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The War Department

By John H. St.John  Posted by Rob Kall (about the submitter)     Permalink
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The most gigantic and modern military machine ever to soil the earth goes by the name The Department of Defense, or The Defense Department. It is composed of a standing army, a marine corps that is used mainly as a rapid deployment force to protect corporation property, a Navy with twelve aircraft carrier groups and nuclear submarines roaming the world 's oceans, and an under funded Coast Guard with the job of protecting our coastlines from drug smugglers. It gets over half of our federal tax money to pay for 750 military bases strategically scattered around the world to protect corporate interests. It has private jets for generals, and 125 golf courses.

With the end of the cold war this juggernaut has no conceivable enemies and is composed of mercenaries who no longer do K.P. but are waited on by corporate private caterers. It is justified by a gigantic corporation public relations campaign from the private sector that seems to have the job of keeping the American people frightened of enemies that do not exist. Free Americans have become children afraid of the dark. The corporation run media further poisons the culture with violence, religion, and scandal mongering. It glorifies war by turning our children into potential recruits by showing the glories of war and selling them video games where they can learn the art of unarmed combat before they go to kindergarten.

All of our politicians and even the most anti-war leftist like Cindy Sheehan must preface their criticisms of the military with the phrase: "Our beloved troops ". Our beloved troops are careerists and not like the draftee citizen soldiers who swarmed into the recruiting stations when we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. Casualties missing legs and suffering post traumatic stress syndrome from being forced to kill civilians should reevaluate their patriotism. They were working for a war department with private jets for generals that could not provide body armor and bomb proof vehicles for human beings. The billions going to Northrup, Halliburton, and General Dynamics and their subsidiary the Pentagon are instead being spent on anti-missal space-war rockets, bunker bombs, depleted uranium ammunition, and more atomic bombs.

The top-secret intelligence agencies should properly be called Murder Incorporated. Any attempt by an intelligence agent to provide information the administration does not want to hear is not only fired, but smeared with attacks by the press. Their primary function seems to be to spy on Americans, and they provide hit squads of special forces to destabilize any government that resists the domination of American corporations. We speak of defense as though we were surrounded on all sides by marauding dictatorships trying to destroy our democracy; but we have not had an attack of any kind in the over four years since 9/11 and there is evidence that tragedy was fabricated, as was the burning of the Reichstag. Evidence like Able Danger is hidden in the secret files of a secretive administration dominated by followers of The New American Century who openly stated that they needed another disaster like Pearl Harbor to get the public to support a drive to war.

Be afraid! Be very afraid! But be clear on what you are afraid of. Your real danger is the War Department (Defense Department). It is sapping your wealth, earned you the hatred of the world 's people, and threatens you with nuclear winter.

John H. St.John: Combat veteran of WWII
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