorded over seventy audio titles. He is a Core Faculty at the California Institute for Human Science, is a consultant to the Sanoviv Medical Institute, and was the Founding President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, where he continues to serve as one of the core architects and trainers for its certification program. Since 2002, Dr. Gruder have also been active in the ManKind Project, an international non-profit organization helping men deal with the blocks interfering with their integrity and leadership so they can fully embody their personal, relationship, professional and service missions.

When not on the road speaking, training and consulting, David lives a simple, play-filled life in San Diego, California, with his wife Laurie.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008      Add this Page to Facebook!   Submit to Twitter   Submit to Reddit   Submit to Stumble Upon   Pin It!   Fark It!   Tell A Friend
Three Types of Narcissism That Are Damaging Democracy
(11 comments) Narcissism (self-centeredness, entitlement and non-self-responsibility) is one of the most widespread and devastating issues we face today. Yet, it is perhaps the least discussed of the major issues we face. It is high time that we pull narcissism out of the closet, expose it for what it is, and prevent it from continuing to create profound damage at all levels of society. Learn more in this article.