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Charles Mcgee

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I began my formal education in a one room school in northwest Oklahoma and ended with a MA degree from University of Oklahoma in Human Relations. My primary affiliation is with those who see the human family as a interconnected set of relationship we can call community. The source of my satisfaction is that we can see cultures as being neither good or bad. I appreciate the shared process of ethical underpinnings, but disassociate myself with morality, right and wrong.

I came to my view by way of a traditional journey. I spent 2 years, eleven months, one day and four hours (+ or - a minute) on active duty with U S Army Infantry. I entered the 1960s unsettled, but became a war resister in the winter of 1964. I withdrew from my agents status in 1982, understanding that the socio-economic status I had been given was not for the purposes of human responsibility. It was that I had attained a level that allowed me to misrepresent the dynamics of social interaction to the less

Over the past 25 years I have brokered for a world that works for everyone, that there is enough abundance for every living thing. I am comfortable with the notion that humanity can do without my definition of it.

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