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The Judgment of History; Or Why the Breaking of the Oligarchs Avenges President Kennedy's Assassination—Part Three

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After three years of thought, and careful consideration of the evidence, I am willing to say that I believe that Edward Lansdale was the man in the picture. Lansdale was and is in my mind, by preponderance of evidence, the primary planner, although not the originator, of the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.

Finding the individuals who actually put into motion the plot to kill the Thirty-fifth President is more difficult. Not even Franklin Roosevelt had collected such a large group of powerful adversaries in such a short period of time as JFK. Segregationists, members of his own military, the American Intelligence community (including then current and/or former high-ranking officials in the FBI and CIA), bankers, oil barons, industrialists, and right-wing extremists of every sort (including France's terrorist OAS); all of them hated President Kennedy and the change that the young President represented. Only the American people loved him, and President Kennedy made the mistake in believing that was enough. But as we now know, it was not.

Part of our problem in finding out who is responsible is not a lack of evidence, but rather an overabundance of evidence in general, and a dearth of evidence in particular areas, such as possible Pentagon conspirators. This may be intentional on the part of the conspirators and their successors: as any lawyer knows, one of the best ways to hide the facts during discovery at a civil trial is to inundate your opposition with meaningless paperwork, concealing the material that opposing counsel are actually seeking in the flood of meaningless files. If any of what has been requested is too damaging, it ends up misplaced, or accidentally destroyed, making it impossible for anyone to make a case. John Grisham has made a career of writing novels where the bad guys have gotten rid of all but one seemingly innocuous file, which the protagonist proceeds to shove down their collective throats. Great fiction, but far more difficult to accomplish in real life.

The most probable originators of the conspiracy are Lyndon Baines Johnson, Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover, H.L. Hunt and/or Clint Murchison, Sr., and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), with Air Force Chief of Staff General Curtis E. LeMay, who was George Wallace's third party running mate in 1968, the number one suspect on my list. However, anyone in the JCS is suspect, including the Chiefs and their immediate deputies, with the exception of President Kennedy's friend, the Chairman, Army General Maxwell D. Taylor.

I would remove LBJ from the list simply because I believe he was smart enough to realize that once you remove a President from office via assassination, it opens the door to every other President being removed by the same method. I believe that Johnson, as power-hungry as he was, would know better than to create such a precedent. I would also remove Hoover: he was too much of a coward to originate such a risky endeavor.

However, I do believe that J. Edgar Hoover and Texas Democratic Party leader Cliff Carter were Lansdale's primary lieutenants in the overall planning of this operation: Hoover, with the help of Clyde Tolson, coordinated the pre- and post assassination activities in Washington, including subverting Secret Service agents, the "mishandling" of autopsy evidence (certainly the misplacing, as well as the probable substitution of autopsy x-rays and photos, and the pre-autopsy surgery on JFK's corpse that David Lifton first wrote of in his book Best Evidence ), as well as whatever official information that was given to the Warren Commission as well as the public. I believe that Mr. Carter coordinated the activities in Texas, with the help of Jack Ruby, Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker, and convicted murderer Mac Wallace, although the actual mechanics of the ambush of JFK was plotted by someone like CIA operative Lucien Conein, whose picture may have been taken in Dealey Plaza that day by AP photographer James W. Altgens ( See The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit and Deception in the Death of JFK ; James H. Fetzer, PhD., editor, 2003; "Mysteries of the JFK Assassination: The Photographic Evidence from A to Z," by Jack White; p. 65).

I do not think LBJ or John Connally knew exactly what was going to happen until the night before the assassination. I base this on two pieces of information: 1) what Madeline Brown stated LBJ told her immediately after the closed door meeting at Clint Murchison's home; and 2) what Connally exclaimed during the assassination, "Oh my God, They're going to kill us all!" LBJ's statement to Ms. Brown that I wrote of in Part Two of this article, is that of someone who just found out something, not someone who was an integral part of the planning and execution of the event. Governor Connally's statement is that of a man who has been reassured of his safety, and then felt betrayed by circumstance. That circumstance was the sudden braking of the Presidential limousine by Secret Service Agent William Greer, probably throwing off one of the three snipers' aims, resulting in the wounding of Connally. (See my OpEdNews articles " The Great Enemy of the Truth ," and " A Festering Wound ," for more on the sequence and circumstances of events by the three snipers I believe were responsible for the crossfire that killed President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza that November day in Dallas.) It is of course possible that the shooting of Connally was intentional, that the loss of Connally--a close political ally of LBJ--to cover LBJ's complicity in the matter, may have been considered a small price to pay to take suspicion off of LBJ. (Paranoia is such a lovely game, and so easy to play when you are dealing with groups of men who hold human life as having no intrinsic value, unless of course you are speaking of their lives.)

I believe that Secret Service Agent William Greer--who drove the Presidential Limousine that Friday afternoon, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Floyd Boring (who was in Washington, not doing his job in Dallas on what was the first Presidential trip of which he was fully in charge, not following the orders of Special Agent in Charge Gerald Behn), and Assistant To the Special Agent in Charge Emory Roberts, were part of the plot to kill President Kennedy. There is a film of Secret Service Agents Henry Rybka and Don Lawton being ordered off of the back of JFK's limousine by Agent Emory Roberts as it was leaving Love Field in Dallas. Two agents had ridden the special platforms on the rear bumper of the Presidential Limousine at every stop in Texas with a motorcade except Dallas . [Emphasis added.] This was later claimed to be at the request of President Kennedy, but neither Presidential aides Dave Powers, Kenny O'Donnell, nor First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy ever heard JFK give this order, nor has any documentation confirming this order ever been discovered. 

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In my August 22, 2010 OpEdNews article " A Terrible History ," I gave the following figures for the number of individuals who would be required to know the whole plan, or major portions of it, to carry out the assassination of President Kennedy:

"...it could be done with a small number of individuals who were fully aware of what was going on: two or three Secret Service agents in the White House detail, six to eight people in the Pentagon and CIA (I've reduced my numbers here because someone like General Lansdale would have reduced the required numbers), two people at the FBI, two or three Mob bosses to provide some of the trigger men and insure local support from people like Jack Ruby and the Dallas PD, plus two or three Texas plutocrats to underwrite the whole plot."

Look at the numbers that I gave in " A Terrible History ," and compare them to the list of guests who were supposedly at Murchison's dinner party, Lansdale with his Pentagon and CIA connections, and the Secret Service.

Secret Service--Three Secret agents: Boring, Roberts, Greer; Boring was in charge of setting up the schedule for which agent was where on November 22; Roberts was in charge of the motorcade, and able to order two agents, Rybka and Lawson, off of the back of the Presidential Limousine, where they would have made shots from the rear much more difficult; Greer, JFK's driver, who could insure that the President was a sitting duck if circumstances warranted, which they were.

Six people in the Pentagon or CIA:

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Pentagon--Lansdale, plus whoever in the Joint Chiefs sent Colonel Prouty to Antarctica to escort a group of VIP's, as well as whoever was sitting at Prouty's desk on November 22, 1963 (possibly Lansdale's replacement, Marine Major General Victor Krulak, but most likely someone who was TDY--on temporary duty--from the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), giving orders. That officer ordered the 112th Military Intelligence Group in San Antonio to stand down, and not send plainclothes agents to help watch the motorcade route, as was standard operating procedure.

CIA--McCloy, who still had lots of connections to the Dulles loyalists in the CIA, and also filled the role--together with Nixon--of representing Eastern anti-Kennedy plutocrats; E. Howard Hunt as the CIA's middle man for the assassination teams and transport out of the United States, and James Jesus Angleton to do counterintelligence and oversee the non-Washington disinformation program.

I believe that what former CIA Director Allen Dulles was responsible for in JFK's assassination was: 1) helping to originate the plot; 2) beginning the process of gathering conspirators either directly (for men like Hoover, Nixon, and LBJ), or through intermediaries (for men like E. Howard Hunt, and Lucien Conein); 3) reassuring individuals who became nervous as the date approached; 4) making certain that the investigation of the crime was done by a group that the conspirators could control through the information the group received. This meant a special, Unconstitutional Commission, rather than Congressional Committees or Federal Grand Juries. Given the hatred that Dulles loyalists had for JFK, there were probably several other members of the CIA actively involved. On that list I believe you can include David Atlee Phillips and Cord Meyer; estranged husband of Mary Pinchot Meyer, the closest thing JFK had to a full-time mistress, herself a murder victim within a year.

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Richard Girard is an increasingly radical representative of the disabled and disenfranchised members of America's downtrodden, who suffers from bipolar disorder (type II or type III, the professionals do not agree). He has put together a team to (more...)

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