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The Age of Infinity and the Scarcity Matrix

By William Brandon Shanley  Posted by Jason Miller (about the submitter)     Permalink
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Q: What about incoherence due to psychological addiction, but which includes chemical addiction -- such as that of the alcoholic or the drug addict? This too can affect perception.

Bohm: Yes. But psychological addiction is always the most difficult one. For example, experiments have been done where animals were injected with some drug, maybe morphine, which made them chemically addicted. There were two groups -- one was able to inject itself and the other was injected. Then the drug was withheld from both groups. The group that was injected went through a withdrawal process and was no longer addicted. The animals which were able to press the button to inject themselves got through the withdrawal process, but when they saw the button they pressed it again, even though it no longer gave them the drug. The point is that the memory of that pleasure produced a reflex to press the button. The button stirred up the whole system of memory.

Q: Are fantasy and imagination based mostly on past experiences?

Bohm: I have said there are several kinds of imagination. There is the imagination based on memory, which is either remembering the past or projecting the future. In addition, there is creative imagination which can project something new which you can bring into existence -- for example, a new idea to create something which was never there. In fact, a great many things we see are a result of that.

And I'm saying that perception is a process similar to imagination. Now, that is the key thing. But we have no control over it. It just happens. It's going on and creates the whole impression of a world. That world includes not only what we sense -- what we immediately perceive -- but also the effect of the past. Thought is affecting our perception...

Fear breeds fear just as love extends love. So the question becomes: which would we rather have? Fear masks as good judgment, reason, planning, and necessary defense, yet who has populated the world with nuclear weapons and fomented war in recent times more than the most abundant nation on Earth? What nation is leading the advance in turning the garden planet into a tortuous prison plantation of death, destruction and slave wages to serve the elites?

As I write this we are transitioning from the Age of Mechanism to this Age of Infinity, and the Industrial era is sinking into to swamp of anomalies characterized by a desperate rush to privatize global resources before the jig is up. The world ego knows this. This is a huge subject and perhaps will be the focus of a film and book. (If anyone is interested in helping me take this on, please contact me.)

There are many things we can do to bring about change. We can distinguish and awaken to the Scarcity Matrix. We can form a global mutual social enterprise using the assets of our pension funds and stocks to buy control of the banks and corporations (including media, healthcare, arms), take human rights away from corporations and hold them accountable to the community of 6.5 billion This may be possible for as little as $20-30 trillion (a guesstimate of the cost of 10% of public corporations). In so doing, we can repossess our own credit and debt (most central banks like the Fed are owned by private international interests), and restore the commons. We can turn the focus of the arms and national security industries to free energy development, transportation systems, communications and interplanetary enterprises. We can build cathedrals of light with quantum computers, optical switches and intelligent networks as George Gilder foresaw in Telecosm. We can establish a line of credit for every man, woman and child to finance education, businesses and homes using each person's priceless share of the planetary dominion as collateral. And we can begin organizing these movements right now through P2P.
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In closing, in an effort to truly grasp the infinite abundance, potential and power of what is within and without us, let's take a closer look at the science. It'll be just a brief glimpse into the nature of our source: light.

First we must begin with the fact that a photon (a quantum of light) is non-material. It is non-physical. It has no rest mass. It has no charge. Yet it can possess infinite power. It can be seen only once: its detection is its annihilation. So our entire universe is birthed from a non-physical entity which is annihilated when observed.

As Arthur M. Young, inventor of the Bell helicopter and physicist/philosopher, states in the first chapter of The Reflexive Universe, "The heart of our story, like the beginning of creation, lies in the nature of light... Light, because it is primary, must be unqualified -- impossible to describe -- because it is antecedent to the contrasts necessary to description...

"Light involves a special kind of difficulty, the difficulty of knowing about that which provides no knowledge of other things. We might imagine a painter who wanted to paint the paintbrush, a problem I encounter when I want to repair my glasses: I cannot see without them; and light, by which we see, cannot be seen."

Light is seeing. Visible light covers just one octave of the electromagnetic spectrum, but as Young tells us, it "includes much more than the energy we see by, for all exchange of energy between atoms and molecules is some form of what used to be called electromagnetic energy, which extends over a vast spectrum and would be better named interaction...
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"And, as evidenced by the finding of relativity that clocks stop at the speed of light, it has no time (the space-time path of light has zero length). While light in a vacuum has a 'velocity' of 186,000 miles per second, this velocity is not motion in the ordinary sense since it can have no other value... Even space is a meaningless concept for light, since the passage of light through space is accomplished without any loss of energy whatsoever."

Light is pure action and free. Light is an information carrier, connecting everything with everything else.

Light seems to know its purpose:

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