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Voting For Hillary? Have Fun With That

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We’ve been hearing it this year, just as we heard it in 2004, and in 2000...“This is the most important election in decades.”


Then why are Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani the frontrunners? Both represent politics-as-usual fear-mongering and triangulation that has sent this country into a hysterical coma.

Until a few weeks ago, I told myself that if Hillary Clinton was on the ballot, I’d vote for her. I said after eight years of Republican rule, I couldn’t let them have their way again, in 2008.

Not anymore.  I’ve come clean with myself.

If I have to choose between Hillary and Rudy, I choose neither. I disagree with almost everything Ron Paul stands for (that is, everything besides getting out of Iraq) but if he’s a third party candidate, so be it. I’ll vote for him. He won’t win anyway. I intend on getting in a line that curves around Fairmount Avenue here in Philly after I get home from work, waiting in the cold, and wasting my vote. It’d be better than voting for the continuation of an illegal war.

I’m a Democrat, so naturally I want a Democrat to run for office, ideally, in the model of a Roosevelt or a Kennedy. Democrats should run on principal. Sure, it takes ambition to become a politician and rise up the way these two men did, but Roosevelt and Kennedy took unpopular stands early on in their presidencies (Kennedy on civil rights, Roosevelt on government programs) and the public quickly came around. Roosevelt became so popular after his first year in office, newspapers suggested he become a dictator (before that term became negative).  

First of all. Rudy. He was there on 9/11 and has created a legacy out of it. I won’t go into all his mishaps, but if the latest scandal on using taxpayer funds to expense his adulterous vacations in the Hamptons weeks prior to the tragedy doesn’t end his run, nothing will. Then again, Republicans have already decided God would vote for him.

Hillary basically has no principals. I’ve heard her answer one question in a debate, and I’ve watched them all. She answered “no” to the question on whether illegal aliens should have driver’s licenses. A week after she didn’t know. She has mastered the art of not answering. She’s Bill’s husband, and a vote for her is a vote for Bill…right?

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Bill Clinton looks as good as he does today because of the Bushes who surround his mediocre presidency. I like the guy, but his baggage is heavy enough to sink a cruise ship. And must we remember that he never received a majority of votes? Take the 51 percent who didn’t vote for him in 1996, and add on all of us who are disgusted with his wife’s voting record based on opinion polls. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is what, Hillary?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. This is politics. Eugene McCarthy never got the nomination, and no one like him ever will. We’re going to vote for the lesser of two evils. But there’s Humphrey-Nixon evil, and then there’s Hitler-Stalin evil.

No, I’m not saying Hillary or Rudy are Stalin or Nixon, I mean Hitler. But why can’t we nominate a little lesser evil this time around? Why can’t we think for ourselves? Because Hillary doesn’t? If we nominate Hillary, we are wasting an extraordinary opportunity to change the country for the better. And let's be honest, the base of those who support Hillary support her because they think she can win the presidency, even though she may be the only one who actually can't. The Republican party is literally in shambles. I’m not saying Obama and his “Hope” campaign is necessarily the right way to go. Same with Edwards and his “Two Americas.”

I have my own opinion on who can win the general election. Biden.

He will undoubtedly win the presidency should we give him the nomination. No one besides the media and the Republican “Phony Outrage Base” care that a speech in 1988 had elements of a British Labor leader's quotes in them. Same with his idea that Obama is “clean” and “articulate.” Anyone who thinks he’s the racist the media has made him out to be is a liar, lying to themselves.

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A new Ramussen poll shows Biden in a dead heat with all Republican frontrunners. 

He has 35 years in the Senate. He’s never backed down to anyone. And he has the only plan to end Iraq. A detailed plan.

I mean, the war is what’s most important to voters. Hillary won’t get us out. Rudy will escalate. So will all the Republicans besides the un-electable Ron Paul. Obama and John Edwards, they have no plan. We’ve all seen the debates. Biden, Kucinich and Dodd are the only ones who aren’t reading scripts. And all are below 5 percent in the polls. It’s a shame because I had faith in Obama for a long time. Same with Edwards.

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