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The Plague Upon Eden

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The time will soon arrive, much to the sadness and humiliation of those whose grey hair and wrinkled faces mark the accumulation of age, wisdom and experience, when the only way to see and observe animals, birds and plants will be through the looking glass of city zoos, with moats, fences and glass imprisoning once wild and free creatures. Our future progeny 's only experience with the planet 's animals will be in the circus-like environment of zoos, with artificial environments, settings and altered behaviors, observing not mammals in their splendor but only as a small microcosm of their former selves, seen not in their natural habitat but rather through their confined, man-made fish bowls.

Soon those that will have allowed extermination to occur through their complicity, passivity and silent apathy will look at the faces of their children in shame, cognizant that it was our generation that failed to act, as most human generations inevitably do, helping transform Earth into a planet devoid of life except that for that plague called humanity. As usual, one more generation will have failed to act in the interests of those yet to come, always mesmerized by the present, never learning from the past, invariably condemning the next generation of human beings to a world less balanced, less beautiful and ever-closer to the inevitable self annihilation of the human race.

Global Warning

Our civilization has, in the last three hundred years, set free terror upon the lands and waterways of Earth, her balance and harmony in serious peril. Human beings have scorched the planet 's fragile energies and mechanisms, unleashing consequences upon the globe we are only now beginning to understand. Through our mass introduction of carbon dioxide emissions we have opened up a hornet 's nest of natural calamities that we are, and will be, impotent to try and alleviate. Global warming is causing the planet to change rapidly in ways our mammalian minds cannot fully fathom; its intricate and delicate mechanisms are slowly but surely being manipulated by our primitive activities, its cycles are being altered contrary to the normal manifestations of time. Our dependence on natural resources threatens to spawn transformations to Earth 's energy and natural cycles that will give rise to the eventual downfall of man.

The signs of transforming energies are all-encompassing, clear warnings that what we are doing to the planet is altering mechanisms that have been in place for millions of years. Research and readings have found that carbon dioxide levels on Earth are the highest they have been in over 650,000 years. The poles are losing record amounts of ice every year that passes, their temperatures rising exponentially, their ice sheets melting and ice shelves cracking due to warmer climate, threatening to flood the world 's coastal cities. Today, for example, some islands in the South Pacific have begun to experience flooding of their coasts, forcing entire towns to relocate to higher ground. Greenland 's enormous glaciers have been receding, as have those around the world, from Alaska to the Alps, from the Himalayas to Patagonia. Once frozen tundra and permafrost in Siberia and Alaska have begun to thaw, releasing record amounts of atmosphere heating gases. As a result of this thawing, tens of thousands of Inuit are under threat, their villages and towns sinking, their infrastructure collapsing. Snow levels are decreasing more every passing winter, meaning less fresh water in spring and summers.

The world is experiencing warmer winters and summers; migratory birds are becoming confused about the times of migration; spring seems to arrive earlier every year. Throughout the planet plants and animals are shifting their ranges and ecosystems to higher elevations and colder environs in response to the warmer temperatures being felt worldwide. Gulf of Mexico waters are experiencing an increase in temperatures, thereby spawning much more powerful and destructive hurricanes, in greater number, their season lasting longer than ever before. Tornadoes seem to be increasing in the Midwest of America; flooding is more severe worldwide. Ocean currents are being altered due to shifts in temperatures; proto-plankton, that most vital component of the oceans ' food chain, is disappearing; coral reefs are dying at alarming rates; the Gulf Stream is slowing down, threatening to make uninhabitable parts of the northern hemisphere, including Britain. Drought is increasing worldwide, rainwater is becoming more scarce, crops and farming are being damaged; billions of poverty stricken human will soon be forced to emigrate from their homes, eventually heading northward to escape disease, in search of water and food.

Earth is approaching a vortex of fluctuation whose point of no return fast approaches. However, instead of decreasing carbon dioxide emissions human interference in the climate system continues to escalate, seemingly with reckless abandon. In fact, energy conglomerates have invested millions of dollars to fight the few mechanisms implemented to fight global warming. They have bought off prostitute politicians in America, and are attempting to do the same throughout the world, lobbying governments to trash protocols and timetables. They continue to deny the reality of global warming, seeing it not as a threat to humanity but as a threat to their bottom line.

The time scales on which humans have changed the composition of the atmosphere are extremely short compared to the natural time cycles of the climate system. We are accelerating natural cycles that are being manipulated and compromised by our activities. Our concern for tomorrow seems non-existent; our only concern is for the present. Our inability to plan ahead, to foresee the ramifications to our actions or to possess the vision of a dreadful future is condemning our species, and planet, to forces that will tear our civilization apart in the coming decades. Global warming is, in no uncertain terms, the greatest threat facing the human race, quite possibly the most colossal menace we have ever encountered.
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Our primitive brains have yet to fully conceptualize the fact that we are meddling with phenomenon whose fragile balance, synergy and interconnectedness is of utmost importance for the health of the planet. Combined, all of Earth 's mechanisms create a planet in harmony; all energies acting in unison with each other enable the planet to function as it has for untold epochs, its parts acting as one, like a single engine dependent on the proper working order of the many parts that comprise it. Yet instead of controlling our emissions, instead of slowing them down, instead of learning how our activities affect each part of the whole engine, we are paradoxically increasing them, warming the planet ever more and slowly pulling the guillotine 's lever, releasing its razor blade upon our collective jugular.

Not satisfied with the level of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions spewed by the world today, blinded by the quest to further our comfortable, gluttonous ways, we continue pushing the increase of carbon, oil and gas consumption ever more, with the worst culprit of them all, the United States which has five percent of the world 's population yet produces twenty-five percent of all worldwide carbon dioxide emissions seeking to control all remaining gas and oil fields, all the while fighting the international community over the principles of alleviating global warming, its purpose the continued expansion of its voracious economy and by implication, its greenhouse gas emissions. Captured by greed, industrialized nations of the north seek to maintain comfort and privilege; meanwhile, developing nations seek the treasures and lifestyles of the north. Combined, both north and south will achieve only misery, meager subsistence and a future of dastardly consequences.

Today we are becoming aware what our manipulation of climate and atmosphere is accomplishing, yet the biggest beasts on the planet, China and India, have yet to fully enter the carbon dioxide delivery business. Slowly they are integrating their economies, and rapidly they are consuming vast sums of carbon, oil and gas, growing at tremendous speed, every day releasing greater amounts of gasses. When the day arrives, when both nations are at emission levels comparable with or greater than present day America, the planet will invariably be set on course to a future untenable and devastating, the future of humanity compromised and threatened. For fossil fuels are the devil 's excrement and slowly, yet surely, China and India 's addictions to these sources of energy grow, creating, though not yet visible, Hell on Earth, a place entirely of our own making, birthed through our ignorance and voracious plague-like appetite, rising from the only home we have to unleash devastation upon the human race.

Rat Race

The internal combustion engine has succeeded in evolving society, pushing our civilization into the realm of technology and modernity, yet the accomplishments it has yielded in the short term have likely condemned humankind 's long-term vitality. Always thinking solely about the short term rewards of present accomplishment, humanity fails, again and again, to visualize the long-term price of our euphoria, progressively condemning the future through the accumulated lack of enlightenment of past and present generations. We have evolved civilization, yet civilization has yet to evolve us.
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The rise of machines has allowed humanity to control and devastate nature on a massive and unparalleled scale, usurping the natural balance of change away from the normal processes of Earth and monopolizing them in a way at complete odds with what has always been. We have manipulated nature in ways never before seen by nature herself, compromising her natural processes and altering the natural progression of her cycles. When we act in such a way, when we clear cut the Amazon, for example, we are meddling in consequences, to ecosystems, the forest itself, living creatures and the health of the planet, in ways that we are just recently beginning to understand.

It seems we fail to judge the overall picture of any action we take, and how even the smallest alteration or manipulation in one corner of the globe can have the greatest consequence throughout Earth. The larger picture is rarely, if ever contemplated, and its repercussions are made to become mere inconveniences in the further exploitation of nature. For we are creatures myopic and short-sighted, lacking the vision or the "outside the box " mentality to overcome our various short-comings.

According to man, Earth is ours, endowed to us by the Almighty itself, to use, abuse, exploit and to do with her as we please. Nature, therefore, has been placed in this world for our exclusive use and manipulation, a luxury given us by the gods birthed inside the minds of our most creative priests and shamans. In our dementia, we are the greatest species to ever arise, dominant and created to rule over all Earth, its living beings conveniently placed at our beckon call, to enslave, exploit, ruin and make extinct. Delusional and egotistical, we are made to believe, from cradle to grave, that we are omnipotent, a species chosen in the image of our man-made god, placed at the throne of Earth, able to leap giant mountains and the deepest valleys, a higher form of life needed to engineer the destiny of both Earth and all its living beings.

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Manuel Valenzuela is a social critic and commentator, international affairs analyst and Internet essayist. His articles as well as his archive can be found at his blog, http://www.valenzuelasveritas.blogspot.com as well as at other alternative (more...)

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