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Veterans of Atrocity Wars! Stop Parading! Call for Prosecution of Illegal Homicide!

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It has been more than six decades since America fought a defensive war.
Americans have permitted our now permanent-war military establishment and the Military Industrial Financial Complex to turn all national holidays into celebrations hailing all U.S. wars, past and present. Americans don't need to follow what conglomerate commercial war supporting TV announcers report as wonderful.

Read Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Eugene Debs, General Smedley Butler, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Howard Zinn, and the voices of today's dissenters who are wise to the homicide for lies and money that has be going down for the last sixty-five years.

Albert Einstein thought soldiers, through their ignorance, are victims of war. Einstein wrote:

"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once.

"Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."

Einstein founded an international campaign for universal conscientious objection.

And an ever-increasing percentage of these veterans of undeclared wars in Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq now realize they were lied to in order to gain their participation in crimes against humanity.

Can anyone imagine how veterans, who are ashamed of having being taken in by lies to willingly go and cause loss of life in nations that never attacked the United States, feel on Veterans Day?

- especially those of us who actually have memories of firing into the bodies of our brothers and sisters overseas in warfare programed within a nefarious and inhumanely false foreign policy?

No! Only those of us who feel anguish for the dead and maimed civilians, the "enemy" soldiers defending their country from our invasion more than and our own misled buddies can imagine such feelings of misery and betrayal.

For us, many of whom are members of anti-war and anti-U.S. foreign policy lies organizations like Veterans For Peace, Veteran's Day is a bitter experience of listening to patriotic speeches of politicians, anchors and commentators, who have never seen combat, waxing on about ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms, aiming their words at the young and impressionable, eager to prove themselves and follow in our footsteps in far-away exotic lands, unaware of the continuing treasonous deception.

Veterans experience a hell of emotions different fom those expressed in speeches of praise for veterans of all America's wars, without regard to the justness of any of these wars. How about the veteran who killed an Iraqi, maybe a child, in what Obama rightly called a "dumb war" - a veteran who has seen dead Afghani civilians after an air-strike. Vets don't need a day! We already have Memorial Day. Vets want a War Victims'  Day!

How can any knowledgeable veteran march in parades that in reality are like an 'Honor Warriors of Immoral and Illegal Wars Day', 'Honor the Pentagon Day', 'Honor the CIA-Led Assassins' day', 'Honor Lying Presidents Day,' 'Honor War-Mongering Media Day' 'Honor Clergy Who Blessed War Day'?

Post World War II veterans were veterans of what exactly? Veterans of blind service to those who invest in and promote wars for profit? Of an undeclared war on a poor country? Turn Veterans Day into 'Veterans Mourn Those They Killed Day'! This should be the attitude of peace activists on Veterans' Day.

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Read Noam Chomsky's The Year 501 - the Conquest Continues.

Enough! Away with our hypocrisy and shaming ourselves in embarrassment, unable to confront ignorance, fear and manipulation by media for the amoral and homicidal bankers "who own the government as you and I know" said FDR in confidence.

Veteran! Denounce your veteranship if you know you 'served' killing innocent people in a dishonorable, illegal, undeclared war. Be determined to know, to learn, how you were duped, tricked, hyped into 'service' in dishonorable wars costing the lives of millions of innocent human beings.

Speaking out against the glorifying of war intention of Pentagon-fed corporate media programing on Veterans Day and for prosecution of such deceitful war propaganda, should come easy for veterans who have had the courage to brave death in the confusion of unjustified imperialist wars. 

No! No Veterans' Day for me. Instead, a day for veterans to mourn participation in killing, maiming and damage done invading the lands and lives of others and call for these crimes to be prosecuted.

On Veterans Day, remember the informed and strong willed who cried "Hell no, I won't go!" Be conscious of our own 'Damn, I shouldn't have gone!' regret. Those that refused to go, refused to murder poor people and shame America for all posterity.

Veterans who are educated to the ways of the world see an official Victims of War Day or War Victims Day coming in a future peaceful and intelligent world. Such a day would of course be have to include the warriors of all sides as well as their victims.

A day for veterans, include those that followed criminal orders. Forget it! Better a 'VETERANS MOURN KILLING DAY!'

Come on, Americans, especially fellow veterans! It's normal to mourn any death isn't it? We can have a day to mourn violent death instead of praising those who brought it overseas in our name.

Even better than mourning or parading mistakenly is speaking out and demanding laws be enforced and US wars be prosecuted.

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Those who are veterans of the horrific loss of life that was the Korean 'police action' against communism can in their maturity look at the reality of now non-communist Russia and two dozen other former communist nations; at Communist China and Communist Vietnam which are economically allied and interwoven within the fabric of the consumer culture of the U.S. - do they not wonder at the sacrifice of millions of lives in Korea for a truce, and three times that Vietnam for a defeat? - some millions of people that could be alive today.

Those fallen veteran buddies, like six bunkmates buried in North Korea, who never made it to parade or watch on either of these great holidays for armed forces recruitment, and who would be pissed if someone tried to 'honor' their being tricked into dying trying to kill Koreans in Korea.

Those veterans who would be pissed if someone tried to 'honor' their being tricked into dying trying to kill Koreans in Korea.

Before they died, they knew they had been suckered. All six did not want to kill Koreans, even go to Korea, which they knew nothing about. Nothing about our dictatorship in the South's massacre of tens of thousands of men, women and even their children during the years before the Koreans of their northern government swept the South, welcomed by many, the southern government conscripts deserting or refusing to fight.

My six buddies would understand why today there is a unrelentingly severe military dictatorship in the northern part of Korea, knowing what we did in both northern Korea and southern Korea, flattening almost every city, town and village from the air, threatening to drop the Atomic bomb on Koreans still fighting us, more than million of them dying north of the line dividing the Korea nation, and all this happening after Korea had already been unified in six quick weeks.

Would that my six bunk-mates could know of Communist, now capitalist, China today and the nearly peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union. Know it was not necessary for them and two and a half million Koreans to die for a political Cold War confrontation with a USSR that would cease to exist anyway.

For them and others to have died fighting millions of so called communists in small countries that were former Japanese or French colonies is sad. That my buddies and many millions of good people could be alive today but for successful lies spread in media. Were they alive, I would tell them of how Korea was divided by the U.S. and how, after the First World War,
President Wilson officially recognized the Japanese claim that Korea was Japanese territory by the right of conquest.

Seems that when capitalism succeeded to block the humanistic reforms of socialism, it begat communist revolution, and when capitalism restructured colonial slavery to neocolonialism it begat terrorism - all of which, capitalism included, will not exist eternally in their present forms. Veterans, who have seen the human face of the 'enemy' know best about the phony pretentious of war.


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Jay Janson is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer; has lived and worked on all continents; articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India and the US; now resides in NYC; First effort was a series of articles (more...)

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