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Paul Craig Roberts Interview Transcript

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Rob Kall:  Then there is the new announcement that the FBI is spending a billion dollars on a" ubiquitous Universal facial recognition System that's going to enable to them to keep track of where everybody is all the time. 

Paul Craig Roberts: Right

Rob Kall:  So" so.

Paul Craig Roberts: You have it. You see the" it's worse than George Orwell could imagine, because of the technological  differences between his time and ours. And even though that book he wrote, "1984', is still frightening if you read it" it's frightening. But the power of the Government today to control far exceeds what "Big Brother' had in Orwell's imagination. So" and of course then we see the Homeland Security, which has already now announced, I think it was two years ago, they no longer are primarily focused on terrorism, they're focused on domestic extremists. And that's more protestors and people who disagree with the Government like radical environmentalists, and" and we saw two recently that they had placed an order for somewhere between one and two billion rounds of ammunition, much of which was hollow point bullets. And this is ammunition designed for killing people. And so what does Homeland Security need enough ammunition to shoot everybody in the country five times for. Homeland Security is supposed to be some kind of overarching bureau in which the information from the CIA and the FBI and the National Security Council could be coordinated, so that you wouldn't have them operating separately and withholding information from one another. And having 9/11, or something like that happen, because one bureau knew one piece, another bureau knew another piece, but they didn't know enough individually to know what it meant but if they had put it together they would have had the whole picture. That's what it was suppose to do. It was suppose to do that, and it was suppose to provide this transportation safety administration to harass us at airports. But it doesn't anywhere say that they're supposed to be some kind of an internal "Ministry of Police' that needs billions of rounds of ammunition. And this should scare people to death! And" and yet very little attention was paid to this. Umh it's an amazing development to simply have happened without any" no hearings. Congress didn't say, "hey, what do you need all this for? What you're going to do with this ammunition?'

Rob Kall:  Well, I have to say that OpEdNews did report on it. And it got a lot of visibility, and it was one of our most read articles in the last couple of weeks.  Then a lot of people challenged it. They questioned it, and we" before we published it we, we" one of our senior editors edited it. Yeah. It's a solid story, and it's a very scary one. [aside: I just need to do a Station ID]

[Paul Craig Roberts is my guest tonight. And if you're just listening in, you can catch the beginning of it by going to podcasts with an "s' on the end. Or go to iTunes and look for my name, Rob Kall]


Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury.  A former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. He's  been a columnist with Business Week and Scripps Howard has been a Professor at Stanford, at Georgetown. And in the last couple of years, he's been a writer of really hard hitting editorials that" I'll bet you you couldn't probably" Paul, you probably couldn't get those old "syndicators' to carry ", could you?  

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Paul Craig Roberts: I think "Creative Syndicate' would take them, but that would be the only one.

Rob Kall:  Really?

Paul Craig Roberts: Yeah. And of course the" the point is that the newspapers wouldn't buy them, even though" you know, I think Creative Syndicate would carry them. But I think" that most newspapers are now part of these huge conglomerates. And" and the policy that comes down is you don't rock any boat. But you can't possibly make the Government upset because the value of the company is the broadcast licenses, and they will yank them or not renew them. And we can't" we can't make our corporate holders mad-- they'll fire us all! And we can't make the advertisers mad or they're pull the adverts. So we can't say anything that will upset the power structure. And that's what's happened to the Press. And that's why we have the internet. I mean that's why your site has the following it has, and mine has what it has. And Counterpunch, and the other sites, they have, because they now perform the role that was once performed by the print and TV media, which no longer does it"

Rob Kall: [interjecting] Since you" since you started, can I" can I get you to give a plug for OpEdNews.

What do you think about OpEdNews?

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Paul Craig Roberts: Well, I think that it's a remarkable  a site that's associated with liberal, progressive"  ----permits a wide range of opinion. And therefore I think that it does what the media's supposed to do. It's supposed to offer a forum for all views. And it's supposed to report what's actually going on. And to investigate what's actually going on. And it's not supposed to say, "oh no, we can't talk about that', for example. Or we can't talk about Bush lying about "weapons of mass destruction'. "Oh no, we don't do that!' Or, "we can't talk about 9/11!'. Or "we can't" 'or" Those kinds of things" destroy the ability of people to know if things can't be talked about. So I think that your site is good and is to be commended because it introduces a wide range of views. It's not an ideologically determined site. And it's not determined by a corporate interest. So, more power to you!

Rob Kall:  Well, let's" let's get a little ideological! Or maybe" maybe not! The Presidential Election is looming. What's your take on the two primary candidates? And the third party candidates? And the election in general? And the two conventions? The claims" Whatever you want to go with.

Paul Craig Roberts: Well, I think that's a good question. A good thing to discuss. Of course there was a" a democratic primary. Umh and Obama, his problem is that" you know, in my lifetime no President has ever been elected with as much expectation as Obama-- not even Reagan came close. If you remember the, the inauguration of Obama, the mall was full of people that in no such presence had ever come out for an inauguration. It was massive. They had those massive screens, for people miles away to see. And the support he had was dramatic. He could have come in and saved the country! He could have said, "look, we know that the Bush administration, they have committed all kinds of crimes according to our own statutory laws on the books, this is known'. "They've committed war crimes. We're going to arrest them and put them on trial. We're going to hold them accountable'. "We're going to do to them exactly what we did to the Germans after World War II. All the"  mechanisms are in place. It's our responsibility. It's our obligation'. Instead he said "oh no" we're giving them all a pass!' "So what, they tortured! And so what!' "So they" so they lied about weapons of mass destruction, so what! I mean" in fact I think I'll restart the war in Afghanistan!' He didn't do anything about the Police state measures. He actually made them worse by announcing that he could kill Americans without due process. Not merely imprison them without due process, which was as far as Bush went, but he could kill them as well.

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