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Judge Orders Reporters to Reveal Sources; 4 News Organizations Told to Identify Officials Interviewed in Wen Ho Lee Reports Three Americans die in Gaza convoy blast Did E-vote Firm Patch Georgia Election? Diebold could be in violation of federal and state election-certification rules. Wired

Supreme Court Clears Way for Medical Pot ABC News

Fears of more US Vote chaos after Fears of More US Vote Chaos After Flaws discovered in ballot Computers by Andrew Gumbel

Data Backing Iraq War Called Uncertain, Weak
House intelligence leaders say information used to conclude that Iraq had WMD was largely outdated.

TIME Mag: Saddam's Syrian Stash- $3 Billion!

Bush Team's Leak of CIA Officers Leaves Trail of Damage

Newsweek: Loser Limbaugh is a No-Personality Bore off the Air "I don 't go to movies. I 've been to a couple of plays. I basically work. I don 't watch television. I watch the news and the N.F.L.; that 's it. "

Car Bomb Kills 6 at Baghdad Hotel; at Least 35 Hurt The attack raised fears that a period of relative calm is over in Baghdad.

After Bitter Fight, Texas Senate Redraws Congressional Districts

FBI Expands CIA Probe
FBI wants to know when White House officials learned about CIA operative's employment at agency.   Rice's Role Under Fire
National security adviser's management skills are criticized.

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Newspapers around U.S. get identical missives from Iraq
 Letters from hometown soldiers describing their successes rebuilding Iraq have been appearing in newspapers across the country as U.S. public opinion on the mission sours. And all the letters are the same. A Gannett News Service search found identical letters from different soldiers with the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment, also known as "The Rock," in 11 newspapers, including Snohomish, Wash. "

Dope Addict Limbaugh To Go Off the Air; Admits To Pain Killer Addiction, Checks In For Treatment

Red Cross Criticizes Indefinite Detention in Guantánamo Bay

Iranian rights activist wins Nobel Peace Prize Award goes to Iranian woman forced to resign from the bench after 1979 revolution

Scientific analysis turns up 384000 of ' ' missing ' ' votes in CA Recall

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New Palestinian PM 'threatens to resign' The Palestinian prime minister, Ahmed Qureia, reportedly threatened to resign after just two days officially holding the post, according to Palestinian sources. Guardian

Top Canadian court rebuffs conservatives; won't hear gay marriage appeal Conservative religious and family groups lost a major battle today in their war against gay marriage when the country's highest court rejected their bid to appeal a lower court decision. A five-judge Supreme Court of Canada panel ruled that the groups cannot appeal a judgment that found the traditional definition of marriage to be unconstitutional.

Suicide Car Bombers Kill 8 in Baghdad Police Station Bombing

Two Arrested in Kidnap of Senator's Wife

Hard Part for Arnold: Keeping Promises

Clark Will Return Payments From Speeches Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark's campaign says he will return payments for speeches he made since declaring his candidacy and will no longer speak for money.

Republicans Raise $14M at Bush Event Not a steak or chicken platter in sight,  -- just hot dogs, pizza, ice cream and Cracker Jack for well-heeled donors who together gave $14 million to join President Bush at this year's Republican National Committee gala

Tex. Negotiators Reach Redistricting Deal

Bush Launches PR Campaign for Iraq Policy Hopes the Dumbest, Most Gullible Americans will Buy His Lies and Deceptions

Gunmen Kill Spanish Diplomat in Baghdad

Do-Not-Call-List Resumes Accepting Phones

FBI put listening device in Philadelphia mayor's office

CA Voters Voice Deep Dissatisfaction With Governor's Record, Elect Arnold

Arnold muscles way to victory toronto Star

Iraq Shake-up Skipped Rumsfeld Washington Post Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said yesterday that he was not told in advance about a reorganization of the Iraq reconstruction, which he heads. He said he still does not know the reason for the shake-up.

Local Peace Group Infiltrated by Government Agent

Gen. Wesley Clark's campaign manager quits in dispute over direction of campaign

Arafat has 'suffered heart attack'

Computer Experts Fear Recall Voter Fraud

Sharon Threatens to Hit Israel's Enemies Anywhere Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, buoyed by US backing for Israel's right to defend itself, said on Tuesday the army was ready to "hit its enemies any place and in any way" after an air raid deep inside Syria. Reuters

Pentagon Plan Would Convert 10000 Military Jobs to Civilians Another attack on Government-- Privatizing the Military.

And Then There Were Nine; Bob Graham Ends Presidential Campaign

Bush and Neocons Lied About Ability to Get and Sell Iraqi Oil

Big Radio Rules in Small Markets

Adviser to Bush's Father Redefines Himself as Wary Whistle-Blower New York Times

Texas A&M Gives Ted Kennedy 'Bush Award for Public Service' Hmm. Very Strange. ironic, a joke?

Criticism of Tenet Intensifies
Lawmakers and pundits on left and right blame the CIA for inadequate intelligence on WMD.

Calif. May Reset Compass
Outcome of California recall election could shape tone and intensity of presidential campaign.

California Plans Suit Against Federal EPA California will join as many as nine other states in suing the federal Environmental Protection Agency to make sure the agency can't interfere with efforts to control greenhouse gases, Gov. Gray Davis said Friday.

Factory Closures Devastate U.S. Towns

Suicide blast kills at least 15 in Israel

Ashcroft, Rove ties scrutinized
MSNBC A company controlled by Rove, who stands accused by the CIA officer's husband of at least condoning the leak, was paid more than $300,000 by Ashcroft's 1994 Senate campaign in Missouri for direct mail work and other services

ABC News: Arnold Praised Hitler

Another Poll Shows Bush Still Dropping. Americans Trust Him Less for Economy and For Foreign Policy

Colombian rebels down US  Plane

Misperceptions, The Media and The Iraq War.

Rush Limbaugh investigated for illegal drug purchases

Did Bush Serve? Claims He Was In Alabama Guard, But There 's No Record ABC News Another lie uncovered

No WMD in Iraq: US search chief Kay

Washington Post/ABC News Poll
Poll Finds Most Support Independent Leak Probe

Poll Data: Complete Breakdown of Questions and Responses From the Latest Washington Post/ABC News Poll

YES!! Limbaugh Quits TV Job
His remarks on NFL's Donovan McNabb spark racial controversy. Like Michael Savage, Another Creep Fails the TV Slime Test

Wesley Clark Is Still Not  A Democrat Turns out the Presidential candidate hasn't yet changed his party affiliation as a registered independent in Arkansas

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Democrats Block Vote On EPA Chief

69% Say Special Counsel Should Run Leak Probe Post-ABC poll finds most Americans suspicious of White House but doubt President Bush knew of leak.

Justice Dept. Takes Next Step, Launches Criminal Probe of Leak Washington Post -  The expanding probe, which promptly shifted to a full investigation after an initial review, set its focus on the White House, which was directed to preserve all relevant records and files

AFL-CIO Labor Group Opts Against Early Backing of Gephardt's Campaign ABC News 
"After extensive consultation with our affiliated unions, I have decided not to call for a general board meeting at this time to consider an endorsement in the Democratic presidential primary race," said AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

GOP Finding Iraq War Request a Tough Sell

Huffington Quits Race, Backs Davis

Health Coverage Gap Widens
Overall, 15.2% of Americans were uninsured last year

White House on defensive over CIA leak Toronto Star The U.S. Justice Department has launched a full-blown criminal investigation into who leaked the name of a CIA officer to the news media, and President George W. Bush directed his White House staff on today to co-operate fully. The issue has developed into a scandal with such speed that many appear to have been caught off-guard

Hillary Clinton Says Bush Is Reversing Essential Regulations

Bush suffers fresh setback on Iraq

Cheney Maintains 9/11, Iraq Linked  

White House Denies Rove Involved in Leak  Democrats are stepping up calls for an independent probe into leak that exposed identity of a CIA operative.

Iraq Costs Raise GOP Worries
Details of $20.3B rebuilding plan cause consternation in Bush's party.  

Russia's Democracy Ebbing
As Putin readies for Bush visit, critics worry about repressive actions.

Powell Gives Iraq 6 Months to Write New Constitution

In Maneuver, U.S. Will Let Terror Charges Drop By Philip Shenon In a tactic intended to move the case to an appellate court, the Justice Department said it was willing to allow a judge to dismiss the indictment of Zacarias Moussaoui.  

Census Report Expected to Show Rise in Poverty  

Ralph Reed: GOP Gains on the Line in '04; Preparing Supporters to "go wherever and whenever to do what we have to do." 

Colin Powell Admitted Iraq Has No Weapons of Mass Destruction February 24 '01

Media Notes: Singing Baghdad Blues Even Kurtz can't ignore Bush disaster  

A Failed Address The Post confirms opednews' take on Bush's embarrassing UN address  

Broken Promises To Liberia (By Tom Malinowski)    New York Times:   NEWS ANALYSIS

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Audience Unmoved During Bush's Address at the U.N.   Bush's Remarks Draw Skepticism 

GOP insiders worry that president is vulnerable

Report on weapons program likely to draw no conclusions, CIA says

Molly Ivins: 'Fear and Loathing in America'

Josh Marshall: 'Administration Stuck in an Infinite Loop'

Hamas leader says group won't disarm

Bad Moon on the rise
Like Rupert Murdoch, try the Moonies:  Overcoming his church's bizarre reputation and his own criminal record, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon has cemented ties with the Bush administration, while his disciples have even gained government funding.


In Senate, Kennedy Fuels Sharp Debate Senator's Comments on War as 'Fraud' Prompt Angry Replies From GOP Colleagues

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Does Berlusconi Want to Be King; MP's Say He's Grabbing Monarchical Powers

Support Nancy Skinner for Senate

Judges Reinstate Oct. 7 Calif. Recall

Bush Losing the Public Opinion War; A Less Potent President Than A Year Ago

US aggression breeds terror: UN chief Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, attacked American foreign policy - warning it could stoke terrorism and global chaos - just hours before President George Bush was due to defend the US-led invasion of Iraq in a speech to the UN

Ashcroft Limits Plea Bargains
Federal prosecutors are told to seek the maximum with few exceptions. (AP)

Chirac Urges a Transfer of Power

Power still out for Hundreds of Thousands. Is this another  Failure of Energy Privatization and Deregulation? Think Enron Blackouts.

America puts Iraq up for sale The initiative bore all the hallmarks of Washington's ascendant neoconservative lobby, complete with tax cuts and trade tariff rollbacks. It will apply to everything from industry to health and water, although not oil.

Bush extends secrecy on Area 51 in southern Nevada

Israel fears growing terror threat by settlers

47% Say Bush Deliberately Misled the Public

French Minister Threatens to Expel Extremist Muslims

Clark Voted for Nixon and Reagan, Says He Would Have Voted for War

Dem Congressmen Probe Saudi Escape Flights Post 9-11

Isabel Cuts Power to 4.5 Million

Power Could Be Out for Days  Has Energy Deregulation Made Energy Supply Less Reliable?

Married Gay Canadian Couple Barred From U.S.

Troops Fire at Italian Diplomat's Car in Iraq

Bush Admits Mideast Plan Is Stalled and Blames ...taxes and big government ...I mean... Arafat

Annual List of Richest Americans Released Gates, Buffet, Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder) Walmart Waltons, Oracle's Ellison, Dell all have $13 billion plus

 Palestinian Forces Battle Hamas after Hamas burns down Palestinian Police Station and Throws Grenades.

Bali Bomber Sentenced to Life Term

Springsteen Calls for Bush Impeachment

Senate Makes a Curb on Abortion Likely

Blix: Iraq dumped WMDs · Former weapons inspector believes Iraq kept up appearance that it had WMDs to deter a military attack

NYSE Chairman Grasso Resigns Under Pressure

Saudis consider nuclear bomb

Bush: No Proof of Saddam Role in 9-11

Wesley Clark Is Running For Prez-- Makes 10th Candidate

CNN Covers Diebold Bogus Vote Technology

Appeals Court to Reconsider Calif. Recall Vote

Senate Repeals New Media Ownership Rules

Federal court panel orders California recall balloting put off until March They say they want to prevent another Florida, but then, with computerized voting, they'll more likely see another republican-stolen election like Georgia

$1 billion international image campaign isn't enough to buy U.S. love USA Today

ABC/Wash. Post Poll: 61% Oppose $87 Billion Bush Proposes Spending on Iraq, and only 29% of Women Support it. But the news of this poll-- the worse figures for Bush yet-- is hidden, hard to find on the ABC web site.

Global trade talks collapse in acrimony Trade war looms as African nations storm out; Huge gulf between rich and poor on farm subsidies

Middle class barely treads water Millions of Americans find they can't get by, even with two incomes. USA Today

Israel may kill Arafat, deputy PM says

Bush Aides on TV to Defend Iraq Policy The Bush administration dispatched senior civilian and military officials to blanket the Sunday morning talk programs today and defend its Iraq policy, in particular to deflect charges that it was overly optimistic

U.S. Seeks Expansion of Terror Subpoenas To aid the fight against terrorism, the Bush administration wants to add a subpoena power that does not require federal investigators to seek approval from a judge or grand jury.

Anti-terror laws increasingly used against common criminals

Many in politics raise red flags on rush toward electronic voting systems Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Security fears grow over electronic voting systems Financial Times

America's hidden battlefield toll New figures reveal the true number of GIs wounded in Iraq

Iraq Takes Toll on Rumsfeld
Many blame defense secretary for mounting U.S. casualties and costs exceeding $1 billion a week.

Democrats Call Republican Plan a War on Vets

Dalai Lama Issues a Call for Peace Washington Post

Democrats Find Some Traction on Capitol Hill Republicans on Bush: They no longer feel that he can be a dictator. They no longer feel that he is King George. He is President George now." "It's the blood-in-the-water syndrome."

Senate Democrats plus Renegade Republicans  Block Bush Bill that Would Cut Student Aid

Senate to Bush : ' Don 't mess with overtime'

Iraq toll tops '91

U.S.-French Rift Reopened as Powell Arrives for Talks

Despite US opposition, Israel says it will remove Arafat

GIs Mistakenly Kill 11 Iraqi Policemen 

Future of California recall election is in hands of appeals court

Diebold Internal Mail Confirms U.S. Vote Count Vulnerabilities

 Wolfowitz Shifts Rationale on War

Returning From Iraq War Not So Simple for Soldiers For the soldiers of the First Brigade, coming home has been a far more complicated, even conflicted, experience than it seemed back in Iraq.

US Judge Wants Opinions on Dropping Moussaoui Case

Blair Was Told of Terror Risks
British intelligence said a war with Iraq would heighten, not reduce, dangers.

US Senate passes resolution on Tibetan autonomy Dalai Lama Meets With prezbush against wishes of Chinese

The city of Santa Cruz has voted in favor of a resolution urging Congress to look into impeaching President Bush 6-1

Bush Wants Police Given More Clout to Fight Terror

Senate Halts Overtime Rules
Democrats block Bush plan to keep some workers from getting extra pay.  

Enron Exec 1st to See Prison
The former treasurer pleads guilty to fraud conspiracy and gets five years.

Suits vs. airlines OK'd in Sept. 11 hijackings The crashing of a hijacked jetliner was the kind of "foreseeable risk" that the airline industry should have guarded against, a judge ruled

Health insurance premiums up 14 percent, according to survey

Suicide bombers strike twice in Israel, killing at least 13 others

At Cancun Summit, Bush Administration Advocates New Trade Rules that Put Communities at Risk

Putin Puts Massive Censorship on Media Election and Poll Coverage

Ahmed Qurei 'accepts Palestinian PM post'

IMF Beats Up On Argentina, Demanding Help For Big Business at Expense of Poor; as is typical, energy companies get to rape  the country. .

Herr Rumsfield (the WMD Liar) Says Criticism of Bush Strengthens Foes  Rumsfield is a Threat to Democracy and the American Way. He is a Neanderthal ... no that's an insult to Neanderthals... He's a stupid warlord who would have fit better into millenniums long past.

Zogby: Bush Job Performance Rating hits New Low of 45% Negative ratings by 54%

WTO Drug Deal "A Betrayal" -- A Sell-out to Big Pharmaceuticals

Abbas Quits in Blow to Mideast Peace Plan And the Terrorists Win. So Much For Bush's War on Terrorism. It's not just about bluster and "bring 'em on." It's about Diplomacy-- and Republicans are as diplomatic as drunken 14 year olds.

70% of Americans Beleive Saddam Was Connected to 9-11, In Spite of No Proof; and 52% willing to buy Brooklyn Bridge

archived Sept 19, 2003

UK: Riot gear sold to Hong Kong
The government was last night criticised for approving the export of riot control equipment to Hong Kong while condemning the authorities for trying to introduce a law suppressing democratic rights.

In Texas Fight, One Democrat Finally Blinks

Estrada Cries Uncle; Withdraws from Bush's Judgeship Nomination; One win for the Democratic Minority Fillibuster.

France, Germany Balk
At Draft U.N. Resolution

Chirac and Schroeder say U.S. plan does not cede enough control to U.N. or Iraq.  

Powell, Military Nudged Bush
A reluctant president was persuaded go-it-alone strategy wasn't working.

Cal State Legislators Pass Gay Marriage Bill

Brittany Spears: Mindless For Bush

Judges' Rulings Imposing Death Are Overturned The sentences of more than 100 prisoners in three states were overturned because judges rather than juries had made crucial factual determinations in sentencing them to death

Former Minister Paul Hill Executed for Shotgun Slayings of Abortion Doctor, Bodyguard

Despite reprieves, 3,500 still on death row in the US

Census Shows Ranks of Poor Rose by 1.3 Million more class war!

Right Wing Electoral Fraud Leads to Jail Time...No.... Not in the USA... in Australia

Israel 'all-out war' on Hamas

Ayatollah's killing: Winners and losers Asia Times

Add This to the Despicable Bush Appointee List: Senatorial Race Loser Spencer Abraham is Steward of the Energy Department, Which He Once Sought to Scrap

Saudi Crackdown Encourages Iraq Jihad, Clerics Say

Poor nations can import cheaper drugs

Bush Claims He's Helped Economy... and AIDS is Good for you, and GI's should bring coats to Iraq and... how stupid do his supporters have to be to believe his lie after lie.

Slain cleric backed US efforts in Iraq The Khomenei of Iraq, like a Pope, and the USA fails to Protect Him. Another Example of the Bush Brand of Making the World Safer

Ayatollah Hakim's Last Sermon

Accused 18 year old Web Virus Unleasher Under House Arrest Throw the book at him!! His crime affects thousands, can cost millions.

Blame flying like bullets in Najaf; Top Shiite Ayatollah and Dozens of Others Killed By Car Bomb

Republican Congressman Charged With Manslaughter

Needing Help in Iraq, U.S. Weighs How to Get It From U.N. NY Times  first step; contrition, followed by apology and humility

Bush fund-raising pitch: He's underdog; Bush lie # 9743

Ashcroft faces GOP criticism More in own party want to curb anti-terrorism policies

Pres of Diebold Voting Machines: "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."

Schwarzenegger Sex Talk in '77 OUI Magazine

National Organization for Women (NOW/PAC) Endorses Carol Moseley Braun for President

Number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq rising Granma/cuba

Poll: Iraq war makes U.S. less safe  Survey also finds just 44% believe Bush handling conflict well

Halliburton's No--Bid  Contract Much Larger Than Disclosed

Harrison Ford slams Bush policy, guns worldnet reports it to hurt Ford, We to support and honor him for his courage to speak out.

ZOGBY POLL: DEAN Takes  21 Point Lead in New Hampshire

Classified Project Funding Highest since 1988

Kudos to  Buzzflash.com! They get accused of Slander by Murdoch's Arch Conservative Weekly Standard we need more Buzzflashes.

Wesley Clark: "White House .... tried to get me knocked off CNN ....because they were afraid that I would raise issues with their conduct of the war"

Poor nations feel US heat on drug patents Independent Online 
The US is pressing poor countries to accept a new condition before it agrees to let them bypass drug patents to import copies of Aids, malaria and other medical treatments, according to aid agencies.

Iran ready to sign additional protocol of IAEA agreement

Spy chief undermines key plank of UK Government's case for war in Iraq

Bush, Speaking to Veterans, Says Iraq May Not Be Last Strike

Calif. AFL-CIO Backs Bustamante in CA Recall

Political Memo: Bush 'Compassion' Agenda: An '04 Liability? NY Times Bush's lies are catching up with him.

Report Warns NASA Needs Sweeping Changes NASA Culture To Blame For Explosion

US/Pakistan Agree NOT to Capture Bin Laden

Attacks: 2 U.S. Officials Liken Guerrillas to Renegade Postwar Nazi Units Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

Security: New Industry in Baghdad: Kidnapping for Ransom Why not? Bush kidnapped the USA

Top U.S. Expert on North Korea Steps Down  Arizona Sen. Kyl Pushed to Have him Removed, because he's more moderate than Chickenhawk, Macho Neocons who Push for Confrontation

Howard Dean Gets Makeover: Says He's 'No Dove,': US Must Stay in Iraq for National Security, Quintuple US Troops in Afghanistan

US green activists vandalise 'polluting' 4x4 cars Guardian  Radical environmentalists have vandalised or wrecked hundreds of sport utility vehicles at car dealerships or in the streets in California over the past few days, causing millions of dollars' worth of damage.

Venture capitalist to use Internet to aid CA Gov recall run "We'll spend more money on Internet political advertising than has ever been spent," vowed campaign director Wade Randlett.

Army foresees doubling up tours

More US Companies Treating Gays Better

Activists decry plan for air travel screening Atlanta Journal Constitution  In the name of security, the government intends to create database profiles of all American air travelers and could blacklist some from commercial flights without recourse, civil libertarians warned Monday.

Pact Gives Tribe Wide Powers
Canada grants the Dogrib self-rule over territory larger than Belgium.

Cheney Stifled Energy Probe, GAO Investigators Say

 Gephart Closing In on Dean. The Two are Far ahead of the Dem Pack: Using the same "technology that enabled OpEdNews.com to predict within less than one percent, what Howard Dean would Win the MoveOn.org Primary, we see a close race between Dean and Gephart, with the other 7 candidates far behind. 

Bombay Blasts Kill at Least 40, Wound 150

Voters Don't Want Bush Re-Elected - Poll Voice of America The majority of American voters would not like to see President Bush re-elected to another term according to a poll by Newsweek magazine.

Bustamante Leads Arnold 35 to 22 in Latest Poll

Bush Team Lied On Drones. They Weren't for WMD

Soaring Gas Prices Nearing Record $4.00 in AZ, $2.40 in CA, due to short supply.

BBC Launches Public Attack on "Murdoch Imperialism"

Israel kills four in missile attack Guardian Israeli helicopter gunships kill four Palestinians from Hamas, hours after Israeli army commander warns that all Hamas members are 'potential targets for liquidation'.

Voting Machine Fiasco: SAIC, Bohemoth Military Contractor, Wants to Be inside Every Voting Machine; Three Way Scam on Diebold Review? by Lynn Landes

Hamas Calls Bush 'Islam's Biggest Enemy Bush Steps In Hornet's Nest-- this will certainly increase terrorist attacks against Americans

Newsweek Poll: Growing Concerns Over Iraq Mission

Polls Shows California  Recall Support Dropping

Revealed: how ministers tried to gag David Kelly Independent  The British Government went to extraordinary lengths to gag Dr David Kelly because of fears that he would expose fundamental flaws in its case for war.

Schumer Faults Bush for Massive Blackout ABC News The massive blackout in Northern states and Canada is an indictment of the Bush administration's failed deregulatory energy policies, Sen. Charles Schumer, DN.Y., said Saturday.

Convicted, Child-Molesting Ex-Priest Killed in Prison

Franken KO's Fox: N.Y. Judge Denies Fox News Bid to Block His Book :"In addition to thanking my own lawyers," Franken said, "I'd like to thank Fox's lawyers for filing one of the stupidest briefs I've ever seen in my life." And the judge said, of Fox, "It is ironic that a media company, which should be protecting the First Amendment, is seeking to undermine it," Chin said. And the Publisher increased the print run by 50,000 copies.

Alabama's Chief Justice Suspended Over Monument Even Sanctimonious Fundamentalist Judges aren't above the Law

The 5 Groups Cited by the US for Supporting Hamas have their Funds Frozen

Struggling to Fulfill King's Dream
Activists tomorrow will mark 40th anniversary of M. L. King March on Washington

Rage-Filled Palestinians Vow Revenge on Israel Tens of thousands in Gaza City join in march for slain militant leader who planned Bus bombing that killed 23, injured 20 children

2nd Freddie Mac CEO to Resign Wash. Post

New Sobig Virus Clogs E-Mail Inboxes Fastest Spreading Virus in History we received over 1200 virus emails in last 36 hours

Police arrest 19 in Canadian terror probe A man enrolled in a flight school -- where training involves flying over the Pickering nuclear power plant -- is one of 19 people being held in a Toronto-area jail while federal officers investigate possible links to terrorist groups. .

Powell Is Now Pressing Arafat to Combat Hamas


Ashcroft Criticized for Talks on Terror

'Texas 11' Sues State GOP

Chemical Ali' captured in Iraq

Court told Bali bombing was originally planned for Sept 11 anniversary

Tax, Tax, Tax..even in your sleep Yadda Yadda; Video of Schwarzenegger Economic Summit Main Content in a Nutshell... his target-- dumb dittoheads. Except.. Limbaugh doesn't seem to trust him. 

US-appointed Iraqi provisional government received prior warning that a truck bombing was being planned days before UN Attack.

Kucinich Files Complaint to Revoke FirstEnergy's Operating License

Jerusalem Bus Bomb Kills 20+ At least five of the dead and 40 of the wounded were children

9-11 Moms Battle Bush Gail Sheehy "So afraid is the Bush administration of what could be revealed by inquiries into its failures to protect Americans from terrorist attack, it is unabashedly using Kremlin tactics to muzzle members of Congress and thwart the current federal commission investigating the failures of Sept. 11. But there is at least one force that the administration cannot scare off or shut up. They call themselves "Just Four Moms from New Jersey," or simply "the girls."

Taliban terror surges Afghan officials don't know if group 'getting stronger or just getting bolder.'

Voting Machine Fiasco: SAIC, VoteHere and Diebold by Lynn Landes  OpEdNews.Com

Dem. Leaders' Choice: Davis Or Bustamante?

Blast rips through UN's Iraq headquarters

Blast Hits Home of Afghan Leader's Brother

Saudis in Iraq 'preparing for a holy war' Increasing numbers of Saudi Arabian Islamists are crossing the border into Iraq in preparation for a jihad against US and UK forces.

Israelis Worry About Terror, by Jews Against Palestinians

For Bush, Loss of Jobs May Erode Support in South Carolina "Bush can forget about the Solid South. There's no Solid South anymore." 

US troops 'crazy' in killing of cameraman

Troops wounded in action not listed among casualties


U.S. Troops Shoot Dead Reuters Cameraman in Iraq Reuters (and probably pissed)


Clark talks like candidate, bashes Bush


Tehran warns Israel against strikes on Bushehr reactor


Al-Qaida Claims Responsibility For American Blackout Militant Islamic Media Opportunism orTruth the Bush Admin Will Deny?


Warren Buffet, world's 2nd richest man Supports CA Tax increase, and is a Democrat Drudge Report (George Soros should be recruiting Buffet to help fight the Bush treason team)

Liberia: Pentagon quashed report

Saboteurs take out Baghdad water main in northern Baghdad yesterday, forcing engineers to cut off water to the entire capital and raising new concerns that insurgents are hitting Iraq's infrastructure to slow its recovery.


Study: 9/11-Style Attack on U.S. Likely  


Vatican ordered sex abuse cover up The Vatican instructed Catholic bishops around the world to cover up cases of sexual abuse or risk being thrown out of the Church. Guardian


Saboteurs attack Iraqi pipeline


Bush Lobbied Against Funding to Upgrade Power Grid in 2001. Republicans voted along partisan lines to block the funding. buzzflash.com

N. Korea Shops Stealthily

Europeans uncover elaborate plan by Pyongyang to buy nuclear gear using front companies.

A Liberal's Eye View of the Democratic Candidate's Forum in Philly by Rob Kall, editor, OpEdNews.com, and in this case, reporter. That they all agree on, Good news on Computer Voting, lots of Pics.

A Bigger, Badder Sequel to Iran-Contra By Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service

Families, Vets Urge Troops Come Home "Susan Schuman's son writes home from Iraq complaining of poor living conditions, skimpy water rations and dozens of daily attacks on U.S. troops that go unreported. " military.com

Human shields face 12 years' jail for visiting Iraq  Anti-war activists who visited Iraq before the US invasion have discovered that they could face up to 12 years in prison and $1m in fines.

$20,000 bonus to official who agreed on nuke claim Energy Dept. honcho ordered dissenters at Iraq pre-briefing to 'shut up, sit down'

Is It Fresh Blood, or a Putsch? 6 High ranking Generals Retired. Are the Neocon purging the top military ranks of non-believers?

Jolted Over Electronic Voting
  Report's Security Warning Shakes Some States' Trust

Who is Besmirching the Words "Fair and Balanced" Fox or Franken? Fox sues Franken.

Franken Says He Doesn't Mind Fox Lawsuit "And by the way, a few months ago, I trademarked the word 'funny.' So when Fox calls me 'unfunny,' they're violating my trademark. I am seriously considering a countersuit."

"Smart Stamp" Postal ID plan creates privacy fears

Karl Rove says Florida will be 'ground zero' in 2004 election

Bush/DeLay shadow-directed Texas Republicans Vote to Fine Fugitive Democrats

UK jobless numbers hit two-year low Talk about Teflon. Blair is in trouble even with low unemployment, while Bush lies and terminates millions of jobs and gets off easy.

Schwarzenegger a No-Show
Californians want to hear candidate's platform, but he's still not talking.

Three held in US missile sting Three people, including a Briton, are to face a US court on suspicion of smuggling a missile for use by terrorists.

A Misdirected Forest Strategy President Bush's Healthy Forests initiative has less to do with preventing forest fires than it does with helping his friends in the timber industry.

US tried to plant WMDs, failed: whistleblower Daily Times Monitor, Pakistan

Signs Grow of Innocent People Being Executed, Judge Says A Boston judge said that there was mounting evidence that innocent people were being executed. But he declined to rule that the death penalty was unconstitutional.

Man Killed Before Bush's Arizona Visit

Graham Eyes Potential for Bush Impeachment Reuters

Today We Face Another 'Watergate'
Samuel Dash, Senate Watergate Committee chief counsel "The logic of the government appears to be that the only way we can preserve our freedom and liberty from the efforts of terrorists to destroy them is to temporarily destroy them ourselves. But true security comes from our being a free society blessed with constitutional democracy and a Bill of Rights - rights that if lost cannot be easily recovered."

Depiction of Threat Outgrew Supporting Evidence Finally, the Washington Post is getting serious about digging in to the dungheap of Bush Administration Lies.


Right Wingers Question Neocon Empire Policy A Debate Over U.S. 'Empire' Builds in Unexpected Circles "You cannot be for a system of limited government at home and for maintaining military garrisons all over the world." Christopher PReble, Cato Inst. Dir. of Foreign Policy

Wash. Post


Tension Grows Between U.S. Troops, Iraqis


The Wealthy People Who Love America Are Starting To Come Through Billionaire Soros commits $10 million to defeat Bush Others Give $12 million more. Expect Bush to Use Govt to Attack Them. The donors include Louis and Dorothy Cullman, who helped finance the newspaper ad with Soros; Anne Bartley, former president of the Rockefeller Family Fund; Peter Lewis, founder of Progressive Insurance; Patricia Bauman, head of the Bauman Family Foundation; and Rob McKay, head of the McKay Family Foundation.


Have you seen the new Bush action doll?

Americans pay price for speaking out by Kathleen Kenna Dissenters Face Job Loss, Arrest, Threats But Activists not Stopped by Backlash Toronto Star 8/9

GIs flood US with war-weary emails Through emails and chatrooms a picture is emerging of day-to-day gripes, coupled with ferocious criticism of the way the war has been handled. They paint a vivid picture of US army life that is a world away from the sanitised official version.

Terror Group Seen as Back Inside Iraq The American-led administration in Iraq has received intelligence reports that hundreds of Islamic militants who fled Iraq during the war have returned and are planning to conduct major terrorist attacks. New York Times 


More than 90 candidates file for Calif. recall election  

Bush Impeached? Wanna Bet? Outraged by the Pentagon's plan to create a futures market for terrorist attacks, a group of academics is setting up a futures market for predicting what the White House is up to. WiredNews

Texas Congressman Rips GOP for Deficit   "When you find yourself in a hole, the first rule is to quit digging," he said in the Democrats' weekly radio address. "Yet the Republican leadership in Washington continues to advocate policies that would put us further in the red."

EBay Admits It Messed Up in Censoring Anti-Bush Artist from The Progressive's McCarthyism Watch

More Evidence of Diebold's Bad Computerized Voting Security

Voting Suit Gains Momentum  A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of computerized touch-screen voting systems has moved to a higher-profile venue in federal appeals court.

Democrats Ponder Black Vote Democratic strategists fear that the party is perilously out of touch with black voters who grew up after the civil rights movement

Pentagon Now Considers Poor a Threat to National Security; spell that anti Bush, since pentagon is now run by neocon Bushistas

Study: Bush Plays Hardball to Gag Dissent, Muffle the Left Village Voice

Bounty for killing US soldiers in Iraq raised to $5,000

U.S. troops need relief now, not promises of future fixes USA TODAY

Liberian fighters in frenzy of rape

The Writing On The Wall The walls of Iraq bear witness to the demands of the people. Nermeen Al-Mufti deciphers the graffiti in Baghdad

Bali bomber to face firing squad
Relatives in court cheer and weep - but fear execution will create a martyr.

Iraqis doubt US explanation for continuing attacks

Ebay Censorship Bans Satiric 'cards' that Mock Bush tell ebay this move reeks. The faces, names and signatures policy Ebay invoked. To us, political satire is different than Photos of Celebrities.

Schwarzenegger to Run in Calif. Recall Film star Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator turned Hamlet, announces decision at "Tonight Show" taping.

Indonesia knew hotel area was bomb target for terrorists  Security chiefs admit intelligence failings could mean more attacks.

Read it and Puke: Rove, DeLay Rally College Republicans at Convention

Stoneage Conservatives Worldwide Condemn Bishop might consider cutting ties with the US Episcopalian Church over its appointment of its first openly gay bishop.

Pentagon makes moves to contain complaints from US troops in Iraq

U.S. Backs Florida's New Counterterrorism Database 'Matrix' Offers Law Agencies Faster Access to Americans' Personal Records

US Officials Admit to Dropping Napalm-Like Firebombs on Iraqis

Arabs refuse to recognize U.S. governing council in Iraq Arab League members will not recognize Iraq 's U.S.-appointed Governing Council and instead will wait until post-Saddam Hussein Iraq is led by an elected government, league Secretary-General Amr Moussa said Tuesday

N. Korea Plans to Export Missiles to Iran

Vaccine link raised in US troops' deaths

Voting Company Reverses Stand: Flawed software WAS used in Georgia and other elections - Official to city of Boston: There are "kinks " in touch screens By Bev Harris

Episcopalians OK first openly gay bishop

Partisanship of Press Probed "Conservative" editorial pages more partisan than "liberals," study finds. Gee. What a surprise.But it's nice to have scientific evidence that the far right is nastier.

Larry Flynt Issues Call to "Pray" For Bill O'Reilly's Death cnsnews.com This looks like a satire on Pat Robertson's prayer that some of the more liberal Supreme Court Justices have medical problems.

Head of M16- UK's Spy Agency- to Resign over Differences on Iraq Policy. (Like Tenet should have done.) This Does Not Make Blair Look Good.

A younger Khomeini admires US Grandson rejects Iran's revolution ''Religion has got to be separated from regimes, such as it is in America,''

Surge in Rates Threatens Star of the Economy: Mortgages A little more than a month after the Fed reduced its overnight lending rate, mortgage rates have shot up, which could damp a main source of consumer demand.

Archived August 19, 2003

Washington Post Reports POWELL PLANS STEP DOWN IN '05

 Officials deny Powell departure plan VOA the mouthpiece of the US Gov jumped to squelch this one.

War casualties overflow Walter Reed hospital

Bush administration "surreptitiously terminates only independent oversight of nation's nuclear weapons" Shortly after the Bush Admin eliminated coordinated intelligence information sharing, we had 9-11. Does this presage a nuclear Event aimed at boosting Bush's sagging ratings?

Peacekeepers arrive in Monrovia The first Nigerian peacekeepers touch down in Liberia's wartorn capital.

Lieberman Warns Democrats Against Turn to Left

Jailed UK Green calls for cannabis cafes The Green party's drug spokesman, Shane Collins, calls for the creation of cannabis cafes in the UK.

SC Sen. Hollings Said to Announce Retirement

No food, no armor, no ammo: Bushies force troops to fight war on the cheap

Front line is everywhere for US soldiers in Iraq

CA Governor Davis To Delay Vote;  Will File Legal Challenge

Halliburton, losing Money, bounces Back With Iraq Revenues

Archived on August 13, 2003

Former Comedian Dennis Miller Accepts Sean Hannity's Invitation To Guest Host on Talk Show (just heard)

Episcopal Body Approves First Openly Gay Bishop

Howard Dean Makes Covers of Time, Newsweek and the front Page of Washington Post

At Funeral for Hussein Sons, a Call for 'Death to America' The funeral touched off an outpouring of nostalgia for Saddam Hussein and of angry calls to rid the country of its American occupiers

Pakistan village blast kills 49

 India explosion: 22 dead

 Washington Shifted Many of 800 Special Forces From Hunting Bin Laden to Iraq Last Fall

Bremer: Terrorists linked to guerrilla attacks

Bush Aces Physical, Begins a Month at Ranch Sen Byrd asks, "Who's Minding the White House?"

Willie Nelson is On the Road Again for Kucinich in Iowa

Dean Is Colorful, Cautious Presidential candidate was fiscal conservative as Vermont governor. Lying Right Wing Media Usually Portray Dean as a Liberal

Wall St. Fed Argentine Fall Firms played major role in one of the most spectacular economic collapses in modern history.


Army Sends Teams to Probe Iraq Illness

Survey: Support for First Amendment Up Americans Want More Info on Terrorism Fight

World Bank Knew about Enron's Payoffs in Guatemala

Palestinian militants refuse to leave Arafat's compound

Teen abduction foiled by cell phone cam A quick-thinking 15-year-old boy used his Sprint cell phone camera to take pictures of a man who allegedly tried to lure him into his car, leading to the man's arrest, police said.

Liberia's embattled leader Taylor pledges to cede power Aug. 11

Militant group suspected of torching condo project
A radical environmental group that has torched ski resorts in Colorado and luxury homes in New York is suspected of setting one of the costliest fires in San Diego history. 8/2 San Diego Union Tribune -

Who Counts the Votes?

US Debates Bid to Kill Hussein and Avoid Trial Senior Bush administration officials are debating whether to order military commanders to kill rather than capture Saddam Hussein to avoid an unpredictable trial that could stir up nationalist Arab sentiments and embarrass Washington by publicizing past US support for the deposed Iraqi dictator

Dean campaign to run TV ads -- in Texas! "I want to change George Bush's reckless foreign policy, stand up for affordable healthcare, and create new jobs... Has anybody really stood up against George Bush and his policies? Don't you think it's time somebody did?"

Berlusconi outraged by Economist The Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has threatened to sue the Economist magazine over articles in its latest edition which accuse him of abuse of power.

Conflict 'may have driven Muslims into arms of al-Qa'ida'

Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt Files in Calif. Recall


China, Russia Urge Space Arms Ban

Poindexter Will Be Quitting Over Terrorism Betting Plan

Vatican Exhorts Legislators to Reject Same-Sex Unions

Saddam Daughter Says 'Betrayal' Gave US Victory

Al Qaeda Link to Attacks in Iraq

Chechen Bombing at Russian Hospital Kills at Least 18

Investigator in Kobe Bryant Case Was Named in Earlier Racial Profiling Suit

Ali's story Ali Ismaeel Abbas, the boy who lost his arms,  was the face of the war in Iraq. But what happened next?

For an Iraqi Family, 'No Other Choice' Villagers Force Execution of Suspected U.S. Informant by Father and Brother

Iraq informant will get his $30m, says US The US state department has announced that the person who led the American military to Uday and Qusay Hussein will receive a $30m reward.

Attack on Iraq may hit war on terror The war in Iraq might have impeded the fight against terrorism rather than helped it

N. Korea Talks Appear Near Pyongyang seems to accept U.S. insistence on multilateral format.

Web of Lies Surrounds Woman in Child Hoax Ever since Donna Lynette Walker was a child, friends say, she has delighted in disrupting the lives of those around her: She made crank calls in disguised voices, concocted hard-luck stories and conned people out of money.

Vatican Decries Gay Marriage Church fires booming shot in rapidly escalating political battle.

Mystery Disease felling US soldiers; 7 more cases, Military trying to identify illness that Killed 2 soldiers, afflicted 19

Senators Rap Bush Aides On Iraq Policies. They Refuse to Include Iraq Costs in 2004 Budget Estimates. They allot a Zero budget for Iraq costs

Berlusconi's allies force immunity climbdown Italy's prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, was humiliated yesterday when his government dropped an attempt to block an investigation into his business dealings. Guardian

Centrist Democrats Warn Party Not to Present Itself as 'Far Left' An organization of moderate Democrats warned that the party's presidential candidates would lose if they presented themselves as an angry "far left" group.

Air marshals pulled from key flights Move seen as bid to cut costs comes amid new hijack warnings

Bush Refuses to Release Secret Part of 9/11 Report Even the Saudis want it released. What is Bush hiding?

UK Slave Trade? 21 held by torso murder police
 Detectives investigating the murder of a young boy whose torso was found floating in the Thames arrest suspected Nigerian slave traffickers

Saudis Refuse to Extradite 9-11 Suspect to the US, deny he's a Saudi Agent Why would any sovereign nation send a citizen to Guantanamo, US, where rules of law and justice don't exist.

Dean's Net fund-raising outdoes Cheney

Troops Turn Botched Saddam Raid Into A Massacre By Robert Fisk The Independent

Saddam's sons found with $100 million, Viagra, cologne, Condoms...

Blair Sued in Hague International Court For 20+ Iraq  War Crimes BBC

Palestinean and Israeli Peace activists to revive Voice of Peace radio station Ha'aretz

Pentagon Project:  betting parlor on atrocities and terrorism: aim; early warnings

Graham: Release Sealed 9/11 Report Info Citing the Saudi ambassador's claim that his country has "nothing to hide," Sen. Bob Graham called Monday on President Bush to declassify a 28-page section of the congressional report into the Sept. 11 attacks dealing with foreign support for the hijackers (AP)

Interview With Uday Hussein's Bodyguard: "If he (Sassam) had a weapon that would do it he would destroy all of Iraq for his sons.He will be more determined to avenge them now."

Rebel group captures Liberia's second largest city

Insiders suggest Condoleezza Rice could leave

Poll: Dean Leads in New Hampshire Primary

Dean's Manager, Joe Trippi,  Weds New Tech and Old Tactics "We're blending the shoe leather and the mouse pads,"

Billionaire George Soros Challenges BushCo  Case for War with Dorothy and Lewis Cullman

Bush/ Norquist "Starve the Government" Plan is Working Red Ink in States Beginning to Hurt Economic Recovery "Over the past two years, states have gradually cut between $20 billion and $40 billion from their spending, and that makes them a net minus for the national economy."

Another Bush Bozo Makes $12 Trillion Mistake.... but surely, Bush still trusts him, and Tenet, and Rice....

Climate expert accuses Prime Minister Blair of cowardice UK's most eminent climate scientist accuses Blair of failing to stand up to Bush on issue of climate change.

283 Coalition Soldiers Have Died in Iraq. Here's the List

Taliban Posters Threaten Death to U.S. Collaborators reuters

Iraq Flap Shakes Rice's Image Washington Post

Sen. Lugar Says White House Hiding Iraq Costs

New Watergate Allegation Nixon personally ordered the burglary of Democratic headquarters at the Watergate complex.

Military Wife Rebuked for E-Mail Spouse Accused of Spreading Fear in Bid for Information

Rogue Officers Storm Commercial Center in Manila

U.S.: 4th soldier killed in Iraq

Russians discover 'suicide belts'

G.O.P. Effort in Texas Fails in Bid to Redraw Districts NY Times 7/25

MCI Faces Federal Fraud I nquiry on Fees for Long Distance Calls

Classified Section Of Sept. 11 Report Faults Saudi Rulers The report says that Saudi Arabia funneled millions of dollars to charitable groups that may have helped finance the attacks, according to people who have read the section.

White House 'delayed 9-11 report' UPI

Justice Dept Probes Clear Channel; Coercive Tactics

E-voting system flaws 'risk election fraud' New Scientist 

High-Tech Votes Can Be Hacked, Scientists Say Software flaws in a high-tech voting system could allow vandals to tamper with election results in several U.S. states, computer security researchers said on Thursday. Reuters

US sends warships to Liberia

'Anti-War Nuns to Serve Hard Time; Judge Calls them 'Dangerously Irresponsible '

9-11 Report Leaves Unanswered Questions

Bush Admin Ran Rumsfield Press Conference 5 Minutes after Start of 9/11 Report Press Conference

9/11 Joint Inquiry Full Report

Wolfowitz Concedes Iraq Errors Washington Post

Dead Uday and Usay Pics (not pretty)

More Proof of Bush Admin Influence on FOX media

Date set for CA recall vote

Ambush Kills 3 from Division That Killed Saddam Sons

California recall bid succeeds

Questions dog White House days USA Today

Poll shows 30% of  Germans see U.S. behind Sept 11 Reuters

Councilman Is Shot to Death in NYC City Hall A New York City councilman was killed inside City Hall by a political opponent who accompanied him to a meeting, pulled out a pistol and shot him in front of onlookers. NY Times 7/24

Right side up With their ranks swelling on college campuses, young conservatives say they are revolutionaries fighting a liberal establishment. They're meeting in D.C. this week to promote the cause.

MA Attorney General: Says Church Abuse Scandal Involved More than 1000 Sex Victims in Boston Archdiocese over 60 Years

Amnesty accuses US-led forces of abuses Iraq: Amnesty International today accused the US-led occupying forces in Iraq of failing to uphold human rights in their treatment of Iraqi civilians.

Officials fear rushed recall may lead to voting fiasco San Diego Union Tribune - Election officials sounded the alarm yesterday that the fast-track schedule for the seemingly inevitable recall election of Gov. Gray Davis could lead to a Florida-style electoral "disaster

Another Sleazoid Bush Aide Takes Blame for Iraq Uranium Uproar-- Picture Georgie Hiding Behind a Whole Phalanx of Bumbling, Lying White Lie-House Sycophants

400,000 Letters to Congress Seek War Evidence Probe Reuters 7/22

With Hussein's Heirs Gone, Hopes Rise for End to Attacks

Saddam Tape Says War Not Over Yet in Iraq

Backer of California Recall Feels Heat Directed at Him Darrell Issa, the millionaire congressman who is bankrolling the effort to recall Gov. Gray Davis, is facing nagging questions about two arrests for car theft in his youth.

White House Threatens Veto on Media Ownership Rules

US Supplied Anthrax to Saddam-- Rumsfield was Involved

House Takes Aim at Patriot Act Secret Searches

White House Smear Campaign Against Nigeria Uranium Whistle Blower Andrea Mitchell, NBC News

Reports: Saddam Hussein's Sons Uday, Husay Possibly Killed

One Day Death Toll In Liberia Over 600

Howard Dean Calls for Resignations of Administration Officials Who Misled the Nation

How the Republican National Committee attacks Each of the Democratic Presidential Contenders

Liberians dump bodies at U.S. Embassy

Lynch goes home today

Annan warns of Liberia disaster

Saudis crack terrorist cell CNN

Progressive Nancy Skinner Announces on Her Talk Show That She's Running for Senate and Gets Fired.

States Plan Big Tuition Hikes State budget crises lift cost of college as much as 40 percent nationwide.

Criticizing Bush on Iraq, Kerry draws comparisons with Vietnam

US embassy under fire in battle for Monrovia Mortar shells slam into US embassy in Liberian capital of Monrovia during increasingly bloody battle between rebel and government forces. Guardian

Torture testimony 'acceptable' in UK

$1500 Bounty For Dead US Soldiers  20 year old, father of nine month old, in the army to fund studies in Marine Biology... Killed in the Iraq Guerilla War. After a war half won, the peace is deadly

Shiite leader denounces Iraqi Council

Accusations of Abuse in Report on USA Patriot Act

Oct. Report Said Defeated Hussein Would Be MORE Dangerous. Bush Had The Report-- has used it as proof of Uranium Threat    Wash. Post 7/21

At Homeland Security, Doubts Arise Over Intelligence Unit Is Underpowered, Outmatched in Bureaucratic Struggles With Other Agencies, Critics Say

Backlog of Whistleblower Cases Growing

Democratic Race Wide-Open After six months of campaigning, the Dems lack front-runner for prez

Greens Want Own Candidate in 2004.

Uranium Claim Was Known for Months to Be Weak Intelligence Officials Say 'Everyone Knew'

FCC Head Powell May Resign in Fall. No matter, Bush will appoint someone worse.

Bush Started War Long Before He Declared It. U.S. Air Raids in Iraq Ramped Up in '02  606 Bombs Dropped on 391 Carefully Selected Targets Before War Offcially Declared

Bush Ready to Wreck Ozone Layer Treaty - US Slips in Demand to Drop Ban on Harmful Pesticide Who's the pimp Bush is whoring for this time? The pesticide industry?

Progressive Radio Talk Show Host Nancy Skinner to Enter IL Senate Race

CIA Did Not Approve White House Claim Saddam Could Launch in 45 Minutues Wash Post

Ex-Spies: CIA Workers Outraged CBS

White House E-Mail System Becomes Less User-Friendly Those who want to send a message to the president must now navigate as many as nine Web pages and fill out a form that starts by asking whether the sender supports White House policy.

Alaska former Gov. Knowles to Seek Senate Seat Tony Knowles said he will run for US Senate in 2004, giving Democrats what may be their best chance at winning the seat in more than two decades ABC News 

Blair facing sustained calls for his resignation: Mole Kelly's Suicide "plunged the Blair government into its worst crisis since it took power in 1997 Sunday Herald Maybe it'll be contagious, since Blair came over to smooch with Bush.

Texas Dem Gonzalez files FOIA lawsuit against DOJ over Texas flap The Hill

Saudi hired to serve papers in Sept. 11 lawsuit reportedly killed Charleston Post and Courier

White House Aims Smear Campaign at ABC Reporter who Told of Plunging Military Morale in Iraq There is no limit to how low the "Rove-Bush" thug team will go.

From Heroes to Targets The current chaos in Iraq, many experts say, is the inevitable result of grandiose neoconservative ideology smacking into reality salon.com

U.S. Soldier Killed Guarding Baghdad Bank; Banks, oil pipelines... our soldiers are basically enslaved to protect business interests, with no foreseeable hope of going home

U.S. struggling to find replacement troops
U.S. Army has been stretched almost to the breaking point by the Iraq deployments. knight ridder

Hydrogen Cars Not Needed, U.S. Experts Say, Right, and electricity is a fad.

Right Wing WorldNet: Bill Press asserts President Bush's case for war was 'bogus'  "Oh, what the hell. Why not tell the truth? They lied."

Tour of Duty or Deplorable Deployment? as Donald Rumsfeld has told us, the Vietnam syndrome is over. This isn't Vietnam. He could be right. It might actually be worse.

White House Releases New Iraq Nuclear Intelligence Stupidity

Iraqi Children Face Dangers Caused by U.S.-Led War

British Scientist 'Mole' Caught in Crossfire Found Dead

Forced Sterilization Once Seen as Path to a Better World Los Angeles Times

Open Warfare in House of Representatives.  Police Called Republicans refuse to recognize  Dems, break procedural rules, vote without discussion. Police State?

Zogby Poll: Get Outa Town George

Pentagon retaliates against GIs who spoke out on TV

U.S. Soldier Reveals His Own Most Wanted List to ABC News:"The aces in my deck are Paul Bremer, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and Paul Wolfowitz," he said.

Bush's ratings plummet in California
Less than half say he's doing a good job, the least since 9/11

Limbaugh will be voice of fan on ESPN NFL Pregame show

Graham Talks About Potential to impeach Bush

Consultant's 17 Tips on how to Trash and "Kill" CA Governor Davis

The spies who pushed for war As the CIA director, George Tenet, arrived at the Senate yesterday to give secret testimony on the Niger uranium affair, it was becoming increasingly clear in Washington that the scandal was only a small, well-documented symptom of a complete breakdown in US intelligence that helped steer America into war. Get to know the Office of Special Projects. It could be Bush's downfall.

Crude Niger forgeries surface in Italian paper

North and South Koreans Exchange Gunfire NEW YORK TIMES

U.S. Commander in Iraq Says New Troops May Be Needed to Combat 'Guerrilla' War  American troops are under attack from "a classical guerrilla-type campaign" whose fighters are increasingly organized.

In Ohio, Iraq Questions Shake Even Some of Bush's Faithful Although many supported the war in Iraq, some say they are growing uncomfortable with reports that the White House might have used inaccurate intelligence to justify it.


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