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Mr. President - Time To Pick A Side

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Look, this is not an anomaly. This is the result of Banking's assault on everyone for several hundred years. This crisis seems like the last straw in a series of broken straws called recessions and depressions occurring every 10 or 15 years as far back in history as you care to go. The economic mechanism has been exhausted -- the Earth has been exhausted from the inhumane demands dysfunctional debt puts on all of us.

Many knowledgeable people fought this subterfuge but today, almost a century after its illegal permanent takeover of our sovereignty by confiscation of the monetary system; we are in the midst of the ultimate consequences of its ongoing destruction. It has infected the worldwide economy. It is collapsing on itself before our eyes. Additionally, the globalization of banking created an inextricable worldwide dependency among most economies. This deepens the risk of this abnormal system by ensuring when financial crises are inevitable the entire world feels and shares in the devastation. These events alone should be enough to cause rebellion.   This is a blow to our sovereignty, and contributes to the current ongoing financial crises.

We are in far more than a global financial crisis. Mr. President, we are faced with the end of civilization, as we know it. Any hope of the more perfect union is quickly going up in smoke aided by 30 years of neocon and neoliberal policies accelerated beyond imagination in the last 10 years, fomented by a deteriorating government with war, lies and deceit to benefit the corporate world. These are undeniable unassailable facts verified by all the information now available. Americans are at their wits end.   The Japanese awakened about 100 million people they called a sleeping giant with Perl Harbor- well this banking instigated poverty we are now experiencing woke up about 250 million of us and we are very angry. If there were not viable solutions that would bring almost immediate improvement to this crisis-, which is magnitudes beyond anything we've previously experienced, Americans and world citizens would not be outraged to the point of world wide, ongoing protest and dissent. Yet the status quo prevails. You need to pay attention and engage in the rebuilding of the nation's money system.

The banks have always sucked more money out of circulation than they put in. This has always been the fundamental and destructive flaw in a private for profit money system. It negatively affects all aspects of the economy of a civilization. The economy always needs a growing amount of money to facilitate a growing population. Creating money as debt as a way to put money in circulation is bad enough because it eventually extracts it causing a shortage of money in circulation necessary to facilitate the needs of a thriving normally growing economy. People live in a perpetual state of recession with a few winners. Adding interest to that is what causes uncontainable, unsustainable exponential growth of this unnecessary debt putting immense pressure on everything and everybody economy-wide, eventually leading to the kinds of recessions and depressions we see regularly as we regularly reach points where there is not enough money to service the debt. This is simple math. And when their policies create a deeper than usual shortage of money due to excesses of "financial engineering'   (sophisticated name for gambling with the country's money) - (New financial "instruments' (CDOs, CDSs, options, etc.)) beyond their normal theft and economies collapse they pull a double scam by having government give them money to cover their lost bets. The government borrows from the central bank at taxpayer expense, all the while the people having no right to say anything. The very banks getting money from us buy that very same debt from the FED and make money on the interest the U.S pays on the debt. Insanity! Do you understand the devastating consequences for average people using this kind of national operating strategy? Current financial operations integrate the components of anti-democratic, unjust, liberty depriving debt, within our dysfunctional money system. Anything not aligned with democracy in the public domain or outright anti-democratic or an obvious injustice or inhumane restriction on freedom must be banned from the American landscape. This monetary aberration is obviously not democracy, in fact, it is anti-democratic, it is NOT aligned with liberty and justice for ALL by any measure, and we are calling you out on it. This must be corrected immediately.

Business has over $2 Trillion on the sidelines "waiting for stability' before it creates jobs. They lie! Isn't this then the classic example of why private enterprises can't be trusted with the economy. Yes, we all want free enterprise. We have been waiting 250 years for it to arrive. Neither government OR corporations should dominate the economy, but banking always has. Individual entrepreneurs should dominate the American economy.   Government and corporate America were designed to facilitate this entrepreneurial climate not over take it. The bureaucratic corporate behemoths have caused humanity far more pain than benefit.   That is not consistent with democracy, justice and freedom. The economy can only be entrusted to individuals, and organizations chartered by the American people to do specific and larger project. They must be owned by the workers and people. We have the means and must institute democracy that is more direct, a deep democracy with cooperation, toward better understanding. Rebuilding the monetary system practically guarantees that.

The American people will not allow the continued devolution in America. It may mean taking control of the governing apparatus to make it work as intended. We are beyond politics because of the failure of government leadership and we aim to recapture government for the vast majority of people. We are throwing off our pet peeves and social issue divisiveness and coming together to fix what has always been the worst problem we face. This is the growing collusion of government and moneyed and corporate interests Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln so clearly, eloquently, and accurately warned us about.

We are not in a state of hyperbole. The people are usually ahead of politics and politicians in breaking evolutionary changes. It is not necessary to list here the dire statistics you already know that prove this is not hyperbole. In a modern advanced economy with relative abundance and massive wealth there is simply no justifiable rationale that allows citizen owners to suffer the burden while the perpetrators of chaos, manmade, ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY, and debt   are rewarded. This is an unassailable self-evident truth you cannot evade or hide from Americans. THEY ALRREADY KNOW IT.

America's money system is its lifeblood. This system that is mission critical to the American democratic model of justice and freedom for ALL, and must directly align with it for functional human outcomes. Political freedom is simply an expression without monetary alignment. There is no more powerful arbiter of justice in the world than money. Money is power and freedom is participation in power. Instead we have what Pope John Paul II lectured four presidents about it -- he called it savage capitalism. Most people do not dispute it when they see it includes the likes of economic hit men and the IMF and The World Bank pillaging developing countries insidiously by saying they are helping them.

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Americans understand you inherited the massive problems no other President in history has had to address. They are unprecedented. The BIG difference now is that there are no secrets. People intuitively and intellectually know war and banks ordering governments around, are inherently wrong minded and they demand it be stopped. HR 2990 IS the right path politically but far more importantly -- the functional solution.

You have to extract yourself from the establishment status quo to effect real change for more democracy, more prosperity, no more debt, and liberty and justice for ALL. You may have to build a new coalition. The current brain trust is so enmeshed in the system they can never imagine the necessary change. Everything they do is ingrained in the current system. It is their God, in their reality, that is destroying the world and you must divorce yourself from that quagmire of their self-deceit, perverted view of humanity, and misguided, distorted view of the way the world should work. This is crony capitalism at its worst. Your brain trust should be unbiased public servants. However, these experts are biased toward a dysfunctional system. They have been key advisors in too many administrations. Our elected officials must learn the deep structural and operational components of banking and money to serve Americans properly. There are functional alternatives to this system and the people now know that. They are demanding the necessary action   to be taken for their   implemented.

This is not just a matter of adopting a populist position for reelection. It is all about learning, and teaching the facts, the truth, and the positive results of the necessary change and the consequences of not changing. You have the only stage on Earth that can affect this change in the short time we have. Will it be 50 years of austerity and human misery leading to overt feudalism? Or, economic renaissance where the world recovers in a year or two, a whole new fresh mission for civilization with prosperity, increased freedom , a more just world and superior functioning nation.

HR 2990 is imperative and central to reverse America's rapid decline. If you fully understand how dire the world economy is, you will see this is right direction and do it now as part of the election. Now is the time to quit preaching austerity and educate Americans about the correct holistic solution to the real problem. This goes way beyond politics. The future of the world IS in your hands. You have learned by now who really runs the world. Regardless of what they've told you -- you CAN change the course of history. The American People are foursquare around you if you will do the right thing for this country. We believe you are THE man who would rather do the right thing and NOT be president than be the president and just let this go. You need to accept and understand the dramatic world saving power you actually do have by becoming the "owner' of this bill and making it your mission to change America .

The nation is in shambles, the world is in chaos. This is your time to lead and adopt HR2990 as your mission to meet our national mandate   to change America for perpetual and sustainable prosperity expanding freedom and justice for all. This is the mandate of Americans. Tell us you know this is wrong and pledge to fix it with this Bill.

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