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The Fiction Of Socialism

For those who say that the Catholic Popes were always against "Socialism," as did a thing called The Vortex, let me, a Catholic, tell you why the popes were always against "Socialism," because they did not want to loose the patronage of the very wealthy nobility and merchant class, the class against which St. Francis of Assisi rebelled, including his own wealthy merchant father. Because they did not want a government entity to replace them or compete with them for the use of what they call charity, but which men with minds unhampered by a twisted mind/logic call, justice. Moreover, the hierarchies of the church did not want to see the lower classes become a power and dilute their own place in the sun. I call your attention to Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, in a parable a parable told by Ivan to Alyosha in the chaptercalled The Grand Inquisitor

In reality the whole system of churches existing in communities is a society, consisting of parishes, bishoprics, and the entire body of their beliefs, their entire religion, and all religions exist on the contributions and charity of their citizens, their society, their members, and that is Socialism. It is what humans are, we are social animals.

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Sorry, folks, but those who call a societal sharing through taxes and charity, Socialism, ignore the base word Social, as in society-in which the word society itself identifies what we know, that God created us as a social species, not as stand alone solitary beings. That is why humans and many other creatures, but not all, cluster into communities, herds, tribes and cities. Socializing IS Socialism! Isn't that what we are doing when we ALL chip in to pay for: schools, police and firemen, libraries, parks, road building and maintenance, the US army, air force, navy, marines, coast guard, national guard, water purification, aid to industries (Corporate tax breaks and "Grants" totals about $3 trillion each year and more if you count the fabled No-Bid Contracts so popular in the Bush administration and that figure alone is more than the cost of a Public HealthCare system, which we should develop within Medicare. We should have the same system as our Senators enjoy). No-Bid contracts means a company is a "Uniquely Qualified Contractor" of which in America there is no such thing), is that what they mean by Socialism?

Ready, now? Good because I have news, The Good News, from above, and listen closely cardinals, Bishops, priests and "popes?" Jesus WAS a Socialist! No, you say? Then learn how to read and write the archaic languages for yourselves (Archaic Aramaic, Archaic Hebrew, Archaic Coptic, Archaic Latin, Archaic Greek and do your own Biblical translations. In fact, every word that streamed forth from the mouths of God, Jesus and the prophets was what the less educated call, Socialism.

The Criminalization Of Avarice/Greed!
Ages ago all merchants who made their own goods were men and women with the best work always at heart and mind. There are still a handful of people, artists, actors, musicians, writers, architects, furniture makers, seamstresses, farmers, livestock ranchers, etc, who made their wealth by the sweat of their brows and the creativity of their minds, always hard at work trying to do the best possible work, without cheating anyone. Now people make and sell garbage of which our grandparents would be ashamed. The greatness of their workmanship made their reputations, profits were secondary to artisans.

Many modern business people seem mostly only interested in the bottom line and cheat everyone, including their own souls. Because of the great population, which needs service, we cannot make everything by hand any longer. However, large corporations and some smaller ones, now knowingly make toxic products that kill, maim and make invalids of some of their customers and then try to avoid paying the piper for their crimes and for the lives they have destroyed.

More and more morons with TV and cable shows lie to our people shouting like the fascists and Nazi's did in Germany in the 1930's-1940's, having sized up Americans as stupid and gullible. They are trying to make believe that Socialism is a kind of evil, while those who say so enjoy the benefits of that "Socialism" in their contracts, as do our senators with their incredible health care coverage.

What is evil is fascism and racism and that is what is strangling the Republican Party. What is recently strangling the Democratic Party is Wannabe-ism. They want dynastic wealth also and they figured like Eddie Murphy did in film, THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN, that politics is the pathway to their goal. They are all headed to Hell, with no way back.

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I say we need a New Democracy, the one where justice is Godly, and accumulation wealth is Evil. It was the Evangelist Luke quoting Jesus who revived the Hebrew Prophets feelings about the one thing ONLY among the Seven Deadly Evils, Avarice/Greed, which has not been criminalized and should be criminalized. With that in mind America should take a cue from the Northern Europeans. There, Executives of corporations are limited in Compensation Packages. After WW II CEO's made 25 times the average Compensation Packages of their employees. Now they make from 550-1100 times that figure, but only of their USA employees, not those overseas which they pay 15 to 25 cents an hour and NO benefits.

The public needs to know that any salary a CEO or any executive takes including bonuses, above a moderate figure is criminal, because it is money stolen from their investors, which are all of those who own stock in their company directly or indirectly. Every bank, every, pension fund, every penny of interest you make is being filched and raped by Executive Compensation Packages. I have sat in boards of directors and almost everyone on such boards was part of the national horror. All were CEO's or CEO's in waiting and they ALL want higher salaries, and they all wanted more money than they and an army of generations of their heirs could ever spend-in short, they wanted royalty based on material wealth because they know they can never attain royalty based upon goodness and the grace of God, because they are condemned by their acts.

The Boards/CEO's simply raise each others salaries, in a mutual agreement which the Law. Many years ago, aiming at knocking over the Mafia, the government called such a thing Conspiracy and "Racketeering" and jailed many over that issue. Well, we now need to overthrow all such corporate Racketeers in America and we can begin right now with a new view of CEOs. The average CEO IQ, is thirty to 70 points lower than that of the average: Scientist, College Professor, Class Action Lawyer, Physician, Engineer, architect, Physician, Historian, Author, artist, Composer, mathematician, Anthropologist, and inventor, etc. in America. We even had a president whose IQ was lower than the average Frog. It takes several things to be a success in life, Grace, a kind of humility, empathy for those less blessed, and a willingness to help them. It also takes intellect and wisdom, and a few other virtues, some have one of those, some have several, and some have none of those virtues and gifts.

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Professor Bagnolo has majored in: Cultural Anthropology, Architectural design, painting, creative writing. As a child prodigy, abed with polio for almost two years, he was offered an opportunity to skip three grades at age 8.
Later He was a (more...)

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