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They've Got Another Thing Coming

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So, the servant-messenger of God is hidden in the shadow of God’s hand. He sends his work before him only to be rejected. He is the "city" sought out because he is hidden even after his work is accepted and spread. Moreover, he serves the Christ in the Christ’s new name, which is consistent with what is written in Isaiah 62:2. For as I explained in my previous works, the Christ now has a new name according to two prophecies, because Jesus has been given a bad name by right-wing religious hypocrites who "work iniquity" in the name of Jesus, and also because the name Jesus Christ is used by many as a swear word. Therefore the Christ I serve has a new name, which means The Liberator.

Remember, Jesus said: "If any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, who shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive and seduce the very elect." (Matthew 24:23-24 and Mark 13:21-22)

Jesus said that not merely to warn us of imposters and false prophets, but to further confirm that he would not actually come again. He gave that warning so you would not believe anyone who says the Christ is here or there, and so you would not believe anyone who says the Christ is coming here or there. The fact is that any person who claims to be the Christ, or who is acclaimed as the Christ, is in fact a false Christ. And any person who claims that the Christ is here or there in the world, or that the Christ will be here or there in the world, does not know the truth.

As it is written, I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren that have the testimony of the Christ, and the testimony of the Christ is the spirit of prophecy.

As many religious scholars have pointed out, there are many errors in the gospels/books that were put together in the 4th Century to comprise the "New Testament' of the Christian Bible. They claim that the birth and life of Jesus fulfilled certain Jewish prophecies, and those that were not fulfilled during his "first coming" will be fulfilled when he "comes again." But the truth is that the Christ Jesus served as a new and revolutionary kind of Moshiach (Messiah) who rejected the worldly throne. He fulfilled the prophecies of the sacrificial lamb of God, and he was a great prophet who foretold of the coming of the next son of man, the bridegroom lamb of God.

Because I say such things, some who claim to be Christian authorities accuse me of denigrating Jesus and trying to destroy Christianity, but that is simply not true. In fact, to fulfill real Christian prophecy, the messenger for the Spirit of truth glorifies the Christ Jesus for what he really was, not an idol to worship, but a Christ and Avatar, a sacrificial lamb of God, and one of the greatest servants of God there has ever been. I simply dispel the myths about Jesus, and expose the false doctrine of preeminence and superiority that distorted Christianity into a religion of military empires. And the truth will reform Christianity so that it becomes what it was meant to be.

It is not at all surprising that egocentric, proud, militant right-wing Jews, Christians and Muslims believe that their Messiah-King or Christ or Imam Mahdi will come in person as an Almighty Warlord-King to bring victory only to them by vanquishing all their "godless" enemies. It’s easy to see why they would want to believe that, but they are wrong. I’m sorry to have to say it, but the fact is that those who believe such a thing actually believe in a false god, concocted by their leaders in their own image. They do not realize that the idea of an Almighty God- Superman was created by patriarchs who wanted others to fear their God. But while that’s understandable, they have been misled, and they are as the blind led by the blind.

Much more scriptural evidence is presented in the books. But, as Jesus prophesied, many of those on the so-called "Christian" Right reject the truth and call it a lie. It will be very difficult for them to overcome their egocentric denial, and they may still reject it for some time.

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They claim that this messenger takes pieces of scripture out of context to fabricate a false scenario. The truth, however, is that it is they, the false prophets and blind shepherds on the Religious Right, who focus on certain pieces of scripture to justify themselves, and they ignore all the scriptures in both the old and new testaments which do not support their false, man-made doctrine. They pick and choose specific words to justify their pride, bigotry, militancy and imposing offensiveness, and thus they are very much like the self-righteous, bigoted, right-wing militant false shepherds who claim to be Jews or Muslims.

Eventually and ultimately, though, the message from the Spirit of truth will render them powerless and contrite, because it will thoroughly expose their errors. It will reconcile Christians with Jews and Muslims, and with Buddhists and Hindus and all others. For the message is designed not to condemn, but to educate; not to punish, but to correct; and not to destroy, but to save.

By dispelling myths, exposing false beliefs and bad leadership, and revealing how the people can liberate and govern ourselves, the message from the Spirit of truth will improve the human condition for all the people of the world, regardless of their religion, nationality, race, culture, or financial status, for we are all equal in the sight of God.

As Lao Tsu wrote in the Book of Tao: "When the best leader's work is accomplished, the people will say, We did it ourselves."

That's what it's all about. The messenger leads only by showing the way. That's why he writes anonymously. For it is, after all, the truth, and nothing but the truth, that shall set us free.

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