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This is a simple question. How many times does someone labeled as an "expert" in a field have to be proven completely, totally, and unequivocally wrong, stupid, or deceptive in everything pertaining to that field before that person is no longer considered an expert?

Let's say your son or daughter tells you a story about his or her college physics professor. Forget your outrage over the obscene cost of tuition today, just go with it. After all, it is just a meaningless hypothetical.

Your kid tells you that one day Professor Redstate Drinkhard attempted to make it perfectly clear to all his bright eyed students that "gravity" is a myth cooked up by Liberals and pushed by America's elitist intellectuals to dupe the public into surrendering their God-given freedom to allow corporations to operate unhindered in a free-market, and to force unwarranted, tyrannical interference by the government in the private affairs of legitimate businesses.

To demonstrate, Professor Drinkhard took an egg and walked the entire class to the window of their fifth floor classroom and attempted to test his theory. While holding the egg gently between his thumb and forefinger outside the window, he explained that gravity was indeed a fact. He insisted, however, that gravity only exists in other nations of the world. Gravity did not exist in the United States, or for U.S. interests anywhere on earth. He assured them that this was a fact and he would prove it. He stated with absolute certainty that, once released ,the egg would remain suspended in mid air.

As a final note before releasing the egg, Professor Drinkhard reminded the students that they were not in Greece, France, or any other socialist country.

Upon release, the egg promptly plummeted fives stories making a pretty, Jackson Pollock-like picture on the ground below.

Your child tells you that this didn't stop Professor Drinkhard in his quest to teach you and break, as he called it, the "liberal myths you were brainwashed with by Hollywood" while growing up in America. Professor Drinkhard is a man of conviction and does not sway easily.

Retrieving the remainder of the dozen eggs, the professor proceeded to drop eleven more. Then for good measure, another dozen. For scientific validity he made it a baker's dozen.

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Despite the physical evidence of twenty-five eggs in a mess of broken shells and yolks on the ground, the professor reiterated to the students the objective fact of the lesson: "Gravity" is a myth cooked up by Liberals and pushed by America's elitist intellectuals to dupe the public into surrendering their God-given freedom to allow corporations to operate unhindered in a free-market, and to force unwarranted, tyrannical interference by the government in the private affairs of legitimate businesses. And that will most certainly be on the test.

How many times does someone like Bill Kristol, Glenn Beck, or Karl Rove need to be proven wrong, stupid or deceptive:completely, unequivocally, totally, deviously, hypocritically, cynically, factually and morally before they lose all credibility, and therefore are not considered an "expert" on anything but being absolutely wrong, stupid or deceptive on everything?

The answer is clear. It continues unabated. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Due to the overwhelming success of Professor Drinkhard's sound scientific lesson, it was immediately adopted and standardized for all of America's high school and college physics classes. The liberal media reported that at the urging of liberal dairy industry lobbyists, the lesson received a generous multi-million-dollar tax-funded grant. The liberal media also reported that liberals and interference by progressive government policies have resulted in a significant decrease in the supply of eggs and a significant increase in the demand for eggs, particularly by America's high schools and colleges. In turn the price of eggs nationwide rose out of control and out of the reach of average Americans. As part of the fallout, Bill Kristol appeared on Fox claiming terrorists and liberal soft-on-terror policies were responsible for the price increases; Glenn Beck did an in-depth "blackboard expose" proving that the decrease in egg supplies were due to communist school lunch programs; and Karl Rove, also appearing on Fox, blamed the egg shortage and rising prices on an "egg tax" on those citizens earning over a quarter-million-dollars a year, whether they ate eggs or not, and vowed that Republicans would repeal the tax.

No journalist investigated their claims.

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In the same week, on their nightly comedy shows, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both did hilarious, factual and thought provoking reports on the professor, the lesson, the media's lack of reporting the truth, on Fox's entire handling of the topic dubbed in a memo by Roger Ailes as "Dairygate" and on comments made by Kristol, Beck and Rove. In addition, Rove appeared on The Daily Show to reiterate his view, where despite pressing by Stewart that was more akin to journalism than comedy, Rove failed to show any actual proof of any such tax while attempting to steer the interview off the topic until time ran out.

Throughout that week Rush Limbaugh was ignored completely until at week's end he stated that the liberal media wasn't giving Americans the whole story. He stated that white eggs are not the problem; white eggs are completely healthy. Brown eggs are the problem; brown eggs cause high cholesterol and heart disease.

This sparked renewed interest in the issue. Liberal journalists discussed it and wrote about it, and while some disagreed with Rush, none disputed his comment. Out of concern for the public the liberal poultry industry appealed for wholesale slaughter and incineration of all chickens that lay brown eggs. Not to be left out of the discussion, Sarah Palin used Twitter to proclaim that "brown eggs are killing real Americans" and volunteered to shoot every chicken herself.

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Frank Silva speaks truth to power. A recovering Catholic, he is a member of his own Church, The Seventh-Day Pagans of the Church of the Latter Day Heathens. He is a former high school teacher with a Master's Degree from a University that cost (more...)

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