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Papantonio: Hobby Lobby Is DOA

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reprinted from Dailykos.com     by Man from Wasichustan

Forget about corporate personhood.

Forget about Super Natural Corporate Powers (courtesy of SCOTUS, inc.).

Forget about Citizen's United (courtesy of SCOTUS, inc.).

Forget about employee vs. employer rights.

Forget about  "Your gay violates mah religious freedom, Part Deux."

Forget about contraception, the Pope, the Bishops, the snake handlers.

Hell, while we're at it, forget about the pie!  

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(OK, not going to forget about the pie.  We'll need that later).

All of this is a sideshow to the ensuing carnival of unintended consequences that will be unleashed should our venerated SCOTUS, inc.--or more precisely, Justice Kennedy, inc.--decide to grant supernatural powers to every corporation in America.

Mike Pappantonio
(image by Ring of Fire)

So says trial lawyer extraordinaire and Ring of Fire radio host Mike Papantonio (appearing yesterday on the Ed Schultz radio show) who says such a ruling would be good news for anyone damaged by corporate malfeasance.  For Hobby Lobby's super Jesus Powers would not only mark the end of Corporate Personhood.  It would end Corporate Indemnity.  Or as Mike Papantonio says, it would completely alter corporate law on such a grand scale, "It would pierce the corporate veil," and allow law suits to proceed against the owners of a corporation for the illegal or negligent acts of the corporation.  

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That's right cowboy.  The saloon door swings both ways. And sometimes it smacks you in the face.  Doh!

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