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Cabal of Criminality

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America proclaims to stand with the world but in reality trounces treaties and protocols and has become a rogue nation acting solely for its own corporate interests. Where once America 's Presidents were welcome to foreign lands with open arms, flowers and candy, today only hatred and anger await George Bush, with streets filled with protests and loathing, forcing him to travel in a vacuum, surrounded by an army of armed bodyguards, made to confront the animosity on the street of every country and city he visits, having become the laughingstock of the public in the open and of politicians in private.

The new America, born in sin and arrogance, delusional in Manifest Destiny, bred in overabundant gluttony, consumerist and materialist, fathered by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the Cabal of Criminality, a country flocked by sheeple, ignorant and conditioned, indifferent to a world growing up around it, living delusions of empire and of omnipotence, building hatred against it and its policies throughout the planet, slowly dumbing down its citizens, losing its edge in the sciences and arts, producing a nation of acquiescent automatons brainwashed to never question authority and always faithfully follow the crimes of governance.

The new America would rather spend $500 billion a year on the military industrial complex, and an additional $200-300 billion for the Iraq/Bush war instead of on education, healthcare, Katrina, homelessness, enlightenment, equality and infrastructure, in the process condemning tomorrow 's adults to a nation without wisdom, vision and equality. The new America is producer and consumer, from cradle to grave, where slave wages abound for the working class and tax breaks thrive for the wealthy, creating a growing gap between haves and have nots, between the educated and the rest of us.

The new America is a nation never reared or disciplined, possessing the attention span of ten second sound bites and the naivete of always placing blind faith in corrupt and incompetent leadership, a land living for the present, not the future, forgetting lessons from the past, its people programmed to seek the fictions, perfections and fantasies of Hollywood and Madison Avenue, millions of its citizens doped up on pharmaceutical drugs, depressed when reality triumphs over fiction, when real life eclipses dumbed down fantasy.

America is a country lacking the wisdom of older civilizations that comes with centuries of existence, having become the bully of the world, a rogue nation ignorant of other lands and cultures, possessing a government that acts on animal instinct, not reason, ready at a moments notice to destroy the world 's great cultures, with millions of its inhabitants conditioned from birth to the commands of corporate television, becoming the twenty-first century 's version of the "good Germans " of yesteryear, eager to cheer upon the war crimes being committed in their name, ready to celebrate the destruction of culture and the maiming of spirit, marching in lock step to the tunes of their manipulated hatred and thirst for dark-skinned blood.

America is a land where the corruption endemic in Washington is easily forgotten, where complacency of convenience leads to complicity of criminality, where the pilfering of so-called billions of dollars in Iraqi reconstruction funds and misappropriation of billions of dollars in Iraqi aid and oil revenues by Bush and Cheney cronies and fraudsters is ignored, quickly forgotten by a populace suddenly enthralled by the next adaptation of sensationalist and mind numbing corporate media designed to distract and quickly make forget.

The Cabal of Criminality is the epitome of an America decades in the making, of a land no longer able to see the awesome spectacle of the dawn of a new day, of a nation on the decline, steadily guiding itself towards inevitable implosion. The Cabal of Criminality is the epitome of gluttony, of arrogance, greed and the pursuit of the Almighty Dollar, of crony capitalism and debauched democracy, of absolute power corrupting absolutely, a representation of what we have become, or of what we have allowed into our midst. The degenerate landfill that Washington has become, full of feces-saturated flies roaming atop governance, corruption having become their sustenance, robbing the nation blind, bending over to the sodomizing power of the corporate world, is at once both the anomaly of honor and integrity and the putrid sewer rotting the nation whole. This city, once thought the pinnacle of modern civilization, has become the cesspool ecosystem for the species called the Cabal of Criminality.

The Cabal of Criminality Exposed
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The Cabal of Criminality has transformed the land of the free and the home of the brave, helping degenerate it from sea to shining sea, creating the mirror image of that which we detest the most, smearing our name with the torture devices and procedures of Abu Ghraib, the dehumanizing conditions at Guantanamo and the clandestine crime committed in all of America 's newfound gulags. They have shown the world America 's true colors of terrorism, from chemical warfare and Agent Orange in Vietnam to the use of white phosphorus and depleted uranium in Iraq to the sponsorship and training of thieves, dictators and murderers now roaming the planet.

This is the same Cabal of Criminality, it must be recalled, that supported Saddam Hussein in his massacres against Kurds, Shia and during his chemical warfare campaign against Iran, using mostly American made weapons. This is the same Cabal that once green lighted the rise of autocratic dictators throughout the world, severely damaging the cherished principles of human rights, freedom and democracy they now hypocritically parade at every public relations stunt. This is the same Cabal that supported Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, helping arm and financially assisting his mujahedeen against the Soviets, calling them freedom fighters then but terrorists now.

Knowing perfectly well that the Bush war is only creating thousands more hatred-filled terrorists throughout the Muslim world, the Cabal of Criminality nonetheless continues to destroy, massacre and bomb, hoping enough enemies are created, and enough blowback boomerangs back, to sustain a decades long excuse for perpetual war and thus, perpetual profit, wealth and power. These individuals, a minute minority of the American population, eagerly await the next attack on American soil, willing to sacrifice innocent human beings in furtherance of their sinister, nefarious goals. To them, the American people are pawns, nothing short of collateral damage needed to manipulate the emotions of the masses and maintain, and expand, an immoral war without purpose, based on fictional charades and clever marketing techniques borrowed from past criminal regimes.

The Cabal of Criminality have accelerated the arrival of fascism onto our shores, mutating government with the tentacles of corporatist power, embedding their miscreant hacks, cronies and lackeys throughout once sacrosanct halls of power. They have succeeded in saturating our television monitors with pure propaganda and distraction-filled, dumbed-down programming, deploying their presstitutes in the media to manipulate, control and condition the people.

It is almost impossible to comprehend how a couple of hundred miscreants could hijack America 's government, its media, institutions and foreign policy, attaining in a few years, thanks to the new Pearl Harbor, long held goals to launch human evil throughout the globe. It is difficult to realize that a few hundred human beings could deceive an entire nation of 300 million citizens, using lies, manipulations and the powers of the corporate media to march us straight into a condemned war from where no good outcome can rise. A handful of criminals, thieves and murderers, thugs and gangsters, greed-infested warmongers, have helped condemn America and the world to years of insecurity and instability for what has been done cannot soon be alleviated or forgotten.
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Throughout the planet innocent people are dying every day thanks to the workings of the Cabal of Criminality, whether by a suicide bombing or by economic genocide or by market colonialism or by state-sponsored terror. The policies of the Cabal affect all corners of Earth, becoming a contagious virus in some nations and a death sentence in others, whether under the guise of free trade, neoliberalism or of fighting the fictional "war on terror. " To this elite group it does not matter that Sub-Saharan Africans die by the millions every year because of AIDS, or that billions living in the Third World linger in perpetual poverty, destiny calling upon them to be born and die in an Earthly Purgatory of suffering.

The Cabal of Criminality cares nothing for 45 million Americans without healthcare, nor for the millions of socially engineered children poor, undereducated and malnourished, sentenced to become the next generation of slave labor, or the millions made homeless by the evils of twenty-first century American capitalism. Returning veterans of the Bush war, whether damaged mentally, physically, financially or socio-economically, are quickly dispatched aside and forgotten by the same Cabal that sent them to Iraq to act both as cannon fodder and as operators for the instruments of death in furtherance of corporate aggrandizement, hidden from cameras and the public 's attention, seen more as liabilities to the continuance of war than as the heroes they rightly are, in the end becoming yet one more group of casualties, sent to kill and be killed for nothing but greed, profit, wealth, ego and power.

The names of those comprising the Cabal of Criminality are well known, as are most of their faces. They are traitors to humanity and America, thieves and murderers empowered by the corruption of the system and the silent passivity of the masses. They are war criminals, espousing torture, the use of chemical weapons, collective punishment, assassinations, carpet bombing, the use of depleted uranium (clandestine nuclear war), false imprisonment and the use of gulags. They have murdered over 100,000 Iraqis, over 2,000 American soldiers, all the while ruining the lives of countless more.

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Manuel Valenzuela is a social critic and commentator, international affairs analyst and Internet essayist. His articles as well as his archive can be found at his blog, http://www.valenzuelasveritas.blogspot.com as well as at other alternative (more...)

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