However, on this day as he walking through his neighborhood, he noticed that whereever he went, a woman in Mercedes seemed to be whereever he was.  At first, he thought it an odd coincidence, and then, she abruptly pulled her car into a driveay just in front of him.  He had to draw up short in order to not be hit by the car. Our son looked at the woman and his irritation turned to fear as he saw that the woman was glaring at him.  

by ::Ricardo Quintero::

Scared, he backed up and decided to get on home.  As he was quickly back-tracking, she began following him with her car -- about 20 feet behind him.  When the woman was forced to go past him due to another car behind her our, son memorized her licence plate (smart kid) and continued his fast walk toward home.  

With our house in sight, our son saw a police car coming down the street toward him.  His initial reaction was relief, thinking the policeman would protect him from the wierd lady if she came back.  However, his relief turned into complete confusion when the policeman put on his lights on and pulled over beside him.  

The policman was polite to our son, but nonetheless, he began questioning him.  What's your name?  Where do you live?  How old are you?  Where do you live ... go to school?  What are you doing? Is that all you were doing?  Where were you walking?  Why were you taking a walk?  

Hearing my son's polite and respectful responses to all his questions, the policeman thanked him, and told him he could be on his way.  Humiliated and confused by the experience, our son decided to ignore his doctor's restrictions and he headed for home in an all out sprint.

Getting this much of the story out of him as I was wiping his face and neck with cool cloths, I gave him a couple of ibuprophens to help him deal with the headache bloom the entire episode had brught on and sent him to lay down in his room.

Wanting answers, I called our local police station. Being white, and quite aware of the reality of white entitlement, I expected and knew I'd get answers to my questions.  Within 15 minutes of my call, the police officer who stopped and questioned my son called me right back, even though he was still out on patrol.  

It seems that the weird lady who was following our son with her car had called the police on our son to have the police come out and question the "suspicious looking, Hispanic man who looked like he was on drugs and might be thinking about robbing someone."  The policeman pulled our son over and determined his who, what, where, why ... and then, he reported back to the woman.  He further told her that we would be within our rights to file a complaint against her for harrassing our minor son who was lawfully exercising his right to freely walk on a public street. The policeman couldn't have been nicer or more apologetic and stopped just short of calling the woman a nutcase.