Beyond what Christie knew and when he knew it, this is going to be his standing legacy, because he's shown time and time again - THIS is who he truly is.

Teacher: How are your reforms going to help the middle-class when so many middle-class teachers have been laid of this year, and so many have been spending money out of their pockets for programs that were originally paid for by the school district.  This Administration has done nothing but lambast us, and I feel this administration has alienated so many people with your rhetoric that we are "bilking the state" when I'm a tax payer, and because of the budget cuts you've implemented I'm going to have a hard time paying this year.

Christie: Well, a few things, first of all I have not lambasted the public school system. What I have lambasted..

[Teacher Rolls her Eyes and reacts with incredulity]

Christie: Oh listen, let's start with this, I stood here an very respectfully listened to you. If you want to put on a show and giggle every time I talk, well then I have no interest in answering your question. So if you'd like to ...

[Crowd applauds, Christie pauses for effect]

Christie: So If you'd like to conduct a respectful conversation, I'm happy to do it. But if you don't please go and sit down and I'll answer the next question.

Christie then went on to explain that the school budget cuts where all President Obama's and previous Democratic Governor John Corzine's fault.  Because y,now - of course they were, how dare someone roll their eyes at him for saying it's all because of Democrats while he clearly had nothing to do with it and naturally his administration actually gave more to the New Jersey public schools than the previous administration.

Yeah, and if you believe that I've got a GW Bridge on sale...