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The Origin of Evil. A review.

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In 1995 we saw O.J. Simpson on Dutch TV for the first time, they showed his reaction for five seconds in the news after they said "not guilty". (Before the trial nobody had heard of him and it is illegal to expose a defendant.) I thought "that seems really a very nice person; I can't imagine it's a murderer". My friend saw the news too and thought the same. But it's exactly those five seconds they all show on the internet: look, what a monster. I thought they had everything distorted again, but there are other possibilities. Oprah Winfrey showed a boy who was classified as abnormal. You saw him coming home, his mother had put some food on the table, she grabbed him by his shoulders and pushed him towards the table: "Sit! Eat!" He got angry and Oprah and her audience all went "Ooh! What an impossible boy!" The subhumans are supposed to have no feelings, no honor, you cannot insult them ... So I realized that my friend and I automatically took into account that if they would have said "guilty" the consequences would have been horrible and that he knew all the world was watching. The witch-hunters don't do that. So it can work two ways: you don't put yourself in somebody's place because you don't read his expressions or you can't read them because you don't put yourself in his place.

There are other possibilities. In some interviews with Mr. Simpson, at a certain point, the interviewer just didn't hear a single word he said anymore.

There is one other motive for classifying people as subhuman: innocence. I suppose people cannot accept to see an innocence in somebody else that they have lost themselves -- nobody is to escape from the Fall.

In 1960 6 year old Ruby Bridges went to a white school and people were standing at the side doing the most vicious name-calling and threatening. She said later that for a long time she didn't know it was because she was black. I don't think it was. Racism was the justification, but innocence the motive. Many parents try to avoid original sin, which is not so easy as you might pass on your own fears without knowing it. But when they succeed there is a good chance that at school such a child will become the target of the class or the teacher. In the latter case, as the teacher doesn't see the behavior of that child as reactions to the abuse, the child might be classified as abnormal and put on hard drugs like Ritalin.

There are very few adults who have escaped completely. Those who have will be great artists as they haven't learned to suppress their expressions, they have no demons they are afraid to evoke. Very likely they will become the targets of general witch-hunting.

No one is to escape. Confess, confess, confess! In most interviews with Mr. Simpson they asked him, sometimes three times: did you do it? If he doesn't confess to murder or abuse then let him at least confess to something else, using drugs, fraud, whatever ... So Mr. Simpson could be absolutely sure that Mr. Fenjves would brag in the media about how he made him confess ... there was no risk that that part of the story wouldn't be told.

For the rest, of course, he became the national super-subhuman, all the sins of the world being projected upon him, all people's demons and enemies. They get together on a regular basis to cry "Monster! Monster! Monster!" and feel very good about themselves, not knowing that their monsters are their own produce and that they are not even shouting at the same monster. He has become a blank projection screen.

As a murderer is for few people really an enemy or demon they are obsessed with, those murders serve mainly as a justification, and as a weapon. None of the other crimes he has been accused of ever really happened.

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In fact, with every gesture they make and every word they say they demonstrate they know very well he is not a criminal. A criminal you don't want to call by his first name, you don't want to accuse him of all and everything, you don't want to talk about him all the time, follow him around where ever he goes, you don't want to know everything about his private life, you don't want to lie about him, you don't want to own his personal possessions, you don't want to use him for entertainment, you don't want to erase his name from his book and put your own in its place ... you don't want to rape him. They made a clip consisting of a sequence of his facial expressions and broadcasted that on CNN, which is not just the rape of an individual, it's raping humanity. They hate human expression ...

All the efforts people have made over the years to prove him innocent are useless. He has been proved innocent of those murders many times over and there is a lot of evidence, including the statements of many experts that have been analyzing him, that makes it very unlikely that he ever abused anyone, but it makes no difference. The witch-hunters don't dare to have any judgment of their own, they only go on authority, and in general that is the authority of what they perceive as public opinion. "They all say it" decides what is true and what not, "they all do it" what is right and what is wrong. They believe their own lies when the others parrot them. So when they want something to be true they let "they all say it" make "they all say it" true". The first things they would want to lie about are those polls and that is exactly what they did.

Everyone, friend or enemy, who has ever been out with him in a public place tells you the same: he is always followed around by supporters. I give you two examples out of many:

You've probably heard O.J. say in interviews that people continually come up to him and express their support. I initially dismissed that as wishful thinking, especially given the general public's overall views on the criminal trial verdict. It didn't make any sense.
I can tell you now that it's true. After both spending time with O.J. in public and speaking with his friends and confidants, it's blatantly obvious. During the time I spent with him, O.J. never got a negative reception. As one of Simpson's friends said, "Maybe one out of every 200 times he goes out." It didn't matter whether the person was young, old, male, or female, the reactions were all similar. People would approach and extend a hand, convey their support and ask how his two children were doing.
Graham Bensinger in a comment on his interview with O.J. Simpson

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I walked him down the corridor and we got into the elevator. There was a guy inside on his cell phone, and his eyes went wide with surprise. "Holy sh*t!" he said. "I'm in an elevator with O.J. Simpson. I'll have to call you back." He reached for O.J.'s hand, grinning ear to ear, and O.J. took it. When we got to the lobby, there was more of the same. People turned to stare, but there was no horror in their looks, no disgust, no judgment. A young couple came over and asked O.J. if he'd pose for a picture, then handed me a camera and had me do the honors. It wasn't the only time this happened.

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I am a Dutch woman. I was born in 1947.

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