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Open Letter to Moveon.org, ACLU, and more

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A) I do not believe that our Congress is "caving" to Bush as you politely state. Voting for torture with immunity from warcrimes prosecution granted the Prez (Military Commissions Act), the new telecom immunity which "compromises" by subjecting the judiciary to the mandates of Bush himself and allowing for "court" decisions to make no pronouncements concerning their judgments, gag orders (Patriot Act), etc....represents not a "caving in" but a Congress which is quite deliberately working to convert us to a dictatorship.

B) Time to gather *by the millions* (please join forces) on the doorsteps of Nancy Pelosi, Bush, Cheney and Conyers to demand that they all resign, or impeach NOW. BEFORE there is a strike on Iran and we start off WW III! Just as people gathered by the millions on the doorsteps of the Kremlin, chanting in a tsunami of voices “Get out!” , then why can’t we?

C) Please campaign to get Constitutional lawbreakers out of office. Please write about the voting record of individual Congressmembers to your constituents, urging them to write letters to the editor, post to blogs and send out emails exposing the same. Exposing the voting records of individual Congresspeople should help to get the bad apples out of Congress, replace them with people who will stop the power-grabbing, while informing the public of the real goings-on. How about TV and newspaper ads about the voting records of individual Congressmembers, and of Congress collectively? (Bravo, Moveon.org for such an effective strategy!)

D) Please join together, asking your constituents to gather in unprecedented numbers, to organize a mock funeral for the Iranian civilian casualties and the American airforce members on the doorstep of law-makers-or-breakers, nation-wide. Based on the non-response from Congress to petitions, I suggest we will need literally millions of people in order to be “heard“. (Please see former CIA analyst Ray McGovern’s article about the concrete plans to attack Iran---and very likely invoke World War III---within only the next few months: http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/linkframe.php?linkid=62326 )

E) http://www.aclu.org/safefree/general/16960prs20031123.html

Given your statistics, Caroline Frederickson as posted to the ACLU's website, that Bush supporters are allowed to congregate freely within camera range while Bush protestors are corralled away to areas far from the media, then you as activist entities, and We the People, must become our own photojournalists. This must be part of the strategy, posting the filmed results to the web. Jailings, taserings: All must be filmed and circulated widely. Perhaps part of the strategy can be to have civilians filming from cars and from windows overlooking the mock funerals for the Constitution, the Iranians and Americans, etc.

F) Just as Vermont has done, please urge your constituents to meet with their City Council and County Supervisors, urging them to issue arrest warrants for Bush and Cheney should they tread on their terrain.


Already civilians are organizing to try Bush for war crimes. The amazing prosecutor-retiree Vincent Bugliosi has issued a call for trials for Bush as murderer. I read more talk on the Internet about the same subject every day, with new entities coming on board all the time. Public sentiment about Bush and Cheney's war crimes is growing. Please take advantage of this rolling ball and help to catapult it forward!

Repeat: Desparate times require desparate measures. It's time to gather by the millions on the White House lawn, demanding that Bush and Cheney resign, immediately. It's time to flood Nancy Pelosi's and John Conyers's doorsteps with millions of people, not thousands, and film the event (and arrests, taserings, etc.) as we stage a mock burial of the US Constitution.

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Please organize and use your strength in numbers, and any activist strategies of your own, to save us from dire consequences. Please. The whole world is vulnerable at this point. You have power, knowledge, experience and strength in numbers.

I repeat my request for members of the public to step forward and request the same things of you.

Let me hereby thank the ACLU for providing the best political education on the Web. Posting extensively about post-911 legislation, statistics arising out of that, showing declassified FBI documents to the public which sheds light on what I may call The War OF Terror, providing a Congressional voting scorecard, etc...are so informative that Democracy Now's radio interviews become confirmation instead of news.

Many of you who I am writing have gone to great lengths to educate your members. To attract their attention and get them all reading, please let them know that you have posted your informational resources, perhaps also with new information added to your website, and ask them to spread word.


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If we don't tackle the problem at the root, it will only get worse. Petitions and signatures are not working: It's time for a new course of action.

Any activist entity which does not support impeachment and ousting bad apples from Congress, in an attempt to focus on its core mission, is only defeating its own purpose. You may find yourselves edged out of existence as free speech is squashed (Patriot Act, FISA, Violent Radicalization/Homegrown Terrorist Prevention Act); as due process of law is done away with (Habeas Corpus nixed, the new Telecom Immunity “compromise” bill; etc….It would be short-sighted and even destructive of you to not dig up the tree by the roots. Trimming back the branches, ie sending out petitions, is only to let the branches grow back. Meanwhile, our Congress and the Bush Administration, acting as a team, continue to send us curveball after curveball, a calculated strategy which is designed to make us give up. They aren’t honoring our signatures and continue to erode due process of law itself, attack free speech, all in legislative stone. How more overt can the power grabbing be? How more clear can it be that Congress is deliberately working to convert us to a dictatorship?

Time for a new course of action, folks. And it must involve unprecedented numbers of people, even millions. That is why I am asking you to please team up and organize events---any that you with your vast experience think will work---sending out activists in unprecedented numbers, the likes of which has never been seen before in America. Virtual marches in letters to the editor, plus internet postings by your joint constituency, would be key too.

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This quote summarizes the nature of my concerns and the content of personal experiences which stir my activism: "Necessity is the plea for every infringement on human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves". --Paul (more...)

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