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War On Independence

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On June   24th the   Chinese cosmonauts had   performed the docking of the space   capsule manually   for the first time   in their space program and returned to Earth.

   It was   broadcasted   through the whole world. With one exception- the USA. It is still no news here.   Just today they had shown a training replica of   the Shuttle to be delivered to the museum. But nothing about the   Chinese.   We cannot stand that those   laundry folks      are in space while   we are not.   We cannot stand, we cannot stand, we cannot stand.. so we are offered to get laid    and enjoy the   spiritual Kool-Aid before    July 4th. How   childish, stupid and mean. But that's what we are.

I came to this country in the Y1989.   I remember many independent states of that time, the ones which either do not exist now or exist   in a very different way: Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, Egypt    Instead of those countries there are territories now. Instead of nations there is population.   Instead of   a system of governance there is   a   controlled chaos. That's the way we   want   it.

US celebrates the Independence Day.   What is that all   about?   The primary essence of the   US   independence, the whole   point of   the endeavor   is reflected in   the following   sublime statement from the Declaration of Independence:

"Nor have we been wanting in attention to our British brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, enemies in war, in peace friends.'

"And hold them as we hold the rest of   mankind".   That's the voice of the   nation   at its birth, the true voice of an equal.   The primary    cornerstone of any national independence is equality, the   paramount     standing on your own feet among the   "enemies in war, in peace friends'.   The founding fathers of this country understood it well. Their   modern descendants   had betrayed that   principle with dishonor.

  US never was very good in foreign policy. Foggy Bottom is   a proper name for the State Department;   there was a lot of fog and not much substance. From time to time, especially   during the   transformations, like after the Civil   War or after the WWI there were attempts to   develop at least   a consistent foreign   policy but those attempts   always   succumbed to the   legacy of greed and blatant   aggression. It was as if   new   generations of Americans somehow envied   the previous ones   in their murdering and plundering the world   and   pursued   even   more   on their way. All of that culminated   after the nuclear bombardment of Japan.

It was a key event in   history   of the world and the  history of   the   US in particular because it was for the first time   that   the   perpetrator of the   mass murder not only got away with it but   adopted that crime as a glorious event.   If we go back    and investigate the history of other nations, genocide and mass murder are not uncommon.   Still, no   modern nation   except for the US   glorifies these events   and/or   celebrates them. People acknowledge that   their ancestors did those horrible things and   try to learn to do better. Not    here.

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The nuclear murder of   hundreds of thousands of people in a second   killed not only them. It also killed our soul.   From now on the foreign policy of the US stopped being a foreign policy of the    human nation and became a foreign policy of the vehement   animal.   All the stops were pulled and villain     got on the crusade to prove   himself.

  Obviously, it all started with   flattery. Our   people,   the US citizens, the   overwhelmingly   mediocre, rather shallow and narrow- minded   folks were suddenly proclaimed   the salt of the Earth, the only free people in the world. Such people   surely   could not   feel guilt,   remorse or   ask for forgiveness.    Never ever   starting   from that moment   the US   was to apologize   for any of its actions. Thus if there is no apology, the one and only possible conclusion could be that US was always right. We, the people are always right. Other people , the whole world   has to serve us or   else. That's the logic of the gangster.

Those who   do not ask for forgiveness go unforgiven.   War is the   continuation of the politics by other means per Clausewitz and in the hands of   the unforgiven war had become a   main tool of   oppression. No, the US   foreign policy wizards did not want to conquer other nations; they wanted to   weaken   them   so that they become eternally sick and dependent. Ideally, our   rulers   would love to   get all the nations in the world on drugs ( that's why we love drug   cartels so much); only   instead of   real drugs   our pundits    and     economic killers had invented   a free- market mantra.

In a nutshell the free-market is neither an idea nor a philosophy. It is a manifestation of greed, a PSYCHOLOGICAL   type of behavior    proclaimed as an exemplary. It simply proclaims that EVERYTHING is   the world-   laws, customs, morality, traditions, culture, religions, ideologies, love and war, peace and quite,   natural environment   and even Sun itself are to serve the   utmost desire to profit from a deal.   There could be all kinds of deals and all kinds of profits but God forbid to interfere into the mechanism, God forbid to stay on the way of the    individual   enterprise.   Of course,   then we have   all those sugar and spice, proclaiming the utmost goodness of that endeavor   but in   its origin    nothing of the sorts is    defined- the original free- market   idea   just simply calls life a pursuit of profit and    announces everything else to be just in service of that goal.   Following it is good, resisting it is bad, period.

If we follow the free-market perceptions, lots of things     become clear. Those French farmers   who   greeted  Nazis with  bottles of wine were   quite good; those Nazis were   the new customers who were willing to pay, so why fight? Those   Russian   bunch of perverts- in -power   who dissolved   the Soviet Union covertly   despite the results of the referendum were quite right; they   were satisfying the demand   of those   who paid them.    The US government attack on Iraq which resulted in 1 million dead was quite proper; the Saudis were demanding to destroy the secular country, they were willing to pay, so we were wiling to satisfy. Yes, in the free-market paradise the one and only   requirement is not to   ask questions. It is a heaven for mercenaries.

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If we follow the free-market   logic we   may consider some   people as irrational. Russians   should not have resisted Hitler who   was bringing to them the German order and   free enterprise.   They should have   just   killed their Jews and   become a part of Germany.   Yugoslavians should not have fought Hitler either.   England should have   made peace with Germany and get   Normandy   as a reward. Vietnamese should not have fought the US; they were gooks anyway; they should be happy to serve their new   white big brothers in the brothels. Cubans are still irrational and   so are Iranians. In both those cases the   US foreign   policy   goons had originally sold those countries to the highest bidders for them to become   "in partnership   with the friendly government' ( remember Godfather   II?)   and those people   were ungrateful enough not to accept such a good deal.

Free market presumes that   nations   are secondary with respect to the   individuals. This actually   is against the   basic concept of freedom   which states that every strong nation   consists of      free- spirited and   strong-minded individuals whose freedom is    deeply connected with the national one.   Free- market,      on the other hand, considers that the weaker and more dependent the nation is, the lower is its political will to   bring its people together, the better it is for the    US and ultimately for the whole world. If only   the   British Empire was smart enough to   infiltrate that idea   into the Colonies, the revolutionary war   would most likely never occur. Free- market is like a muscle- relaxation drug; it   makes   you feel dizzy, weak and totally accessible, so that   the vampire bat could suck your blood with impunity.

Think about it.   Firstly, the   people are not the people anymore- they are    A MARKET.  Such approach immediately presumes a certain   set of parameters the market commodities are defined by; accessibility,   availability, level of compliance,   reproduction,   vulnerability, adaptability,   conformity,     command   of the resources, etc. etc.   Market presumes that   people   are to be a ) used and b) controlled. The best way to control people is to divide them. If   instead of insisting that the Colonies were all equally subject to the Crown   the British would have selectively granted   some states an autonomy while at the same   time   killing   the prominent citizens on those and other   territories, I can assure   that we would have been singing   "God Save the King'   even today. It was exactly the treatment of the Colonies as people, the part of the Empire which was the utmost mistake on   the British side,   Current    Masters of the Universe do not want to repeat that one.

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The writer is 57 years old, semi- retired engineer, PhD, PE, CEM. I write fiction on a regular basis and I am also 10 years on OEN.

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