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John Atlas

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John Atlas is president and founder of the National Housing Institute which publishes Shelterforce magazine.His book about how we can strengthen democracy, reduce poverty and build a progressive politics, Seeds of Change: The Story of ACORN, America's Most Controversial Anti-Poverty Community Group is available at

Reviewer Praise:

"There is more value on a single page of Seeds of Change than in a year's worth of Rush Limbaugh screeds combined with a lifetime of Sarah Palin sneers at community organizers."--Todd Gitlin, Columbia University

" exceptionally important book--a vivid, honest, and gripping look at the front lines, warts and controversies and all." --Harry C. Boyte, author, founder and co-director, Center for Democracy and Citizenship

"Atlas deploys his journalistic skills beautifully in this powerful portrait of people working to realize a vision of social prosperity." ----Sudhir Venkatesh, author of Gang Leader for a Day

"John Atlas combines scholarship, political insight, and powerful narrative writing in this essential book." --Robert Kuttner, author and founder of The American Prospect

"A must read...The reader gains an understanding not only of ACORN's success in the fight for social justice, but also why its efforts to empower ordinary people are viewed with alarm and have come under attack by conservative and reactionary forces." --William Julius Wilson, Harvard University

"Atlas has now written the definitive work on ACORN." --Samuel G. Freedman, author of Letters to a Young Journalist

"New book says ACORN will be back"Atlas writes that ACORN "reflects the American tradition of helping the poor help themselves' -- in this case, through confrontational demands for political change through a group whose best-known activities -- voter registration and tax advice -- are relatively minor parts of a sprawling, loosely organized operation." Ben Smith, Politico

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Monday, March 14, 2011      Add this Page to Facebook!   Submit to Twitter   Submit to Reddit   Submit to Stumble Upon   Pin It!   Fark It!   Tell A Friend
Until now, the Obama administration, the New York Times, and Congressional Democrats failed to criticize the Right wing media for their serious violations of ethics, good taste, and truth-telling. But apparently the attack on National Public Radio, and the inspired stance of NPR's top executives, was the straw that finally broke their backs.