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Charlene Richards

Volunteer a little time and make a big difference

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Although I am sure I already wrote a bio already I am having a problem signing in so I'll write another one!

I grew up in Ohio and during the war in Vietnam I bought into the meme, as a young adult, that we "needed to be there to stop them from coming here."

Kent State happened and that's when my head got spun around (politically speaking). Especially because that was MY state!

Eventually I moved to Los Angeles, got married and started having children. But that didn't stop me from becoming a political activist.

I joined Women Strike For Peace and helped organize a rally with then Governor Jerry Brown in downtown L.A. for International Women's Day. 5000 attended and the focus was to support the California Initiative for A Bilateral Nuclear Weapons Freeze.

Time moved on and I focused my efforts on trying to stop the first war on Iraq by staging a sit-in at Congressman Mel Levine's office with Jerry Rubin and Ron Kovic. He ignored the entire district and voted for a use of force.

When 9/11 and The Patriot Act happened I grew to believe that we were being consistently lied to by our own government and I also became totally disillusioned with the Democratic Party.

As a result I became interested in the Citizens Party. There is so much resistance to a third party yet I know in my heart, especially after the record Obama and the Democrats have set forth, that I can never vote for another Democrat again. I don't think I can ever trust another Democrat again as long as I live. Especially considering that the vast majority of them just voted to repeal our Bill of Rights on the 200th anniversary of it's inception.

In the meantime I will be watching the Republican debate this evening to see what Ron Paul has to say. I hope he mentions the rotten Defense Appropriations Bill that was just passed and also that he gets a zinger in regarding the Constitution and the oath of office all the others are so eager to take.

Obviously that oath has meant nothing to Obama.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010      Add this Page to Facebook!   Submit to Twitter   Submit to Reddit   Submit to Stumble Upon   Pin It!   Fark It!   Tell A Friend
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