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Georgia On My Mind, & Everything Else...

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                             Are You Ready For Nuclear War?

Shortly after Dubya TOOK the office of the President of the USA, it seemed to me that he, as the front-man for whoever or whatever he truly acts for, was ordering actions to send strong and emphatic signals to the people of the USA and the world that clearly indicated what their priorities were for the time that they had, for most all practical purposes, full control of and influence over the military services, financial resources, environmental elements - resources and laws, along with humans and other species, floral and fauna inhabiting and existing on this planet, with their version of One World Government at all cost.

Classifying in their thinking, and quickly encoding into "laws," any and all who questions and/or actively oppose their accomplishing their objectives with the scary 'catch-all' term TERRORIST, or just unpatriotic. Using the ages old methods of secrecy, deception, accepting no responsibility for any problems, blaming any and everybody else for whatever problems there are, denial - even when documented facts and testimony prove otherwise, and ensuring that most people are too busy, with matters of basic survival, and/or arguing with and fighting each other, to fully focus on, and mobilize against the 1%, or less, of the population who are, I'm convinced, directly guilty of being responsible for intentionally and deliberately creating the major problems.

The first clues for me were the private party in the White House for Oil Corporation CEO's, Executives and wealthy elites, within days, or the first few weeks, following Inauguration Day - within a few days of breaking an agreement with the nation of Turkey by launching a bombing mission against Iraq from a US base in Turkey, without first informing the government officials of Turkey, which was later formally protested by the Turkish government.

While it seemed to me that hardly anyone else on this planet noticed, or took those signals seriously, I was so strongly impressed that I wrote and published on 03/26/01 in my YOUtopia INstitute Newsletter #1 "BEWARE of the BUSH-wack while pursuing YOUR IMP:-)/Individual Maximum Potential!!!" with this notice at the top of the page "Do not read any further if YOU are a volunteer psychological/mental slave to any political, corporate, religious, secret organization(s), tradition(s) or otherwise, and especially if YOU do not like to THINK clearly and KNOW the TRUTH in YOUR Heart and Mind, like it or not!!! " And in the body of that newsletter asked "What odds would you give on US involvement in a major war before one year of the new President's term has passed?" My sense at the time was that hardly anyone, except the few people who were planning it, thought that there would be "a major war before one year of the new President's term has passed".

Following which I was struck at just how disrespectful Dubya was in his facial expressions, body language, tone and context of his speaking to an audience of the leaders of over 100 of the other nations on this planet, when in his speeches to them about The Kyoto Protocol, in a tone more like preaching to or strongly lecturing to them, Dubya pretty much said to them, and all of the rest of us, "I don't care whether any of you like it or not, or what any are all of you think or say, I'm 'a-gonna' do whatever I want to do when I want to do whatever."

After I saw and heard that performance by Dubya, which seemed downright obscene to me, I said to the Secretary of YOUtopia INstitute that, as I watched the faces of those leaders, the thought occurred to me that 'Georgie' must not have known and understood that the ingrained mind-set of the people he was speaking directly to, so disdainfully, was directly and strongly connected to and oriented to their individual senses of self importance and respectful diplomatic ways of speaking and relating to each other. And when so blatantly and publicly, before the eyes and ears of everyone on this planet, insulted and offended in the manner that Dubya did, although they sat there quietly and did not publicly protest, complain or comment, I was convinced that none of them would forget or forgive being spoken to in that manner. And sooner or later they would just as quietly get revenge, most likely covert rather than overt. Maybe overtly pretending to, but simply not helping Dubya, and any with him, when their help was needed the most - like when a 'Lame Duck' needs all of the help it can get, even though it might be to stupefied to realize the factual truth of that matter.

Russia's blatant 'in yo face' actions in Georgia are fundamentally and substantially no different than Iraq's and "Afghanistan has a constitution but no one is following it." (From 8/16/08 CNN Special Investigative Unit: Afghanistan LIFTING THE VEIL) And those who keep repeating that the unilateral 'preemptive" invasion of Iraq was sanctioned by The United Nations - who "all were convinced that there were WMD's there", even though at least one of those inspectors, Scott Ridder Had it Right | AfterDowningStreet.org, repeatedly writing and saying that there were none there. And the UN weapons inspectors who were in Iraq searching for WMD's didn't find any, and were still looking when Dubya ordered them to stop looking and leave Iraq, before the planned and scheduled full fledged invasion and bombing began.

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Hey, I imagine that some of YOU will still  try to punish, kill my human body, or blame me, and my 'kind' for most to all of the problems, and/or Google - Is Google Making Us Stupid? (by Nicholas Carr in The Atlantic magazine's July/August 2008 issue), and/or the planets, and/or Rev. Wright and his having made the comment "The chickens coming home to roost" about the major problems confronting the USA. Now including the structures and people of Georgia as well - being on the front line with it's paid USA flunkies in leadership positions, or whatever. 

But, as is said: "What it is is what it is." And currently 'what it is' is that everybody on this planet now has access to witnessing Russia flaunting the fact that NO nation - especially the USA, league of nations in the United Nations NATO resists U.S. push for Russia penalties <(Condie is not grinning, with her fashion show face on in that picture), Extraterrestrials or otherwise can stop them from doing whatever they want in the country of Georgia. And the posturing of Dubya, Condie, Cheney with their empty backup "stern words of warning" - "insisting" - "signed agreement" Russians seize Georgia soldiers, U.S. Humvees - "demands" - and the blustering of popular and influential media mind freaks does not and can not stop or deter them. At least, the fact is that the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili started the war that he and his military are totally unqualified and incapable of winning. But heey; "With his New York legalese, motormouth soundbites, and ubiquity on the American networks, Mikheil Saakashvili is never lost for words. The beleaguered Georgian president is so omnipresent on Larry King, on BBC World, in tele-conferences for reporters, editors, and columnists worldwide, that is hard to see where he finds the time to fight a war or run a country."[8/21/08 Update: CNN reports that "Both sides have filed Time Line documents claiming that the other side started the war."] 

Mikheil has learned well from his buddy and mentor Dubya - start a war, or when confronted with some major disaster, just sit quietly for a time, then go read yo script for the MSM, then go on vacation and shopping while others fight the war YOU started, and whatever mess there is can be left for whoever comes after. After all he won't have time for that muck while he's preparing to move out of the president's residency, writing his book and negotiating the publishing deal, planning for his presidential library, and all of that "hard work."

Although there is one little 'thingee,' being the consistent pattern, that Mikheil should probably give some consideration to. That pattern can be gleaned from the former friends and proxies of those in control of the power and resources of the USA, when they no longer were thought to be useful to 'those in control,' or just could no longer be kept in power positions, from outside their country - like Saddam Hussein, who actually lost his head, when he was hung, and Manuel Antonio Noriega, who was sent to prison, and most recently Pervez Musharraf, who was forced to resign Pervez Out by the new majority opposition Pakistan government officials, after receiving tens to hundreds of millions, or more, of US taxpayer money, for some number of years - just to name a few. As of August 19, 2008, it does seem to be way too late for Mikheil to change hardly anything, except, maybe try to hide for as long as he can.   Mixed messages from Russia Aug. 19: Russians forces seize more Gerogian soldiers after the two countries exchanged prisoners captured during their brief war. Msnbc.com's Dara Brown reports.

I likewise imagine that the 'Deciders' in Russia are nearly hysterically laughing, in between their shots of excellent quality vodka in the saunas, steams and massage rooms, at the agreement within the last few days, between 'Bushy boy' - his representatives and the leaders in Poland, to build a missile defense base next to Russia in Poland, sometime in future years - with no immediate threat -  as though that would do anything but further piss Putin and them off, and speed up their plans to invade and/or bomb Poland, along with whatever else they are planning. Missile Defense: Washington and Poland just moved the World closer to War

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Is the majority of the population of this planet going to allow those nitwits to start WW III? How about this; Who would YOU bet on between Putin and Dubya, toe to toe? There are a lot fewer now who are willing to stand in or up for or cover for Dubya, in a real fight. I bet, at this time, and any ongoing time, trying to use Cheney for an "attack dog" with his facial scowling and such is to absurd for even the likes of them to try. Although Cheney is sure to give it his best in his Republican Convention speech - if it's not canceled for some reason. Rumsfeld is booked up with dinner party engagements, and enjoying his leisure time. 

Well, there's always, his boy, Colin Powell, who like Alan Keyes seem to me to have such low self respect and self esteem that they're willing to step forward whenever they are allowed or told to by their boss/master, or maybe they truly think they are just way smarter than most of the rest of us, and, if they keep trying, can convince enough of us to believe them, with their phony photos and clever articulate words. No matter how many times some of them repeat the words "The American people were/are in agreement" - with the extremely small population percentage of the 'Elite rulers' that are psychopathically destructive and idiotic thinking, looking and acting - that is not true either.

As hopeful and enthusiastic as many people are now about the scheduled November '08 US Presidential Elections, especially after the  8/16/08  mega-church pastor Rev. Rick Warren show, from his Saddleback church in Orange County, California, broadcast on CNN, "interviewing" John McCain and Barack Obama, it is  still a good idea to consider the possibility of a False Flag operation that could "justify" canceling the November '08 voting.

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Rama Demetrius Dyushambee, Doctor of Divinity - Aka: The Cosmic Detective, Cosmic D and/or whatever other labels. Dr. Dyushambee is the Founder of, and Minister for YOUtopia INstitute [YOUtopia (u toe pee ah) v. Pursuit - Attainment -Sustaining (more...)

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