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Medical Whistleblower Letter to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights

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November 2008 Letter to the United Nations:

(Redacted somewhat to preserve the integrity of the active homicide investigation)

My name is Dr. Janet Louise Parker D.V.M. I am the founder and Executive Director of Medical Whistleblower. As Executive Director, I provide information and direct services to Medical Whistleblowers and actively work to democratically transform legal and social systems to protect their civil and human rights. There are over 600 medical professionals and many attorneys in the database. We also get information from patients, other health care advocates and work with several other NGO organizations. Medical Whistleblower is in the process of selecting persons to serve on the Medical Whistleblower Foundation Board of Directors, and thus do not yet have the Medical Whistleblower Foundation fully organized and incorporated as a US 501(c)3 organization. I currently work as a sole proprietor of Medical Whistleblower and Medical Whistleblowers come to me as clients for advocacy, social networking and informational services.

I would define a Medical Whistleblower as a person who has come forward to report Medical Fraud, Abuse or Neglect to State, Federal or International governmental authorities. Medical Whistleblower is dedicated to advocacy and the emotional support of all Medical Whistleblowers regardless of their professional background or licensing status. Anyone with access to information related to medical fraud, abuse and neglect can be a Medical Whistleblower. Medical Whistleblower provides advocacy and works to mobilize public opinion in support of Medical Whistleblowers who have already made that choice and those still considering their future path. There is no cost to request services from Medical Whistleblower. Medical Whistleblower is not a counseling service and does not provide legal advice or representation. We are an advocate for change and provide meaningful information related to the Medical Whistleblower's experience and networking contacts for further support.

I am by faith, a Quaker, Religious Society of Friends. I participate as an individual in the advocacy of my faith belief and therefore believe firmly in interfaith discussion and participation in social and political issues. My advocacy for Medical Whistleblowers relates to their spiritual strength and I draw support from the greater interfaith community to provide services to them. Medical Whistleblower provides advocacy for all regardless of national origin, religious faith, color, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or age. Medical Whistleblowers come from all walks of life and many professional disciplines. Medical Whistleblowers can be Doctors, Pharmacists, Researchers, Police Officers, Federal Law Enforcement Agents, Nurses, Medical Technicians, Certified Public Accountants, Attorneys, Judges, Therapists, Prosecutors, Hospital CEO's, Academic Medical Instructors, Veterans, Emergency Medical Technicians, and even Patients and their families. Medical Whistleblowers are themselves human rights defenders of others. Medical Whistleblowers are a great untapped resource of dedicated and highly trained professionals -- many with medical degrees and even Advanced Medical Board Certifications, who are willing to communicate with and assist law enforcement efforts to protect patients and prevent repeat victimization. Medical Whistleblowers can identify patterns of crime as well as gaps and deficiencies in law enforcement efforts. Medical Whistleblowers are competent and capable professionals who courageously risk their livelihoods when they come forward in the name of transparency and openness, to reveal violations of human rights. It is a sad fact that currently the medical system often repays their advocacy by retaliating against them and they often lose their cherished right to privacy and suffer severe personal loss.

I wish to report violations against the Human Rights of Medical Whistleblowers as a class of people. First I would like to bring to your attention the brutal murder on Oct. 11, 2001 of Assistant United States Attorney Tom Wales, Head of the Civil Rights Division of the Western Division of the US Attorney's Office in Washington State (located in Seattle). AUSA Tom Wales was a strong defender of civil and human rights and a dedicated public servant. As a matter of personal conviction and also professional responsibility, Attorney Tom Wales represented persons exercising their fundamental right to free speech and called on the United States government to investigate violations of human and civil rights and bring justice to those responsible for any violations of persons exercising those rights. He was murdered in the line of duty, investigating a criminal enterprise that preys on vulnerable individuals and launders the money illegally gained through mortgage fraud. AUSA Tom Wales was cooperating with the US Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York and working quietly and covertly with FBI Supervisory Agent, John O'Neill. There was a level of governmental criminal corruption that made this investigation especially dangerous and ultimately led to the murder of AUSA Tom Wales.

Medical Whistleblowers represent dedicated advocates for the victims of medical fraud, patient abuse and patient neglect caused by a failure to protect the vulnerable in our society. Patient abuse can be physical, financial, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse. Medical Whistleblowers represent significant sources of intelligence about criminal activity and violation of patients' rights within the medical community due to their unique access to information not readily available to law enforcement. Medical Whistleblowers often do not know how to report and adequately interface with law enforcement. Medical Whistleblowers often have too little information about police procedure and what happens during the initial response to and the subsequent investigation of a crime. Because of their efforts to "Tell Truth to Power" Medical Whistleblowers often become themselves victims of crime. Medical Whistleblowers are often retaliated against by those whose criminal wrongdoings the Whistleblower is exposing. The types of crimes Medical Whistleblowers can be victims of include: bullying in the workplace, witness intimidation and obstruction of justice, physical assault, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, privacy violations, illegal break and entry, criminal conspiracy to violate Civil Rights, and many others. Medical Whistleblowers need to get adequate protection so that they can "Tell Truth to Power" without intimidation by those who are criminally involved. Law Enforcement officials need to act pro-actively to prevent repeat victimization of Medical Whistleblowers. The risk of re-victimization increases with each victimization. Criminal cases are lost because of the inevitable loss of physical evidence and the loss of testimony of witnesses due to intimidation. Many Medical Whistleblowers are unable to withstand the onslaught of the oppressive retaliation that includes threats to remove their medical licenses, which then proceeds without due process to a kangaroo court (Bad Faith Peer Review). This leads to an evitable loss of their medical license and right to practice their chosen profession. The grueling nature of being a victim of this kind of workplace psychological violence has often driven Medical Whistleblowers to desperation and poverty. Some Medical Whistleblowers who have exposed millions of dollars of Medical Fraud have even faced homelessness in spite of their professional credentials and competence. Others have even been so distraught about their inability to get Due Process and Protection under the Law, which led to humiliating and degrading treatment, that they have resorted to the act of suicide. The most fundamental principle of ethical behavior is "Do No Harm," this is true in the law enforcement field as well as the medical field.

Medical Whistleblowers are concerned about human rights involving violations of vulnerable minor children, mental health patients, prisoners, and patients in hospital treatment for addiction. Unfortunately a criminal enterprise has so pervaded the US law enforcement and justice system, that when the investigation got close to the truth, US Attorneys were fired from their positions for daring to open investigations into allegations of corruption and corporate greed. Many believe that US Attorney John McKay, from the US Attorney's Office in Seattle, was fired as a result of demanding a more vigorous investigation into the murder of AUSA Tom Wales. US Attorney John McKay had expressed concern, with good cause, that the US Justice Department did not immediately secure the murder site for Federal FBI investigation, but left the responsibility to the local police force and the King County Sheriff's Office. The King County Sheriff's Office was already under a Bureau of Internal Affairs investigation and a concurrent FBI investigation for governmental corruption and abuse of power. It must be remembered that AUSA Tom Wales's office was the office investigating this governmental corruption of the local police force. There were several transnational pharmaceutical companies with their economic and political power who were targets of the investigation. The criminal enterprise corrupts the whole state, by creating a bureaucracy to administer their own brand of justice and to inflict the Color of Official Right abuse of power. The criminal enterprise used campaign contributions to influence policy makers, law enforcement officials and even judges. It corrupted even innocent people by peer pressure and coercion. The Former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales then went on to dismiss several of the US Attorneys replacing them with attorneys who would be more influenced by political power.

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There is an appalling lack of Due Process for Medical Whistleblowers who report what they know about the human rights violations. One Medical Whistleblower, Allen Jones, was the Investigator for the State of Pennsylvania's Office of the Inspector General. IAG Investigator Allen Jones reported a widespread corruption of the governmental process to allow wholesale violation of the human rights of vulnerable children and adults by the pharmaceutical companies for profit. Human rights derive from the dignity of the human person. These rights were violated for commercial profit and personal power. When Allen Jones and other Medical Whistleblowers, many of them doctors (Psychiatrists and Psychologists) came forward to report the abuses they saw, they were retaliated against by constructive discharge, employment discrimination, threats against person, and even removal of their medical licenses. Gross mistreatment in connection with in-patient treatment of vulnerable children and adults should not be tolerated under international law. The criminals used Guardian abuse to generate profit by prolonged arbitrary detention of involuntary patients for medical fraud. A courageous attorney from the state of Alaska, Jim Gottstein, formed The Psychiatric Law Project to look into the legal means to try to protect the human rights of the victims of Medical Fraud, Psychiatric abuse and Guardian Abuse. What he found was a system that although initially meant to assist those with mental illness, is now so broken that there continue to be egregious violations of human rights and assaults on human dignity. For his efforts in cooperating with US Attorneys into the actions of the transnational pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, he was hit with a S.L.A.P.P. law suit and an injunction.

I have thousands of Medical Whistleblowers who have confided in me their concerns about the human rights violations they have witnessed. The normal safeguards which should protect Medical Whistleblowers can no longer be relied on and when Medical Whistleblowers come forward they face a judicial system that is so corrupted that there is no Due Process at all. Medical Professionals are routinely stripped of their medical licenses and their right to work in their chosen profession as a result of their whistleblowing status. They face chronic harassment and workplace bullying that often leads to Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If they seek psychological or psychiatric help for the retaliation induced stress disorder, they face loss of their personal privacy and permanent removal of their medical license. The Medical Professionals are put through a Kangaroo Court and Sham Peer Review to remove them as a threat against the transnational pharmaceutical companies. These whistleblowers express concern for their own ability to provide for themselves and their families because of the employment discrimination due to whistleblower retaliation and the lack of a judicial process that permits them to address the systemic problems.

I, myself, became involved in the investigation run by the FBI. I attempted to provide discretely and covertly information that was being passed on to me by Medical Whistleblowers, patients and patient advocates. I interfaced with several patient advocacy groups in direct contact with the victims of these abuses and also with parents in the foster care system. I found that these human rights abuses were being reported, but the investigations were being halted at some point up the chain of command in the United States Department of Justice. Sometimes this interference was quite obvious, other times more subtle. Because of the several FBI investigations and the US Congressional interest in these human rights violations, the criminals became more concerned in being caught and punished and possibly loosing the millions of dollars they had greedily acquired from their crimes. So the outright buying of political influence took place as well as an effort by the criminals to put their own people in charge of the investigatory process.

I was appalled to find out who was in charge of investigating any allegation against a licensed medical professional in the State of Washington. The governmental contract that gives them this power is hidden from the public, provides for little substantive oversight of their actions against targeted doctors, and has provisions to give them almost absolute immunity for their actions of retaliation. AUSA Tom Wales was in the process of coming forward with information regarding this criminal enterprise and the corruption of the governmental process, when they started a brutal campaign of retaliation against him. I was caught in this backlash from the criminals. I tried to get further information and documentation of the criminal enterprise. I was drugged and forcibly raped for my efforts, then slandered, and railroaded to a kangaroo court removal of my medical license. I was raped in Vancouver Washington the weekend that AUSA Tom Wales' body was finally returned to his family for burial. The US Department of Justice and the State Attorney General's Office instead of investigating the criminal enterprise or even my DFSA rape refused to open any investigation at all and may have allowed evidence to be destroyed. I believe this to be obstruction of justice in AUSA Tom Wales' murder investigation, which is now considered an unsolved Federal Homicide.

As an advocate, I have talked to hundreds of sexual assault victims who wish to remain anonymous. It has been found that in cases where a drug has been used to facilitate the rape, the investigatory process is not only difficult, but even when a victim/survivor comes forward, there may be secondary trauma from lack of support and proper timely intervention. Relating to my own case of whistleblower retaliation, there was bias against me as a victim of rape and sexual assault. I found that as a DFSA rape victim, that I was not afforded any of the normal crime victim protections, and even my medical license could be removed from me for reporting that I had been raped in relationship to my veterinary employment. Those who drugged me with GHB and then raped me, fabricated an elaborate entrapment scheme and corresponding complaint against my medical license. I sought sexual assault counseling through the RAINN network and asked Attorney Jim Gottstein to be my own legal advocate for mental health care. I was denied Due Process not only in preserving my medical license intact after the sexual assault, but was also subjected to repeated sexual harassment at my workplace making it so hostile, that I finally gave up being a veterinary doctor and moved out of state.

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The more I pressed to get the answers that I needed, to understand the case so abruptly halted by AUSA Tom Wales' murder, the more retaliation was heaped on me. Expressing concerns about the lack of support of the FBI investigation into the retaliation, led to incidents of involuntary detention, intimidation, persecution and harassment at my workplace and social contacts. I was denied Due Process in my attempt to get a restraining order against the continuing sexual harassment and even another sexual assault at the hands of the "Wellness Committee Chair" of the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association. There were official documents drafted to create the impression that I was not a credible witness. In addition, I was placed under extensive surveillance, had illegal search and seizure of my property with the removal of documentary evidence. I was especially threatened in my place of worship as a Quaker, the Religious Society of Friends with actual entrapment events staged using members of my congregation. This severely impacted my ability to practice my faith and stripped me of the emotional support of my faith community. There was abuse of power through Color of Law and also Color of Official Right to prevent my right to seek, receive and impart information. There was intimidation to prevent me from being a witness in the official investigation into Tom Wales' murder or even wider investigation regarding the initial case. In order to silence my dissent, I was threatened with use of criminal statutes and mental health statutes against me. In spite of my own concerns for the very private and confidential nature of the details of sexual assault on me, I sought assistance of those in the media to publicize the issue of the crime victim rights of all DFSA victims. This was met with even increasing surveillance and intimidation, including attempts at abduction. This continuing harassment and retaliation, from which I could not find respite, finally drove me to a suicide attempt.

I ask that you consider this case not for me, but for the hundreds of Medical Whistleblowers for whom I am an advocate. I write this letter of allegation in order to set the record straight in regards to AUSA Tom Wales' murder and his right to be honored as a Civil Rights and Human Rights Defender. Attorney Tom Wales acted above and beyond the call of duty and placed himself in personal peril because of his moral and ethical values. I am humbled by his sacrifice, and his unique personal and professional courage. He was a brave and honorable man. I also wish to honor the dedicated service of the FBI Supervisory Agent, John O'Neill, whom I was honored to know and work with. John O'Neill acted with professional leadership to balance the critical needs of the investigation with caring compassionate support for human rights values. John O'Neill, as a FBI agent, understood that he was sworn to uphold the US Constitution as the prime guarantor of rights. He understood that to be effective, the FBI must, in their varied missions, obtain the trust and confidence of the community. He understood that when individual human rights are not protected, public trust and confidence are undermined. John O'Neill died tragically in the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001.

Enforcement against criminal behavior within the medical community must also include civil rights protection for both patients and their advocates. The retaliation that I experienced left me even more committed to this fight for justice. I have found dedicated allies in fighting this wall of bureaucracy that is preventing any USA whistleblowing doctor from getting Due Process and a fair hearing of their concerns for the welfare and safety of their patients. It seems clear to anyone with any ethical or moral grounding, that we need to preserve and protect our Medical Whistleblowers, not destroy their careers and throw them away like disposable objects. I see these 600+ Medical Whistleblowers as competent caring dedicated medical professionals who have courageously come forward to provide a service for the public good. I listen to their stories of personal trauma and my heart reaches out to them. But there seems to be no place to go in the US Justice System to help them. When the actions of the US Attorney General clearly leave no doubt, that the Federal Government will fire any US Attorney in the Civil Division who goes against the political power of the transnational pharmaceutical companies and their associated in-patient treatment centers, the Medical Whistleblowers feel helpless to protect the human rights of the patients they are defending. I respectfully request that you consider an investigation into the lack of Due Process rights for Medical Whistleblowers who are reporting human rights violations.

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Medical Whistleblower is an organization dedicated to advocacy and emotional support for those who have bravely stepped forward to "Tell Truth to Power" to the Medical Establish. Medical Whistleblowers report Medical Fraud, Abuse and Neglect to (more...)

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